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RUSH: Folks, my brother is out with a new book and, you know, he’s got a pattern here. It’s another Christian-themed book. It’s called Jesus Is Risen: Paul and the Early Church. My brother recognizes that the Bible is an intimidating thing for people who have not read it.

And that’s what his interest is. So his last couple of books, including this one, are written where he takes — he goes through the Bible and summarizes all of it and adds his own commentary to help people better understand it.

The idea is that, if you read my brother David’s books, you’re then gonna be prime jump-started eager to actually read the Bible. My brother cares that you end up on a path to understanding the Bible, wants you to read it, wants you to have a better understanding when you do read it. Kind of a primer. The book is kind of a primer for The Book Acts and six of Paul’s 13 epistles, so that you will have a deeper understanding when you get to the Bible.

The Bible can be very — if you don’t have a foundational understanding of it or a way to translate what you’re reading, it can be confusing and you can end up putting it down. His objective here is to write about these things — his books set you up for getting into the Bible. And his latest one is Jesus Is Risen. It comes out October 2nd.

I think it’s pre-orders that are open today. The purpose of all of his Christian books are to introduce and reacquaint readers with the Bible and to inspire people to read it as God’s word. And his enthusiasm is contagious. This latest one just out October 2nd, but pre-orders are today, Amazon or wherever else. Jesus Is Risen. Just search that, and you will find it. Don’t doubt me.

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