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RUSH: Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is America’s highest-paid governor — and one of the cheapest.

How cheap? The San Francisco Chronicle says Gov. Brown wears sneakers he’s owned for 25 years.lCan you imagine how those things smell? He gets mad at his wife when she buys him a new sweater or suit.

Mrs. Brown says her husband doesn’t like possessions. She says he can live on almost nothing. He’s just not a “material” guy.

Now, look, if Moonbeam wants to wear the same outfits for decades, more power to him. If he doesn’t like stuff, doesn’t want stuff, won’t buy stuff, fine. Who cares if Governor Brown doesn’t want to spend his own money?

But here’s the thing: He sure as hell doesn’t mind taxing-and-spending everyone else’s money.

Health care and benefits for illegal aliens? No problem! He signs that into law. Multibillion-dollar high-speed trains to nowhere? Spend away! For every welfare program imaginable, Gov. Moonbeam hands over taxpayer cash to fund it.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jerry Brown was just as much of a tightwad with the public’s money as he is with his own — if we believe this. Do you really believe any of this, folks?

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