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RUSH: Okay. So I have a question, folks. How are decent people ever prepared to deal with these kinds of never-ending allegations, destruction, perversion? I mean we’re dealing with a genuine sickness here with people on the left, and it’s not right. Something about them is just not right, and I was sitting here saying wondering. This never ends, and it’s getting worse and worse and worse. Decent people are blindsided by this stuff every time it happens, and there’s a reason for that. Decent people do not wallow in this kind of mire.

Decent people are not calculating and plotting how to destroy people, how to ruin them. Decent people don’t do that. Decent people might get into arguments with people, try to find out how to win the argument or defeat a political opponent or whatever, but destroying people is not what decent people do. And, as such, decent people — it seems like — are always surprised. I myself, I have to tell you… Back during the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill situation. Back then, this program… Don’t misunderstand me.

This program was it as far as opposition to the left was concerned. The only cable news network at the time of Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill was CNN, and they had a much larger audience than they have today. They went wall-to-wall with this, and this situation is almost identical! We’re gonna run through some of the parallels here. It’s almost identical! Almost identical. Particularly in terms of the timeline. I remember I was thinking about this and I was just livid when this happened.

I was so mad, and I didn’t hide any of my anger. During the heat of the moment here, I had a Rush to Excellence Tour appearance in Tulsa, I believe. It was either Oklahoma City or Tulsa. I’m pretty sure it was Tulsa. And I spent the entire, almost 90% of the two-hour stand-up that I did on Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas. I was looking at people’s faces in the audience — and there were thousands, five or six thousand people there — and I could tell that some people were not even aware what I was talking about. Most were, but some weren’t.

But I just remember being so livid, and I remember devoting every ounce of energy I had every day on this program to exposing what I knew was a pack of lies about Clarence Thomas. I did not know Clarence Thomas at the time. I had not met him. I only know who he was. I knew friends of his. I knew people that vouched for him. I knew that no allegation like this had ever been made about him. What I learned about Anita Hill, what I learned about all this was this was just a Democrat trick.

It was the next stage of Borking that was started by Robert Bork, and it was interesting to me to get introspective and go back and relive it. So we’re talking 1990, thereabouts, and I was remembering just how wired I was every day here and I was fit to be tied. I was just livid. After the Borking thing, I was hell-bent on blowing the Democrats up. I was hell-bent on exposing them for what they were doing — and Judge Thomas ended up being confirmed. But then what happened after that?

What happened after that is that we got a series of books, a series of television miniseries, and a couple years ago an actual HBO movie reliving Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill. And every book and every television series and the HBO movie is devoted to the lie that Clarence Thomas was guilty. So even if Kavanaugh survives this, he has the rest of his life to look forward to being smeared every year. There will be books by Jane Mayer or somebody taking her place.

HBO will come up with a movie at some point, and when a young generation is about to come of age, that’s when HBO or somebody like them will do their movie to inform them of what a reprobate Brett Kavanaugh is. Because the left doesn’t stop in their efforts to destroy people with whom they just disagree. Judge Kavanaugh hasn’t done anything to anybody, other than his job, other than render rulings as a judge from various courts on which he has sat.

He hasn’t done anything to anybody. He’s a decent person. It’s obvious he’s a decent person. He may define what a decent person is. He may be the epitome of decency. Same thing for his family. Yet here comes the left targeting — once again — another decent human being who happens to be Republican and conservative for utter destruction. Ruin his career, ruin his reputation, ruin his life and all of those who speak up and try to defend him. How do decent people deal with this?

I’m not just talking about Kavanaugh. How do you? How do I? How does anybody? How do any of us in what I consider to be the decent people population of this country, deal with this? My point is we’re never prepared for this because we don’t wallow in it. Even I, who was livid, who was devoted during the Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill scenario defending him, to beating back whatever little bit I could do here. I was committed. Yet I was caught off guard by this Kavanaugh thing last week when DiFi brings it up!

I should have been expecting them to do something, but I wasn’t. We thought Kavanaugh was nearing the vote; he was gonna sail through and be confirmed despite the Democrats’ efforts. How stupid are we? Now, some of you may have seen it coming. I can’t speak for all of you. I’m only speaking for myself. I didn’t see it coming, and I should have! But then I started to asking, “Why did I miss it?” The reason I missed it is because I don’t wallow in this stuff. I don’t sit around and wait.

