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RUSH: Okay. So Kavanaugh has been saying… By the way, Kavanaugh went to the White House today. The White House is standing behind Kavanaugh. They are continuing to sponsor his nomination, as we would expect to be the case. This accuser has covered a lot of ground in a very short period of time. As recently as last Wednesday, last Thursday, she didn’t want to be known. She didn’t want this carried any further than the letter she wrote to Senator Feinstein.

She didn’t want the FBI looking into it. She didn’t want any part of it. And then on the eve of the vote that would lead to the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Dianne Feinstein held the letter up and said (paraphrased), “I got this letter here! I got this letter from a woman, who said unspecified horrible things happened to her. I’ve had it for a while here, and I think I’m gonna refer this to the FBI for investigation.” The FBI took a look at it and one of the first things I saw, anyway, was the FBI was not going to investigate it.

It didn’t take long for a woman who did not want to be known and the details of her story she didn’t want known to now she has said she wants to come testify as well. Senator Grassley, who is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has said (summarized), “Well, we’re gonna treat her with all the respect we would treat anybody else who’s been invited to testify. We’re gonna bring her up here, extend the invitation.” There is some talk that she might want to do her testifying behind closed doors.

Now, that is not usually afforded. If you’re gonna do something like this, you testify in public, under oath. Now, where it stands now is Kavanaugh has said he’ll go anywhere, anytime to tell anybody whatever it is they want to know about this. He maintains he didn’t do it, he didn’t even know who this woman was. He hasn’t the slightest idea what this is about. Which is very close to what Justice Thomas said, except that he knew Anita Hill.

He couldn’t figure it out because Anita Hill practically had a crush on him, was following him everywhere he went. Every new job he got, she tried to tag along. In this case, Kavanaugh is saying he didn’t even know who she was — and he’s not sure now that he knows who she is. Kavanaugh has a friend, a guy named Mark Judge, who was, according to the accuser, in the room at the same time Kavanaugh was doing the nasty, allegedly doing the nasty. And this guy says that didn’t happen.

(summarized) “I’m telling you, whatever she says, I don’t remember a thing of this. None of this happened.” But the problem is that Mark Judge has written a book about what a drunkard he was in high school (chuckling) and reliving his days about how they were all just drunk and happy and doing whatever whenever they wanted to and so forth. So it’s kind of… Ah, it’s a little bit of a weakening of his testimony here when he says he doesn’t remember because he admits that similar times in high school he was one who consumed significant quantities of adult beverage.

So I still maintain… You know, the committee hearing vote, the Judiciary Committee… The way these things normally happen is the Judiciary Committee votes on a nominee, and if the nominee passes the committee, then the vote goes to full Senate. Mitch McConnell, if he wanted to — The Turtle. He could go for a full-fledged Senate vote without a committee vote. He can do that. He is the Senate leader. So he can schedule a vote on the nominee whether there is a Judiciary Committee vote or not.

The question then becomes, “Would he violate tradition and the gentlemanly, courtly rules of the Senate in such a fashion?” And if he did, what would be the outcome of that vote? Would there be so many senators, courtly and gentlemanly outraged that this violation of Senate etiquette that they would vote against the nominee just for that reason alone? Where do we stand on senators? Well, we’ve had the brave and courageous Senators Corker and Jeff Flake at the first opportunity they could say, “Whoa. We need to pull back.

“I don’t think I can vote for this nominee now until I learn more.” Now, with both these guys, I’m pretty safe in saying that what is governing them is their Never Trumper status — their genuine, undiluted animus for Donald Trump — and thus their desire to screw with his every plan, be it a judicial appointment or be it an agenda item or policy, if these guys can. Flake, of course, is leaving the Senate. He would not have been reelected had he tried, probably would have lost even in the primary.

