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RUSH: Now, there was a dinner party in Washington last night. I was not there, of course, but I got feedback from it. Here is the bottom line of what was revealed. John Kerry — former secretary of state for Barack Hussein O — has been talking to the Iranians and has been telling them to hold the line, to wait out Donald Trump and his administration. “Don’t make a deal with Trump,” Kerry is telling the Iranians. In fact, the exact words, “Don’t make a bad deal with Trump.” Meaning: Any deal that you make with Trump is gonna be bad for you, the Iranians.

Kerry is telling them not to do it. Wait until Trump is beaten in 2020 and do a deal with the Democrats. “Supposedly, Kerry has met with the Iranians four times since leaving his office at the State Department and these words were said.” Now, two things. How is that different in than Michael Flynn talking to the Russians before being national security adviser? How is that any different? Michael Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador as the incoming NSA, and now he’s charged with lying to the FBI.

His family’s ruined. He’s ruined financially. Here’s Kerry talking to the Iranians. I know what many of you are shouting at your radio, “Ted Kennedy did it!” Yes, he did during the Reagan administration. Ted Kennedy was sending letters to Yuri Andropov and whatever Soviet leader. They kept dying. It’s why Reagan didn’t talk to ’em ’cause they kept dying. But Ted Kennedy was sending letters to Soviet leaders, saying, “Don’t deal with Reagan. Wait him out.

“We’ll eventually get the White House back. We’ll get rid of Reagan. He’ll be gone someday. Deal with us.” This is sabotage. Kerry’s a saboteur! This is undermining the will of the American people. John Kerry’s never been elected to anything other than the United States Senate. He’s not been elected to do what he’s doing now.


RUSH: How is John Kerry not breaking the law? He’s not in the United States government telling the Iranians not to do a deal with Trump. Can anybody say, “Logan Act”? Michael Flynn was threatened with jail time!

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