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RUSH: There’s something that always happens during these hurricanes, and that is that Media Matters for America takes something that I say way out of context, and they tweet it, and then the rest of the Drive-Bys see it, and they run with it.

The essence of the Media Matters tweet is that I’m telling everybody to ignore Hurricane Florence, that it isn’t gonna be very bad, that all these details of the severity and potential damage are being made up just to further the climate change agenda! They are actually… They tweeted that. Of course, the Drive-Bys — Little Brian Stelter at CNN and people at MSNBC — are following suit and reporting that is what I said. Of course, I didn’t say anything like that. So what I want to do to get started here, since the hurricane is still front-and-center news…

And, by the way… Well, you just listen. We’re gonna play a couple of minutes of what I did say yesterday, and I want you to hear it. Now, the reason I’m doing this… By the way, I’m gonna get, “Why do you even waste time reacting?” It’s not that I’m wasting time reacting to them. I’m trying to arm you with the truth for when you respond to some of this insanity either on Facebook or on Twitter. I’m trying to arm you with what really happened.

I know many of you were here listening yesterday and you heard it. But I want you to hear it again, and keep in mind that what’s being said — what’s being tweeted by Media Matters and the left — is I’m telling people that this hurricane is not nearly as big as they’re saying and I’m telling people to ignore the warnings because all of this is nothing other than the left trying to hype climate change. Now, you know how things happen in our culture today.

People read these lies and they tweet them out and retweet them and people end up believing it, and I just want you to be armed and be able to refute it. So here is the essence of what I said yesterday — which was, I must say sensitive, in touch, brilliant, analytical, and correct. So here it is. This is how you are now armed to deal with this insanity that not just about me, but about pretty much anybody here who goes against the leftist conventional wisdom.


RUSH: I’m not making a comment on this hurricane. Everybody understand that? I’ve got witnesses here. I got people who can back me up! Of all the hurricanes that we have lived through here, two of them were what we were expecting. The others never got as forceful, damaging, or as big as we were led to believe. Many of them did not hit where we were told they were gonna hit. They hit, but not where we were first told. My experience with hurricanes is that they are… By the way, no matter…

If it’s a Category 1, it’s still devastating. I don’t want anybody misunderstand me here. But my experience is the storms, when they finally get to where they’re going, are not nearly as big and powerful or strong or as wide as original warnings lead people to believe. I think part of that is just making sure people are ready. It’s shouting “fire” in a crowded theater because even with all the news, there are people that still don’t know what’s coming their way because they just miss it, don’t pay attention. But this one is…

As it sits now and as it sat out there, if it is what they’re reporting it to be, it’s devastating. It’s a Category 3 or Category 4. The worst part of it is… Look at Hurricane Hugo. Hurricane Hugo in a 24-hour period went from the South Carolina coast all the way up to Canada. This hurricane is not supposed to. In a 24-hour period, it isn’t gonna move a hundred miles. It could dump 30 inches of rain on people if they are right about everything they’re saying. There’s no place that can handle 30 inches of rain without a bunch of trouble, without a bunch of damage. …

Everybody’s got their eyes on this, especially those that are in the area, ’cause when they tell you it’s gonna stall and dump 30 inches of rain on you, then you have serious decisions to make as to whether you leave or not. If you stay? (chuckles) Where do you go to avoid 30 inches of rain in a relatively short period of time? We just sit here and hope that it’s not as bad when it hits, that it’s not as big, that it’s not as powerful, and it’s not as damaging.


RUSH: And that is what I said. Now, during my discussion yesterday, I did mention the fact that over the years many hurricanes have been hyped because everything in our culture has been politicized, as has weather forecasting. Weather forecasting and the meteorological society is practically dominated now by leftist people with a political bent who believe in climate change. So in many cases big storms like this are happily accepted because they help prove a political point.

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