But there’s a lot of bitterness. There’s a lot of lingering bitterness and rancor in the Republican Party over the fact that Trump won. And there’s still an effervescing desire on the part of some Republicans to pay Trump back and deny Trump any victories so that they can join the Democrats in trying to get rid of Donald Trump. But every Republican vote would be needed in order to confirm Kavanaugh. If they lose two, now we’re down, you know, to 50-50. There’s some red state senators that were gonna vote for Kavanaugh.

Particularly if it appeared that Kavanaugh was gonna be confirmed, Schumer was gonna quietly tell a bunch of red state Democrats that if it’ll little help here in your reelection, go ahead and vote for the guy. So we were looking at potentially 55 or 56 votes for Kavanaugh, which would include some Democrats like Joe Manchin from West Virginia. But if Corker and Flake peel off then that will give these red state Democrats all the cover they need to also peel off. And we could now be beyond the point where the vote of the vice president would put Kavanaugh over the top.

So look. If she’s gonna make the allegations, I guess you have to bring her up and let her testify. The question then becomes, “Will she?” Says she wants to. But does anybody think she’s actually gonna show up this week and do it? The committee vote is Thursday. They want to get Kavanaugh confirmed before the midterms, the Republicans do, the Senate — and the Republicans run the Senate right now. So if they want the vote to occur before the midterms, that’s when it’s gonna occur, if the Republicans maintain testicular fortitude.

We’ll just have to wait and see. The Democrats want to delay this until after the midterms for the obvious reason they think they’re gonna win everything. They think they’re gonna win the House and now they think they’re gonna win the Senate because of the generic ballot polling. And if they win both, then they’re gonna impeach Trump within six months of the new Congress being sworn in in January, and there won’t be any new nominees ’cause they’re gonna block anything Trump would send up there because they are still seething over Merrick Garland.

Barack Hussein O nominated Garland to replace Justice Scalia after he passed away, and the Republicans said, “Wait a minute. We’re not gonna have hearings in an election year. We might have a new president get elected; Hillary might lose. We’re gonna wait for a new president to have this nominee.” Democrats were fit to be tied! Because the Supreme Court seat remained vacant for close to a year. Then of course Trump won, and that gave him the opportunity to nominate the placement for Scalia, and he nominated Neil Gorsuch.

The Democrats have been seething ever since, and so calls for a quick appearance by the alleged victim — demands that she show up this week and get this testimony over and done with — Democrats are gonna say, “We’re in no hurry. You weren’t in any hurry in order to confirm Merrick Garland. You delayed and delayed and eventually his nomination had to be pulled.” So we have a combination of things here.

We have just standard, ordinary, everyday operational political strategy going on here combined with an attempt yet again by the left to destroy a decent person and his family. And that would be Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats don’t trust to be able to win on politics alone — and it’s not just Kavanaugh. They need to destroy anybody credible who opposes them. They need to ruin them. As such, I don’t think decent people quite know how to deal with this. Decent people don’t spend their day strategizing like this.

And, as such, they don’t end up being prepared for it. By definition, decent people are not prepared for this kind of thing. Not that they’re ignorant to it. It’s just they don’t go through each and every day studying and prepping on how to get ready for the next smear job from the Democrat Party. A couple of more little factoids about the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. As I mentioned to you, she is a left-wing political activist.

She has worn one of those vagina hats at some anti-Trump marches. She “has taken part in events opposing President Donald Trump, including a science march in California last year where she donned a version of the ‘p—y hats’ worn at the January 2017 Women’s March. She “is cited in a San Jose Mercury News article as wearing the hat at the march, which the newspaper said was held because people were ‘angered by the Trump administration’s proposed cuts to research.'”

She also “Signed [a] Letter Fighting Trump Border Enforcement — Christine Blasey Ford “signed a letter fighting Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy at the U.S.-Mexico border. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) — an open borders advocacy organization — letter was written and sent to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Attorney General Jeff Sessions in June.

“Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor, signed the ACLU letter as ‘Christine Blasey Ph.D. Psychologist…'” So clearly she’s a political activist. She’s an angry political activist. She’s much more than just a victim of alleged attempted rape. She seems to be a little bit more politically attuned and aware than was Anita Hill. Now, remember Anita Hill, they had to drag her out of wherever she was. She did not voluntarily come forward.

It was the wife of Illinois senator Paul Simon working with Howard Metzenbaum that went out there and dragged Anita Hill up, and they coached her. They got her fired up eventually, but they went out and found her at the last minute. This woman apparently sends the letter all on her own. But look, it all boils down to just what do we want to believe about the left? And the idea that any of this is spontaneous needs to be rejected.

None of it is. The Democrats have been holding this. They’ve been holding it for use at precisely this time, and I’m not sure I believe that Christine Blasey Ford never wanted to be made known. I don’t believe she didn’t want to go public. I don’t believe that she sent a letter to Feinstein and then said, “Please do not do anything with this. Please do not forward this to the FBI. Please do not name me.” Why send it? I don’t believe any of this.


RUSH: Okay. Back to the phones we go to Bath, Michigan. This is Ray. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I just wanted to make a quick point, and it ties right in with the “not-prepared” thing you were saying a moment ago here, and it’s that this seems like it’s lacking a lot of context. ‘Cause what we’ve got is half the context where we’ve been told a pretty ugly story about how she maybe was forced down onto a bed. But what’s the end? If you put it together it sounds like it ended with him not raping her, not doing horrible things to her, getting off the bed and respecting her boundaries.

You know, in high school, all kinds of stuff happens, and sometimes guys and gals are on a different page. But it doesn’t sound like if you tell the story in its full context that he did anything all too bad. It sounds like he didn’t do a lot of bad things. And I think that’s why Kavanaugh didn’t want to bring this forward, because it really isn’t anything in its full context. It’s an assault from 36 years ago.

RUSH: You think this is why Kavanaugh didn’t bring it up? You think Kavanaugh remembered this, but thought it’s not worth mentioning because —

CALLER: Oh, no, no. I’m sorry. Dianne Feinstein. I’m a little nervous on the radio.

RUSH: Oh. Oh, you think Feinstein knows that there’s really nothing to this and that’s why she was reluctant —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — to bring it forth except when there was no other option?

CALLER: Right. And, if you finish the story, well, there’s a lot of horrible ways it could end, but they’re not leading with he did those horrible things, they’re leading with that something inappropriate happened, but in the end it sounds like there’s a lot he didn’t do.

RUSH: Well it’s —

CALLER: That’s my thought.

RUSH: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. It’s ending with her being completely traumatized, with PTSD and finally going to a therapist six years ago after holding it in for all of those years. She finally went to a therapist. Her husband was in the therapy with her; she told the sordid details. Did she mention Kavanaugh’s name to the therapist or not? I don’t think she did.

It came out later, but, anyway, the point is, whether he did anything or not is not the point. She said she was ruined by it. That’s all it takes. This is the #MeToo environment, don’t forget. And a lot of Democrats have bitten the dust here. We’ve got Harvey Weinstein. We got Les Moonves. There’s a whole bunch of them that had been taken out. The Democrats thinking it’s time for some vice versa here, among many other things.

The #MeToo movement’s claimed a lot of people, most of them Democrats, and the objective here is not what really happened. In this case, it’s how did she feel? If there was no completion of this abuse or whatever, but she still was psychologically scarred for the rest of her life by it, then it must have been typical brutish predator male behavior that we are not going to tolerate in this cisgender patriarchal society anymore, you see.

CALLER: The bar has to be higher than things that happened in high school 36 years ago that did not get reported as crimes or weren’t serious enough to yield reporting 30 years following. That’s —

RUSH: What bar has…? There is no bar. We’re talking about the Democrat Party here. We’re talking if there’s a bar, it’s how low it goes, not… I know what you’re saying.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. I know what you’re saying. Yeah. Yeah.

