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RUSH: I checked the email during the break. “You don’t sound mad about this.” (Snort!) My friends, I spent the first part of hour telling you how mad I was back in 1990 when George Bush appointed Clarence Thomas. Look, I don’t want to be too redundant here. I realize people are in and out all day long. But back when the Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill stuff happened, remember, this program — and don’t misunderstand me here. This is not ego speaking. I’m trying to give you the factual, historical lay of the land. This program was it.

There were some other conservative talk show that had come up on radio, but Fox News had not started yet. The blogosphere was not anywhere near what it was gonna be. This was 1990! People were still using CompuServe for crying out loud or AOL. CNN is the only cable network with the three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) and the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times. It was a full-court press to do exactly what’s being done to Kavanaugh right now: Destroy Clarence Thomas. And, believe me, I was absorbed.

I did nothing but refute everything the Democrats were saying every day of those confirmation hearings. Notice none of this that we’re hearing about could have an has happened during any of it testimony, any of the confirmation. This woman did not come forward then. They dragged Anita Hill out of wherever she was. It was Paul Simon’s wife and Howard Metzenbaum. They got together and they yanked her out. They had to talk her into doing it. Everybody denies that today ’cause they want to make it look like she was this committed activist back in 1990.

They had to drag her out and they had to coach her and prepare her for testimony and so forth. But at least she testified, and Clarence Thomas got a chance to react to it with the famous “high-tech lynching” speech that he gave that put everybody in the Senate on this committee in their place. This is happening after all the testimony. I’m livid about this. I’m livid that decent people don’t seem to have any kind of option dealing with this. You can’t… Just in the essence of decency, you won’t find any more decent human being today than Brett Kavanaugh or his family.

They are a threat to nobody. They haven’t threatened anybody. They’ve not destroyed anybody. The left could not defeat Kavanaugh during the constitutionally enumerated period of time to do so, and that would be the confirmation hearings. They struck out, they bombed out, and so now they’re dredging this up from the abject sewer. Of course I’m livid about it! I’m somewhat a little frustrated by the fact that it works. This stuff, in a sane world, the American people would be rising up in indignation and outrage over what Dianne Feinstein is attempting to pull here.

I think they did when they elected Trump, by the way. How come the Access Hollywood video didn’t destroy Trump? How come none of those usual Democrat attempts to destroy Trump destroyed him? He still won. He got elected. But this is it, this is their playbook. They go back to it over and over and over again, and their playbook involves destroying people. It has me so mad, I can’t see straight. But just coming here and acting mad isn’t gonna get anything done because it is actually happening. So I find it despicable.

I’m outraged that more people in Washington don’t. To people in Washington, this is the game! In the news business, man, this is exciting! This is ratings today. Never mind the fact that a man and his family returned the guillotine and subject to being destroyed simply because he has achieved enough in his life that he’s qualified to be on the U.S. Supreme Court. In Washington today, that means it’s open season to try and destroy the guy. Now, you might say, “Well, he knew that, Rush. They know.”

Sure everybody knows it. Does that make it right? There isn’t any indignation. In fact, if you go to a lot of places in conservative media and you’ll find people making sure that we’re not unfair to the accuser and that we’re open-minded and that we really understand that she can be telling the truth. “And it’s a horrible thing if she is, and we must get to the bottom of it. But…” And then they go on with what they really think. But they feel it necessary to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea, that they think Kavanaugh should be sent packing if any of this is true.

If any of this is true. They’re asking us to believe one heck of a lot for this to be true. And if this woman wants to come testify, it’s got to happen now. The Republicans run this show, and they need to make this happen pronto.


RUSH: Let’s grab audio sound bite No. 8. This is Chuck-You Schumer. He was on The View today speaking with Maude Behar, and they’re having a discussion about Kavanaugh and what to do about all this.

SCHUMER: I believe Professor Ford. I think she’s credible, and I think when the investigation is finished and when she testifies and Judge Kavanaugh testifies, I think a majority of senators will find her credible, and I don’t think… I never thought Kavanaugh should get — get appointed because he was picked by a president who said, “I’m only gonna pick someone who repeals Roe v. Wade” (sic) and vetted by a group whose mission was that. The president said, “I’m only gonna pick someone who repeals health care,” (sic) and he was vetted by another group, the Heritage Foundation.

MAUDE: Uh-huh.

SCHUMER: So I said he shouldn’t be on the bench before this, but now we got get to the bottom of this.

RUSH: Now, Trump never said (laughing) that he’s gonna pick people that are only anti-Roe v. Wade. It’s the exact opposite! There never was gonna be a litmus test. These people just lie left and right through their teeth about this. Here’s Schumer saying, “I think she’ll be credible, but… but…” You hear Schumer, “Whatever this guy believes, we can’t tolerate this!” You lost, Senator! You don’t get to pick the nominee in this circumstance! You lost! Hillary lost, and you don’t run the Senate, and you don’t get to pick the nominee!

Now, they exhausted everything they had in trying to destroy Kavanaugh, and they didn’t have anything. They cannot question his qualifications. They cannot question his readiness. They cannot question his fitness. They did everything they could. They tried to bully Susan Collins into abandoning her support for him — and when all else failed, they go to the bottom of the deck and get this. They get it, for all intents and purposes, on the eve of the Judiciary Committee vote, which is Thursday.

