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RUSH: Nick in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m glad you took the time to call, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: Great to speak with you. Thanks for taking my call, and thanks to President Trump for listening ’cause I know he listens to you every day. So I got a blue wave analogy I wanted to get you to comment on, and I think it’s relevant. In the Super Bowl this year, anybody that watched it, will remember there was a fourth down trick play where Nick Foles caught a touchdown, but I don’t think that was the fourth down play that won the game.

There was a fourth and one late in the game about 5:44 to go and the Eagles were down one, and Peterson called a quick play. They completed a two-yard pass to Zach Ertz, and that was on the go-ahead scoring drive. And my point is, they didn’t punt the ball even though conventional wisdom and establishment type coach would say punt. They kept the offense on the field in the waning time ’cause they knew the other team had Brady. And in my opinion, and what I wanted you to comment on, is I think the Democrats have their own Tom Brady, and that’s the media.

But the Republicans still have the ball, and it’s fourth and two months to go; they got the House, the Senate, the presidency. So if they want to prevent a blue wave, don’t punt it to Tom Brady and the media. Go on offense, bring back Obamacare appeal, border wall spending, tax cuts permanent, confirm Kavanaugh, win on your own terms. I think if they do that, they don’t have anything to worry about. But I wanted to hear your comments on it.

RUSH: I’m searching for something because you have just inspired a memory of something I have here in the Stack, and I know what it is even if I don’t find it, but I want to try to find it to be able to share it with you almost on a verbatim basis. And it’s gonna be in this other Stack and it’s about the Puerto Rican hurricane. Now, hang on Nick, don’t hang up. I want to be back to you here in just a second.

He’s right about one thing in the Super Bowl. He was talking really fast there, but the Eagles did have a fourth and one and every rule in the book says punt, but it was late in the game, there’s no way they wanted to give the ball back to the Patriots. They wanted to keep it.

They were definitely on offense. They wanted to convert a fourth down to first down and just keep ramming the ball down the throat of the Patriots and basically get a touchdown, which they did. It was a gutsy call, and it did precede the trick play, was which was the Philly Philly Special, which was the rollout pass to the quarterback.

But that wasn’t the big play. The big play of the Super Bowl was the way the Eagles executed that touchdown pass to their tight end, Ertz. There might have been some controversy over whether or not it was a catch. But that play is a play the Eagles had been running a certain way all season. They chose to run that play out of a different formation with motion for the first time all season, the Patriots had never seen it on tape.

And the Patriots cornerbacks are running into each other trying to defend that play. That was the play of the Super Bowl. But it wouldn’t have been made possible without the Philly Philly Special and the guy Foles that he’s talking about here.

But the lesson is offense, stay on offense, don’t punt the ball back, don’t trust the defense. Here we go. You say the Republicans need to go on offense, Nick. I want to ask you what this is. I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Reuters. Now, you’ve heard that Trump claims there are not 3,000 deaths in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, right?


RUSH: Okay. You’ve heard that Trump’s tweet says it’s made up by the Democrats to make him look bad. You know the media is having a conniption fit over this because they claim that the estimate of deaths from George Washington University cannot be disputed. Trump is saying, “Show me the bodies. There aren’t 3,000 people that have died.”

House Speaker Ryan Does Not Dispute Puerto Rico Death Toll — U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday he had ‘no reason’ to dispute Puerto Rico’s official death toll of 3,000 from last year’s Hurricane Maria…”

Well, you want the Republicans to stay on offense, and here’s the Speaker of the House siding against Trump and with the media on a very important story about Trump believability and credibility. Then Jeb Bush has weighed in on Trump’s Puerto Rico tweets, calling them “incredibly disheartening.” “Jeb Bush criticized Trump’s controversial tweets about the death toll in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

“Bush tweeted Thursday, ‘Incredibly disheartening comments from our president.'” Meanwhile, folks, George Washington University hasn’t counted any 3,000 dead bodies. Nobody’s been to the morgue. Nobody’s been to the funeral homes. These are estimates. These are guesstimates based on computer models comparing previous storms. Trump said when he left Puerto Rico the guys that run the country said maximum 16 people had died. Shortly after, the count becomes 3,000, 2,975, something like that. So what’s your reaction to that, Nick? You want ’em to go on offense, but it seems like the Republican establishment doesn’t want to help Trump out in this particular fight.

CALLER: Well, I appreciate that, and my thought when you were speaking through that was Paul Ryan was on the same ticket as Mitt Romney, who didn’t go on offense and lost, and Jeb spent $130 million for an exclamation point. So —

RUSH: No, he spent $100 million for three delegates. They looked like an exclamation point, but I can see why you’d think that. Yeah.

CALLER: But he was on defense the whole time, and he got three delegates. Trump got over 300 Electoral College votes, and so that’s my point. Trump went on offense, and he won. Trump’s offense is what’s gonna get voters to turn out. So if the Republicans sit back and do nothing, then I just really think —

RUSH: Do you think they want to hold the House?

CALLER: (chuckles) I think, uh… I think that they do. I think that their mind-set on how to do… I don’t think they want to fight. I think they want to hold the House by not fighting, and that’s not true of all of them. President Trump’s the exception to what I was talking about, but in Congress, like, I think they want to, but if they have to go fight and put up with the media? I don’t think many people can stomach in the House what Trump has to put up with every single day.

RUSH: There’s no… It’s not just the House. There’s nobody in the country who could put up with it. Nobody.


RUSH: By the way, folks, this blue wave, red wave is all moot anyway. CNN called the election yesterday. Some of you may not have been with us, but it was breaking news. CNN announced that the Democrats were gonna win the House because of a poll they’ve got. They have a generic poll out that shows the Democrats lead by 10. It’s a poll of likely voters. CNN pointed out the Republicans do their best in likely voter polls, and they’re down 10; so effectively the November elections are over. CNN has called it.

The Democrats will win. We did that. (interruption) You were traveling back. You didn’t hear this yesterday. We broke into regular scheduled programming two or three times to announce this yesterday. CNN has called the November elections. The Democrats have won, based on polling data. They’re not even waiting for the exit polls. (laughing) They’re just using pre-election polls?


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley was not here yesterday, and I just… He was staring at me with disbelief when I mentioned that we had to interrupt the program four different times yesterday with breaking news that CNN has already called the November elections for the Democrats. Here is how it happened yesterday…

KING: A brand-new poll out today, as we approach 50 days to the midterm elections, to show it is now increasingly likely the Democrats will take control of the House. What are the numbers to back that up? This. The first time we’re using likely voters in our CNN polling. A 10-point advantage for the Democrats when voters are asked which party do you want to run the Congress? Which party will you vote for come November? 52 to 42, the Democrats with a 10-point edge among likely voters. Likely voters tend to move Republicans’ way. Not in this poll. A 10-point edge for the Democrats here. If this is the case on Election Day, the math tells you Democrats will take back the House.

RUSH: There it is, and they ran with it all day yesterday that the Democrats win. It’s effectively over because of their poll. I did not take the time to refute the poll. A generic poll is rendered meaningless when you start adding names to it. When there are individual races, then people’s opinions change dramatically. By the way, how hard would it be for an outfit like CNN to find a sample of 52% Democrats and 42% Republicans? But, anyway, this is a sign of the cocksure arrogance and the overconfidence — and maybe even a little bit of the hope — that they have invested.

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