I’m not trying to calculate when somebody’s gonna come out of the woodwork and try to destroy somebody else. Even though I’ve been the target of these kinds of efforts. My point is that decent people do not spend their time in this kind of mind-set. Who wants to? And this is something else that the left takes advantage of. I mean, where to start with this? The parallels between this and Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill are stunning. But let’s… Before doing that — and maybe even instead of doing that — let’s just recap with recent history.

Last Thursday we were under the impression that Kavanaugh had withstood what everybody knew was gonna be an onslaught and an attempt, if not to derail him, to put a cloud over him so that everything he does the rest of his life is now questioned by the media and the American left. Make no mistake: Even if he gets on the court, that is going to continue. This guy’s life as he’s known it is over just like Justice Thomas’ was. Last Thursday we were told that Kavanaugh’s accuser didn’t want to go public.

We were told that she didn’t want to be named. We were told that she didn’t want to Senator Feinstein to pursue anything. How do we know this? Because Senator Feinstein told us. Then we found out that Senator Feinstein had had this letter from this constituent of hers for months, dating all the way back to the early summer — and Dianne Feinstein, senator from California, sat on it and didn’t do anything with it, presumably because the accuser didn’t want anything done with it.

I have to tell you, when I heard that, I said, “Well, then, why send the letter?” If the accuser doesn’t want to be named, if the accuser doesn’t want to make an issue of it, if the accuser doesn’t want to go forward, then why the hell send the letter to a United States senator, for crying out loud? But despite all that, we were told that she didn’t want to pursuing anything. We all believed it! See, that’s the thing. Decent people believe what they’re told no matter what. We ought not believe a single thing they say!

Because if this woman did not want this taken any farther, then the Democrats are betraying her — and I don’t believe the Democrats are betraying her. I think she is part of a cabal doing everything they can to stop Kavanaugh or, if they can’t stop him, to cast such a cloud. They want to delay the vote ’til after the midterms. The Senate might flip Democrat, which would change everything. This is what they’re thinking.

Now, that’s politics. That I can understand. Destroying somebody who’s not…? Just outright destroying, which is what they do. Anyway, after last Thursday learning that Kavanaugh’s accuser didn’t want to go public, didn’t want Senator Feinstein to pursue anything, we now learn that she had already scrubbed all of her social media so none of her partisan activities could be found. (interruption) What do you mean, “What partisan activities?” I’ll tell you who she is.

None of this means she’s not telling the truth. This is the thing. Nobody knows. That’s what’s so dastardly about this. Nobody knows. “Kavanaugh Accuser Is [A Typical] Unhinged [Deranged] Liberal Professor who Former Students Describe as Dark, Mad, Scary and Troubled. Her name is Christine Blasey. She “spent all weekend” shredding her online activities, Facebook and Twitter accounts and all this.

She “scores a 2.9 in competency from former students on the Rate My Professor website. The student reviews are brutal and suggest she has severe psychological problems.” She had already obtained the services of another radical left-wing Democrat Party lawyer, somebody named Katz. I didn’t know the name when I first heard the name but when I saw this woman on TV, this woman’s on TV constantly as a Democrat activist lawyer. She’s already hired an ex-FBI agent to give her a lie detector test which the Washington Post claimed that she passed with flying colors.

And she had arranged to have a counselor release notes of her sessions in 2012 where she finally divulged the trauma of this incident that happened in high school and has led to posttraumatic stress disorder and all. Now, why didn’t any of this come out during the hearing? Feinstein knew about it. Why didn’t any of this surface, particularly when you had Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski out there looking for any excuse whatsoever to vote against this guy? Let’s be honest.

They were looking for any excuse to vote “no,” any #MeToo excuse, any sexist excuse, any pro-abortion excuse — any excuse they could look for — and there wasn’t any. The left got so panicked they began to do things that offended Susan Collins, and she began to say so. Why didn’t this stuff come out when there were two Republicans willing, two Republican women willing to vote against Kavanaugh? Why didn’t this stuff surface then? And I have a theory. I have a theory.

