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RUSH: According to the latest Conference Board report, 51% of American workers were satisfied with their jobs last year. That’s a dramatic turnaround. The last time that people were this satisfied was back in 2005.

People who earn over $75,000 a year feel more satisfied with their jobs than people who earn less. But job satisfaction has risen for everyone. Americans overall feel more positive about their pay, and have an increased sense of job security.

Also, it goes beyond money. Most people say they’re content with their coworkers, their commute, their workplace, and even their supervisors. They say they like the work they do — and more Americans are working, and they are pretty happy with their jobs.

So. Questions must be asked:

• What has caused this turnaround?

• Why are more Americans suddenly happier at work?

• Why do more people think the country is on the right track?

• Why is the economy suddenly booming?

Well, there is an answer to this — and I’ll give you a hint, and it is this: Democrats have nothing to do with it. Any of it! They told us days like this couldn’t happen. Obama specifically said, “You think we can grow at 4%? You’re wrong.” He said that 2% is it and America is in a new state of decline.

They can’t claim any credit for this and don’t you give them any!

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