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RUSH: Let’s go to Sacramento, my adopted hometown. Ron, you’re next. It’s great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Mega dittos from near your old hometown, Rush. It won’t matter if there is a red wave or a blue wave because of what you, Conrad Black, and Salena Zito have taught us about Donaldus Magnus and his support. Donald Trump will keep on winning. If there’s a blue wave he will beat these people like a drum — and I say this to you, Rush, as a recovering communist.

RUSH: You are a recovering communist? How long were you a communist?

CALLER: Mainly my school years at the end of the sixties. You know, I went to UCSB to become a hippie and a communist, but I gradually became… I always was a patriot, but I gradually became a man of reason, and you have helped in my recovery since the summer of Desert Storm. Recovery is a one-day thing. You have kept me on the straight and narrow.

RUSH: Well, I’m very appreciative of hearing that. I love your confidence, don’t misunderstand. But you say, “Whether it is a blue wave or red…” Blue wave. Let’s go with worst-case scenario. I just want to get your reaction to it. All right? You with me?

CALLER: Yes. I’m game.

RUSH: Blue wave, Democrats win the House. Blue wave, Democrats win the Senate. You think you’re not worried because Trump is going to continue to skunk all these people, but what will it mean? That Trump’s voters didn’t show up to beat the blue wave?

CALLER: It will be a really disappointment, Rush, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t know if it’s Conrad Black in his back, but Donald Trump’s sister, the judge, said she learned at a young age not to compete with Donald because he always wins. And he will find a way to expose these people for the intellectual corruption that you have been so articulate about for three decades now.

RUSH: All right. So let’s continue, then, on this wave of optimism in the face of utter disaster. We have a blue wave. You think the Democrats winning control of the House and Senate will afford Trump an opportunity to once and for all, after decades of trying, expose to the American people who and what the American people left and the Democrat Party is?

CALLER: Yes. Just what you’ve been sawing for years, how corrupt these people are, what their culture —

RUSH: Because you think they will then start demoing that because they’ll shut down government effectively by doing nothing but investigating Trump?

CALLER: Yes, and there are —

RUSH: How does Trump win when they’ve shut the government — effectively shut it down — by not doing anything? Their objective is gonna be to stop the Trump agenda. They’re gonna hope that Mueller in his report either indicts Trump or leads to charges that could lead to impeachment, and they’re gonna start subpoenaing. We already know. The Republicans have all… You may not know this.

The Republican Party has already prepared a list of things that they expect the Democrats to start investigating the minute the new Congress has convened, if they gain control of the House. The emoluments clause. Trump’s travel ban. They’re gonna investigate everything he’s done. They’re gonna be subpoenaing members of the administration. They’re gonna be subpoenaing anybody they can. The entire day in the House of Representatives gonna be one committee after another investigating Donald Trump.

CALLER: And he will still have the attorney general, the Justice Department — and I’m not saying that Jeff Sessions has done anything right so far. But he will still have that. And he can continue the investigation of Peter Strzok, Page, all of them. All of them. You know, the question about this whole investigation is, “What did the president know and when did he know it? What did Barack Obama know about this false planting of evidence investigation of the Trump campaign on behalf of Hillary?” And he can continue that with the Justice Department. I don’t know what —

RUSH: Let me just tell you about that. If Trump doesn’t do all of that before the election, then it’s gonna get buried after the election. He has got to do something. This has to get started either with the release of documents that currently the DOJ will not release even though they’ve been subpoenaed. That kind of thing had better happen before the election, because if it doesn’t — if Trump waits to try to do all that after the election — then we’re now going under the hypothesis that the Democrats win the House. It becomes a little bit more problematic to do so.

But since you bring up Strzok-Page — and, by the way, thanks for the call, Ron. I appreciate it. I wanted you all to hear that because I don’t know how typical that is of your average, ordinary Trump supporters, but there is that kind of optimism and confidence in Trump out there.

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