I think they’re rolling the dice big time on this. Because what has to happen now is this woman has to come before the Senate committee and testify, which her lawyer and she herself are saying that she’s willing to do. But today, tomorrow? They have to be brought to town, they have to sit and they have to be interviewed. They have to testify this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow. If they don’t, if they refuse, then we’re gonna know what’s up here.

If she refuses to come tell this story and unburden herself, if she refuses to help the United States Senate Judiciary Committee figure out just who it is that’s been nominated — if she’s got this story and if it’s the truth and she refuses to come here this week — then we’re gonna know quite a bit about what the real motivation is, which we already do. And I think the Democrats and all of her sponsors are rolling the dice that that’s not gonna happen. I think they’ve waited ’til the last minute because they don’t want this woman on public display, for whatever reasons.

I think they fear that this outrageous charge would be seen for what it is. I think she… I think they’re afraid. I think the Democrats didn’t bring this up any time before today, last week, because this is the only time it will work, when there isn’t sufficient time to actually hear from her before any vote. And, by the way, right on schedule, here comes the loyal and devoted Jeff Flake — the outgoing senator from Arizona — claiming there’s no reason we should hurry into this vote.

This guy has got Trump Hatred Syndrome just oozing out of every pore in his body and his epidermis. This guy is so governed by his hatred of Donald Trump that anything he can do to derail what Trump wants, he will do — including participate in a bogus procedure to destroy a decent person. There isn’t a soul in the world outside of this woman who has ever said anything even close to this about Brett Kavanaugh. The women who have worked with Kavanaugh have all lauded him in just the opposite terms.

When this woman was made public in her allegations are made public, 65 went who went to high school with Kavanaugh and have worked with him immediately wrote a letter claiming all this had to be untrue. This can’t be the guy they knew and know. This letter writer, this woman has to be confused, they said. We’ve got one woman the Democrats do not want anybody to see under oath, obviously, versus everybody else who’s ever known the man.

And we’re on the verge of derailing a decent guy with an impeccable resume, with impeccable qualifications simply because the American left and the Democrat Party don’t like him. And because of that, they now have to destroy him. It’s the only way they can keep him off the court is to literally destroy him. Even if they have to use lies and innuendo. So, once again, we’re faced with exactly what Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill was. The seriousness of the charge versus nature of the evidence. The nature of the evidence here is very thin. The seriousness of the charge, #MeToo movement, pretty big. So they’ve rolled the dice that they’re gonna be able to accomplish this without any further testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


RUSH: Let’s go to the phones and see what people want to weigh in about this.

We’ll start in San Francisco. Jim, great to have you. Always love getting calls from out there. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m the only one, Rush. (laughing) I’m the only conservative.

RUSH: Ha-ha-ha! You’re not that alone. You can’t be that alone.

CALLER: I fight the best fight that I can. But here, Rush, I really think Kavanaugh is done. I’ve been racking my mind through this and I don’t see a situation, any scenario where it plays out in our favor and simply because all you gotta do is flip one Republican and then the other Democrats will fold, and then it’s a 50-50 vote. I just can’t imagine even an unproven “he said, she said” in this era of #MeToo isn’t gonna completely peel off at least one, maybe even two Democrat votes.

Corker and Flake are there are indicating that they’re gonna vote “no,” and then you got Collins and Murkowski. I just don’t see how it’s gonna go. You flip one of them, all the Dems go. And Rush, I was gonna point out, you know, Republicans need to get in the mud and play hardball. I think these Republican senators still have this idea that they’re the courtly gent, “my friend across the aisle,” those old rules still apply.

RUSH: Some of them do. Some of them do. What you’re dealing with with Corker and Flake is sheer Trump hatred. That’s what’s governing their behavior. They know exactly what they’re doing. The personal animus, I couldn’t believe — and I’m really, you know, getting close to the edge when I say this. I couldn’t believe what people allowed the McCain funeral to become for the same reason: This irrational hatred for Donald Trump, what he’s done, what he means, the fact that he won. That’s why Corker is doing what he’s doing. Same thing with Flake. Flake couldn’t even win reelection. He’s gone. He’s leaving. Collins is not gone yet, Jim. Collins is out criticizing the way the Democrats are doing this. She’s got a bigger set than Jeff Flake’s got if you get my drift.

