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RUSH: There is a development… I don’t know what I think about this. I have my gut reaction to it, and then I backed off and I started thinking about it. It’s a tweet from Senator Susan Collins. Susan Collins is from Maine. She is buddy-buddy with Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. They’re two Republican senators who are constantly thought to be on the bubble, and whenever there is a judicial nominee for any position, but especially the Supreme Court…

It is said that if there is any, the slightest indication that that nominee might not be thinking the right way on abortion, then Susan Collins and Murkowski will vote with Democrats to kill the nomination. And because of this, the Democrats are constantly applying pressure to both of them. And they have been working overtime to try to pressure Susan Collins to commit to voting against Kavanaugh because of their claims that he would reverse Roe v. Wade and all that paranoia that the Democrats have.

And she resisted. So the next thing they did is they created a GoFundMe campaign for a phantom candidate to oppose her in the Senate campaign for Maine. That GoFundMe campaign or however they funded it reached a million dollars. They were trying to blackmail her. They were telling her, “If you will commit to voting against Kavanaugh, then we’ll pull this money out of the race against you and we will not assist the candidate who opposes you.” She didn’t buck to that. So when that failed, they sent her — and I’m not making this up.

I’m sorry I have to tell you, but they sent her a-three-foot cardboard cutout of male genitalia in another attempt to — I don’t know what — bully her or offend her, and she said, “This is it. I’ve had enough of this. I’ve enough of these anti-Kavanaugh tactics.” So that’s Susan Collins, and she has been, as I say, target for much bullying and manipulation by the left. So she sent a tweet out a little over an hour ago. Her tweet says, I’m writing to the Chairman [and ranking member] of Judiciary [Committee]…” That would be Grassley and Feinstein.

“I’m writing to the Chairman & RM of Judiciary Cmte respectfully recommending that at Monday’s hearing, counsel for Prof. Ford be allocated time to question Judge Kavanaugh & counsel for the Judge be granted equal time to question Prof. Ford, followed by questions from Senators.” My first reaction when I saw that was, “Why don’t we just cash in the chips now and say the country as we knew it is over?” We’re now officially the Jerry Springer Show in the United States Senate, or take your pick.

Whatever daytime soap opera fare that people watch. Are we serious about this, that lawyers for Professor Ford be allowed time to question Kavanaugh, and that his lawyers be allowed time to question her? By the way, she’s still has not responded to the invitation to show up to this thing on Monday. I think they ought to bag this and just do the vote on Thursday. To hell with it! Just bag it and do it. But they won’t because they’re afraid of losing it now. But that doesn’t matter. The committee vote doesn’t matter.

Mitch McConnell can schedule a full Senate vote on this nominee without the committee voting. It’s just Senate protocol that the Judiciary Committee has a vote and then that’s supposed to inform the rest of the Senate that it’s okay to vote for the guy or that they shouldn’t. I mean that’s how silly it is. The Judiciary Committee vote is not gonna determine how people in the general population of the Senate vote. We’re actually…?

Because somebody sent Dianne Feinstein a letter, we’re gonna have a circus on Monday, and Code Pink and every leftist protest group is gonna be in there. If you remember the embarrassment that happened during the confirmation hearings for four days… Kavanaugh’s parents with their heads in their hands. In a moment that any other time in American history would be one of the proudest, most glorious days for an American family, that one of their children had succeeded and achieved in life to the point of being nominated to be an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court.

It was turned into… “Circus” is not even the right way to describe what they did, with the Democrats’ acquiescence and letting it happen, I am certain. What should have been a moment of great pride and overwhelming love and excitement was turned into a despicable, embarrassing spectacle that was beneath all of the decency this country is known for. And it was by design. If they allow that to happen during confirmation hearings, can you imagine what this thing on Monday would become? So lawyers interrogate her; then other lawyers interrogate him.

This man is a nominee to be on the United States Supreme Court! An allegation that her lawyers say she doesn’t even have to prove? And then after all that, blowhard senators get their turn asking questions? Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin? Susan Collins then tweeted, “Such an approach would provide more continuity, elicit the most information & allow an in-depth examination of the allegations.” (sigh) That is just… Folks, whatever it is, it is a gigantic come-down.

At any rate, all this notwithstanding, her tweet probably will send the Democrats into orbit with rage, ’cause they were counting on flipping her. They were counting on her saying before this even began that she’s had enough. “This is the last straw! I can’t support the guy. Look at what’s being said. I can’t possibly…” That’s what they were hoping Collins would say. Now she wants to see a circus. Kavanaugh’s lawyer… He’s hired a lawyer; I should tell you this. Brett Kavanaugh’s hired Beth Wilkinson. Does the name ring a bell?

Does anybody know who Beth Wilkinson is? A, she’s the wife of David Gregory of CNN/NBC. B, she represented Hillary Clinton staffers during the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private server. Those staffers were Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, Heather Samuelson, and Philippe Reines. She’s also said to be a stellar lawyer, and apparently one of her specialties is defamation — attacking and defending defamation accusations — which is exactly what this is.

This is an up-front attempt to defame and destroy Brett Kavanaugh. I was just saying yesterday, “We opposed some of the nominees the Democrats put forward. When is the last time you remember anybody on our side trying to literally destroy the life and career and reputation of a political opponent, any more so than they already had?” I mean, with Bill Clinton there was evidence. He did it. Nothing was made up.