RUSH: But, I mean, you’ve got Republican senators already caving and flowing off the reservation on this. They’re already accepting it for a host of other… Look, this is my point. See, here, this guy, Ray, from Bath, Michigan, is a decent guy; it’s perfectly reasonable to say, “High school? Are you kidding me?” You know what happens when hormones are flowing in high school and young people are just discovering things and messing around, playing around and so forth?

The bar has gotta be higher than that. There’s not a person among us who was clean and pure as the wind-driven snow in high school or any other time in our lives, is his point. But, you see, that’s all mitigated by the fact that the left, the Democrat Party has an army to carry forth and conduct their war, and that’s the media. They’ve got weapons upon weapons. The media fires them constantly day in and day out.

And in the process, a circumstance has been created, a narrative has been created, that men have gotten away with being brutes and predators, mistreating women for centuries. And it’s about time it came to a stop. And wherever the left says they find it, they’re gonna stamp it out. There’s no statute of limitations. If somebody claimed that Kavanaugh did whatever he did in kindergarten, the Democrats would be doing the same thing with it today as they’re doing with this.


RUSH: By the way, folks, I should share something with you that I heard this morning from a secret source, and it is… Just take this for what it’s worth. It’s that the mind-set today at the U.S. Senate is that this is just a predictable and expected little speed bump and that Kavanaugh’s gonna end up being confirmed and that everybody knows it. He’s just gonna have to go through some motions here while the Democrats… This is a Republican source. Actually, I’ve heard it from two different places.

There’s also a leftist commentator who shared with me that while everybody’s making a big deal about this that the quiet money on Capitol Hill that this really isn’t gonna change anything. It’s just the last gasp. Just sharing that with you. You know, Grassley was ready to go and schedule it. Grassley’s initial reaction to this kind of indicates that that mind-set really is the case. Grassley’s original mind-set, original reaction to this was, “Well, if we’re gonna… Last minute stuff like this? We can’t allow this to derail the scheduling and the normal functioning of the Senate.

“Last-minute stuff like this, unconfirmed, untested?” That was his initial reaction. Now he’s saying, “Well, uh, if she wants to testify, she will of course be allowed to testify according to several precedents and Senate rules and decorum and so forth. So I think it’s probably true that even now the general mind-set is that this is not gonna derail Kavanaugh. But I think that’s subject to change hour by hour. You might also say, “That’s… (laughing) These people are pretty naive if they think that,” and that could be true, too, but I wanted to pass it on to you.

What else? Well, let me get back to the phones. I wanted to make this point anyway and it’s come up right on schedule. It’s Frank in Atlanta. Welcome, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: An honor to speak to you, Rush, after decades of listening to you. I’ll get to my point. I read an article today on TheFederalistPapers.org and they say that they’re saying that Kavanaugh’s mother, who’s a judge, was the judge involved in foreclosing on the parents’ home of this lady that’s the accuser in Montgomery County, Maryland. I’m curious if you heard that. They’re showing pictures of the docket and —

RUSH: Oh, yeah. I’ve got all that, and I’ve seen it two different places. If you know, there’s a reporter and columnist for Townhall.com named Kurt Schlichter. Anyway, he’s looked into it. He confirms that it’s every bit true. Here are the details of this. Christine Ford, Christine Blasey Ford, her “parents were defendants in a case that was presided over by Brett Kavanaugh’s mother” who was the judge.

“Christine Ford’s parents Paula K. Blasey and Ralph G. Blasey were the defendants in a foreclosure case in Maryland in 1996. … [T]he Judge was … [n]one other than Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, Martha G. Kavanaugh. … It appears there was an ongoing judgement starting at least in 1990…. [seven court] cases culminating in a foreclosure case in 1996, for which Martha Kavanaugh was the judge.