CALLER: Republicans need to be getting down in the mud, and I tell you what, Rush. You know, they need to be using these same tactics. Where are Republicans? They should have been hiring private investigators to look at Mueller when he was in junior high school. I’ll bet the kid was a bully! You know, they should be looking at every single Democrat that’s up for election and going back to high school because that’s fair game now, and when things are peaceful with the Democrats, that’s when they need to be digging up dirt and smacking ’em in the face with it.

They need to keep punching a guy when he’s on the ground until he’s done and dead. That’s the bottom line. The only one that knows this is Trump. That’s the only Republican that knows what we’re up against and how to fight back. He’s been giving us how to do it for two years and Republicans just aren’t catching on ’cause they’re naive little… You know, they think themselves above this kind of stuff. Well, guess what? If you fight gentlemanly, you’re gonna get your butt kicked.

RUSH: I agree with that, but I still don’t think that’s what’s going on. I don’t think they’re that naive. I just think they’re scared to death of the media. They live in Washington; that’s where the media is. I think they’re afraid of what the media’s gonna say about them next. They don’t want to be Kavanaugh’d. They don’t want to be Borked. They’ve all gotta get reelected. Probably a combination of both. I think the courtly, gentlemanly, “I am a United States senator and there is decorum here and we…”

Sure. I’m sure that they tell themselves they’re doing the right thing by playing in that regard. But look, let me run one other mitigating factor by you. You say — a lot of people agree with you — let’s go out and dig up some dirt on pick your name. Mueller? “I’ll bet he was a bully when he was in school! I wonder how many women accused him? I wonder how many women they’ve abused.” I’m not opposed to it, I’m just telling you it’s gonna be ignored or covered up by the media. The media isn’t gonna help you expose whatever it is you find. In fact, they’re gonna set out and try to destroy you for daring to bring it up.

CALLER: Well, you know what? They will. They will. But it doesn’t matter. It’s open warfare. This is why Trump keeps doing what he was because he realizes this is the only way to fight. Trump, by the way, is the only guy the media can’t ignore. When the president of the United States tweets something, they can’t ignore that. So he kind of has the upper hand on it. But, yeah, you’re right. I mean, he’s got all these things.

You got the deep state, you got the lower courts lined up against you, you’ve got the media lined up against you, the legislature. Every aspect is lined up against you. But playing it by the rules trying to appease them? They hate you anyway. There’s nothing you’re gonna do to make them not like you. So you just have to fight. If we go down, I want to be the little mouse giving the finger to the eagle that’s about to eat me.

RUSH: Right. (chuckles)

CALLER: I don’t want to be sitting hiding under a rock.

RUSH: Yeah, I agree. I just don’t think we have that many warriors in elected office on the Republican side. We just don’t. But, you know, it’s fascinating too. If you listen to Michael Moore right now, Michael Moore thinks… Now, this to me is fascinating psychologically. Michael Moore literally believes the Democrats are losing everything. Just because Trump won and continues to stay in office as far as Moore — and I think this is true of a lot of Democrats, Jim.

No matter how much they succeed with Kavanaugh, they still think they’re losing ’cause they haven’t gotten rid of Trump. So Michael Moore says that he spent two hours with Steve Bannon. Stick with me on this ’cause I want to get your reaction. Michael Moore thinks that he had a revelation talking to Steve Bannon. He said he asked Bannon, “How did you pull this off?

“You’ve got a genuine idiot — or a guy that tries to come off as an idiot who’s never been in politics — who wins the presidency. How did you guys do this?” Michael Moore said that Bannon said, “This is easy. You guys do pillow fights and we take head shots.” Now, Jim, do you think that Bannon is right? Do the Republicans take head shots? Do they go for head shots with people and the Democrats are out there just fighting pillow fights?

CALLER: No. I think it’s the reverse.

RUSH: That was Michael Moore’s view. Michael Moore thinks the Democrats are a bunch of wusses, don’t have the guts to fight Trump, and yet you and many of us think the same thing about our side.