I’ll tell you as a personal aside, something that frosts me about this is what the hell have they been waiting so long to do this vote in the first place for? Why wasn’t this vote two weeks ago? “Uh, Mr. Limbaugh, the Senate runs at a very slow and distribute pace.” Yes, yes I understand that. But, for crying out loud, don’t you realize it’s time to he’d these people off at the pass? “But Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh, no matter when they had scheduled the vote, this would have happened.” Fine. Schedule the vote anyway. The fact that we hadn’t taken the vote provided the window of an opportunity here for all of this to occur anyway.

Up next is Vince in parts unknown of central Florida. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you. First-time caller, sir. Thank you.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I just got a question. Do you think there will ever be another president after Trump?

RUSH: Do I think there will ever be another president after Trump?


RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: What he’s going through. It’s just amazing.

RUSH: Oh, of course there will be. Of course there will be. You’re echoing —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: That’s what Michael Moore’s out there saying.


RUSH: Michael Moore is out there saying that Donald Trump is the last president. There will not be another one. Not for the reason you just were saying.

CALLER: Yeah. It’s horrible what he’s going through. You had started the program this morning about asking what we can do with this media and the liberal Democrats, what we can do. The only thing I can think of we might have to march our own marches. Take it to the streets. Let us get some exposure, because right now the Republicans are not getting any exposure out there. It’s always the media. They got the sports.

They got a lot of arrows in their quiver, see? The Republicans are simply are not getting mobilized. And I think they need to go mobile. And I think they really need to do like back in the sixties with the civil rights movement. Get it out there. Get buses. Mobile! Take it out of those rallies. Those rales are nice and there’s a lot of passion but I think all that passion should really be on the road where the media will have to report on it. They’re getting shut out, you see, by those rallies.

RUSH: See, this —

CALLER: They don’t even show those rallies on CNN and all those media outlets. But when they’re on the road, when they’re on the road and in the streets, then they can’t stop not —

RUSH: This is my point, though. That’s not what decent people do. Decent people don’t raise hell. They don’t destroy property, start marching in the streets and causing all kinds of violence and stuff. That’s not what decent people do! Decent people have other things to do. They’ve got other more productive, sensible things to do. That’s my whole point. Decent people do not sit around all day figuring out how to destroy people. Decent people don’t sit around all day trying to fi how to advance an agenda no matter who gets hurt at what cost.

But they certainly don’t sit around and strategize moving forward a political agenda that requires people to be hurt, damaged, and destroyed. The left does! That’s their modus operandi day in and day out. I’m not saying there aren’t ways; don’t misunderstand. I’m just telling you that decent people who are up against this don’t know what to do. They don’t think this way! You tell decent people, “You’ve got to get out there and start blowing up some buildings! You’ve got to get out there and start breaking some glass! You’ve got to get out there and start breaking some heads!”

That’s not what they’re about.

It’s not what they do.

“But, Rush! But, Rush! Decent people fight wars.”

That’s a great point. Decent people resisted Hitler and the Germans. Decent people resisted the Japanese in World War II, the Nazis, the fascists and so forth. How do they did it? It required going to battle, it required going to war, and I don’t know how many people on our side are willing to do it. Obviously many aren’t. They’re expecting people they elect to do it at the point of attack, which happens to be Washington. They don’t see it happening much there, either, except with President Trump in the game. But he’s often alone in his efforts.


RUSH: Here’s David in Houston. You’re next, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: (silence) Hello?

RUSH: Hello.


RUSH: Yeah!

CALLER: Is this Rush?

RUSH: This is.

CALLER: Ah. Fantastic. Well, I have an answer to your question of why DiFi sat on this surprise, this October Surprise until now. The answer is midterms. This is all about the midterms. Because if she can bring this out at the last minute and throw the midterms to the Democrats, they solve all their problems, they get rid of Kavanaugh. Trump can’t appoint another Supreme Court nominee, and they take the House back, and they impeach Trump. The whole thing, it’s all geared towards the midterms. That’s the answer.

RUSH: I think that’s true. But you think that’s more important than killing Kavanaugh?

CALLER: Well, that’s just a bonus. (interruption) They can get both. They can use this nomination. Because if Republicans push Kavanaugh as a damaged candidate by this accusation, then they can use that against the Republicans in the midterms to swing, you know, women voters, #MeToo type people — which, #MeToo would vote for Democrats anyway —

RUSH: See, that’s the kind of thing… You’re right about that, but that’s what frosts me. It literally frosts me. You can’t find a guy women love and respect more than this guy. So here comes this the bogus charge out of nowhere at the last minute and if the Republicans stick by Kavanaugh — which is the right thing to do! If they stick by him, then this supposedly is gonna energize women all over America to vote against Republicans because they supposedly are standing in solidarity with an alleged rapist! This is what frosts me, and it wouldn’t work if voters weren’t so ignorant and dumb — and for that we have the media to thank.


RUSH: See, that’s the thing. If the Republicans stick with Kavanaugh, the Democrats get to say, “See? Republicans don’t care about women. War on Women,” blah, blah, blah, blah. When in fact, Kavanaugh could not be more impeccably respectful and decent to women.

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