“There was also a 1982 contract case but [this source] can’t determine the details there. … Her father [Ralph G. Blasey] appears to have been an attorney … tons of cases referencing that. His relationship professionally with Kavanaugh should be looked I as well.” There are screenshots of the court documents here. So what do we have here? The accuser is by her own admission… I mean, by her own bio, and she has spent the weekend scrubbing her social media sites. She tried to erase that she is an anti-Trumpist activist.

She tried to delete and erase that she’s a left-wing activist. She tried to get… She wants to be seen as a college professorette who was traumatized by your average, run-of-the-mill white guy brute back in high school. And it turns out that this average, run-of-the-mill white guy brute now is nominated to be on the Supreme Court, and she’s outraged. So she doesn’t know what to do. Come forth or not? She sent Senator Feinstein a letter but didn’t know whether to go public with it or not., “But, gee, this is so unfair.

“This guy brutes me and now he’s gonna be the Supreme Court!” She doesn’t want anybody to know that she wore one of those vagina hats at an anti-Trump March in January of 2017. She doesn’t want anybody to know that she was an activist signing an ACLU letter opposing Trump’s attempts to shore up the southern border. She doesn’t want anybody to know of her left-wing activism. But we do. She’s a far-left, social justice warrior professor, and she has a grudge. It doesn’t mean she’s a liar. But she has a grudge.

Now, you combine who this woman is with the Drive-By Media and Dianne Feinstein’s months-long holding of all these ancient allegations for political advantage, and it is pretty clear that we have an orchestrated Democrat smear right out of the Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas playbook. They have no proof. They don’t have a pattern, by the way. This is the only allegation of its kind about Brett Kavanaugh. They don’t have anything. Every woman that’s ever worked with Kavanaugh has sung his praises.

When this woman made known her allegations when her identity was forthcoming, women to the tune of 65 of them signed a letter in refutation what this woman was saying, that this is not Brett Kavanaugh. He’s not capable of this, he didn’t do this, he doesn’t think of women this way, doesn’t treat women this way. There is no pattern. With Bill Clinton? Whew! We had a pattern, and they tried to sweep it under the rug. With Harvey Weinstein, we had a pattern. With Les Moonves, we have a pattern.

With all Democrats who have benefit the dust, we have a pattern. We don’t even have a pattern with Kavanaugh. We have a one-time allegation from 35 years ago from high school. What the Democrats have is something, again, absent any evidence. We don’t have any evidence. We’ve got her word versus his. We don’t have a shred of evidence. In fact, we’ve got a third person in the room, Mark Judge, friend of Kavanaugh says it didn’t happen. He’s befuddled by it. He doesn’t remember any of this.

Kavanaugh says (paraphrased), “I never heard of this woman until today. I don’t know who this woman is. I’ve never met this woman. I don’t know where this thing happened.” The woman can’t pinpoint the exact year it happened, by the way — and from what I’m told, she’s not sure where it happened. Let me find that email. I got an email from somebody who wanted to weigh in on this. I may have to find it after the break. But it’s a woman who had this happen to her, and she remembers everything about it.

And she doesn’t believe somebody who really felt like they been raped and abused in this way would forget so many assailant details. Anyway… So we don’t have any evidence. We don’t have any pattern. We have the old Democrat Party standby, “the seriousness of the charge,” which mandates in their world an investigation. It’s the same thing. If Republicans cave to this depravity, they’re guaranteed to get more of it in the future. They will be enabling sick, depraved, indecent, leftist zealots. It’s time to stand up to this.

The Republicans stood up to it with Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, and it was none other than the late Arlen Specter shocking everybody. It was Arlen Specter who blew up the entire Democrat case. He ended up becoming a Democrat later in his life. I don’t think he ever lived it down. But at that moment in time, he was awesome in defense of Justice Thomas. And in defense of the Senate for what was being done to it by this late-breaking thing with Anita Hill, nobody ever heard of in this light, in these kind of allegations, same thing here. Now we find out that Kavanaugh’s mother was the foreclosure judge on property owned by Christine Blasey Ford’s parents.

So there couldn’t be any kind of a grudge there, right?

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