CALLER: I actually… This might surprise you, Rush, but I actually don’t mind Michael Moore so much because he is what he is. He shows who he is, what he’s about, and I think the guy genuinely is honest about his curiosity about Republicans. I mean, I disagree with everything he is about. But I actually kind of respect him a little bit because of his honesty. What I think —

RUSH: I think you’re just falling for the fact that he wears baseball caps to make himself look like he’s from Flint, Michigan.

CALLER: Yeah. He occasionally comes through San Francisco too. But I just think that the Republicans, it’s the duplicitous, sneaky Democrats, the ones like Dianne Feinstein, who plays this nice… You know, she’s from San Francisco. You know, I had a lot of respect for Dianne Feinstein as a middle-of-the-road liberal. For a lot years I had respect for her. I started losing it, you know, more recently. But it’s the sneaky ones that we have to realize and they’re not taking pillow shots. They’re taking head shots. And Republicans need to start not just taking head shots. They need to be kicking-in-the-nuts kind of shots.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: They need to be getting down and dirty, into the mud, and I think they should start with Bob Mueller. I think that guy’s a bully. My instincts, I bet you, are dead on. I bet that guy was absolutely a bully in high school — and guess what, Rush? Anything puberty on is now fair game.

RUSH: It would seem so, especially on the right. Okay, Jim. I’m really glad you called. I could continue this but I have to take a brief time-out. But just to reiterate, I find it fascinating that left-wing activists think their party is as big a bunch of wusses as we think ours are. Now, in their case it’s all because they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump and they’re mad that no Democrat, nobody has found a way to stand up to Trump and make Trump stop what he’s doing. So they’re a bunch of wusses.

We think our guys are a bunch of wusses for the reasons that you gave.

Anyway, it’s all fascinating.


RUSH: “Sen. Collins Criticizes Democrats’ Handling of Christine Blasey Ford’s Accusations…” Jeff Flake didn’t and Corker didn’t. Susan Collins, Senator Collins has suggested that they both show up and testify. Look, that’s the only way to deal with this. I mean, you might say, “Why should Kavanaugh? He already has! They didn’t bring any of this up.” Nah, it’s come up. She could be… There could be something to this. We can’t reject it out of hand no matter (chuckles) what your common sense and your political instincts tell you.

If she’s serious, get her up to that committee today. Get her there tonight. Get her there for testimony tomorrow. Kavanaugh will go. He’s already said he’ll go anywhere, answer any question whatsoever. The White House is standing by him. So get her in there. Get the accuser in there. If the accuser refuses to show up before the committee vote, which is scheduled for Thursday, or was, then that will carry quite a message. If she’s unwilling to show up so that the vote can go off as planned, then this is all about delay.

The delay they want to make ’til after the midterms ’cause they believe they’re gonna win the Senate, they believe they’re gonna win the House, and they can stop Trump from nominating somebody that they don’t want to confirm, i.e., somebody like Kavanaugh. If they win the House and Senate then they’re gonna start on impeachment proceedings, and (in their dreams) are gonna get rid of Trump in six months. So that’s what this is about, and if this woman refuses…

Here’s the thing to look at. If she’s got the goods, if she can prove irrefutably — and I’m told, folks, that she can’t even remember the exact date this happened. I got an email from a woman today who said that she was a victim of attempted rape in high school, college. She remembers everything about it. This is her point in the email. Thirty-five years ago, 40 years. She remembers everything about it like it was yesterday. Attempted rape is a traumatic, terrifying thing. You remember. But this woman can’t pinpoint the year, the date. She’s not sure. She gives a date range from what I understand.

But if… If she’s got incontrovertible evidence that could destroy the nomination, why wouldn’t she want to be up there this past July? Why did they hold off on this? As I’ve said, I think the Democrats know that what they have here is probably not slam dunk for whatever reason. But if they think they’ve got whatever it takes to destroy this nomination, wouldn’t she want to be here today or tonight or tomorrow and seal the guy’s fate once and for all?


RUSH: So Breitbart says today that Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, wore one of those vagina hats at anti-Trump march. So she’s one of those. The legal adviser, her lawyer, Katz, Debra Katz, is a big-time Democrat donor and has spoken in defense of Clinton and Al Franken. So clearly the hypocrisy is running rampant. But this is politically a repeat of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill scenario. It’s a hail Mary.

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