And all those people defending Bill Clinton saying it doesn’t matter, it’s just sex– Hillary Clinton and all these other people responsible for trashing these women that came forward — are now the same people claiming that Kavanaugh is scum and that this woman (who’s never said a word about any of this for 36 years) is eminently believable.


RUSH: Now back to Doug in Chicago. So let me read… You’re still there, right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Right on. Let me read her tweet. This is what Doug thinks is genius. Susan Collins says, “I’m writing to the Chairman & [ranking member] of Judiciary [Committee] respectfully recommending that at Monday’s hearing, counsel for” the woman, lawyers for the woman, “be allocated time to question Judge Kavanaugh & [lawyers] for the Judge be granted equal time to question [the accuser], followed by questions from Senators.” Now, as you point out, there are no female Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee. So what do you think is a stroke of genius about this?

CALLER: Well, I think that you let those attorneys go back and forth, and then all the Republicans can come back and play off of points that the female attorney had already raised. In theory… I mean, I think I heard that Arlen Specter told Anita Hill that she had perjured herself. There’s no way any man on that committee could do that in this environment. But this attorney can, and I believe that she is taking the teeth out of the Democrats and the women —

RUSH: Oh, you’re talking about Kavanaugh’s lawyer!

CALLER: — and will prevent them from doing a Spartacus moment.

RUSH: I see. You’re talking about Kavanaugh’s lawyer, Beth Wilkinson. You’re saying that she can do what no male senator can do today that Specter did with Anita Hill.

CALLER: And she can serve up points, so all the senator do are following up on a point that she raised. It’s not their bigot, the misogynism. It’s a point that she made to another female. I just don’t see how they can sit there and say, “These men, these old Grumpy Old Men,” when the point has been raised by a female attorney in the course of the conversation.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I think she’s probably more of a litigant attorney than the woman’s attorney.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: So I think Kavanaugh does great and —

RUSH: Okay. I got you. But beyond the… Let me just ask you a question. You obviously think that what Collins is tweeted here sets up a very advantageous circumstance for Republican senators on the committee which, otherwise, they’d be hampered. What do you think of the whole concept here of this spectacle on Monday where you have the accuser…? You’ve got Judge Kavanaugh about whom nobody has ever said anything like this, and here he is on defense. By definition, he’s on defense with lawyers running around in there plus all these senators on this committee. What is your overall opinion of the whole spectacle that it would be?

CALLER: I think it’s a disgrace, and it makes the original hearings look passive, and I think it was a ploy. I think it’s a ploy; it’s gonna backfire. I think it’s absolutely wrong. I just think it’s disgraceful. I’m like you, it just bothers me to some extent. You know, that’s one thing about being conservative. We’re not gonna go out on the streets and wear black masks and backpacks and start throwing things at people or yelling out obscenities. It just seems so un-American that a guy of this reputation. And the fact that it came at the last minute?

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: I’m sorry, there are so many ways —

RUSH: One letter! One letter can do this! (Snort!) I keep going back to this because I’m truly incredulous. I realize in matters like this I still sometimes come across as naïve, and I don’t care. I really don’t. The idea that these people run around and broadcast proudly the idea that the accuser doesn’t have to prove anything, that the accuser doesn’t have to corroborate? You realize what all of this means? You realize how easy it is now to derail anything the United States Senate is doing?

A letter to Dianne Feinstein, or pick your senator, and we can bring everything to a screeching halt in utter defiance of common sense and utter decency and turn this into an absolutely… If there isn’t a backlash against the Democrats on all this, then I’m gonna be wondering, “Where is justice?” This, to me, is just so beyond the pale. I loathe this. I detest these people. These people are just despicable. And listen to A.B. Stoddard! “You think that a left-wing activist would actually want to ruin her life by doing this?”

Ruin her life!

It the Emmys last night there were already premade pins that people could wear, “I Believe In” whatever this woman’s name is. Ballsy? Ballsy? What’s her name? I can’t remember her name. Any, I believe — and then their companion, “I Still Believe in Anita Hill.” Anita Hill is still a heroine to these people on the left. (interruption) Right, Christine Blasey Ford. That’s what it is. I believe Christine Blasey Ford, these little pink pins that they were passing out in the crowd at the Emmys last night, and, “I Still Believe in Anita Hill.” The idea that somehow Christine Blasey Ford is gonna be damaged by this? Even so, whose fault is that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let me get one more call before we go.

Alice in Greenville somewhere. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: A longtime listener and absolutely thrilled to be able to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Uh-huh. I’m gonna get to my point very quickly. I was telling the screener that the postponement ’til Monday of the circus that’s going to come only gives people who support Kavanaugh a time to build him up, as has already started and his attorney time to unravel some of the things that are truthful things. They don’t have to make stuff up. They don’t have to pull anything. They just have to present this accuser’s lifestyle, her demonstrations that she’s been involved with. I’ve heard some things about possibly a grudge thing with her parents and —

RUSH: That turns out to be not true.


RUSH: That’s another thing. You’ve got to be very careful here.


RUSH: We had that story yesterday. Kavanaugh’s mother did not foreclose against this woman’s parents. It was just, in fact, maybe the opposite. It was fake news that was out there yesterday.

CALLER: But I just think it gives them some extra days to do some truth checking on those things and her testimony and her personality will come to light just as Brett Kavanaugh’s will.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I just think that it gives them extra time to unravel her testimony. You know, I’m on his side. I really support him.

RUSH: Oh, I understand. I just don’t think Democrat senators are gonna allow what you just described to happen.

CALLER: Even if Brett Kavanaugh’s lawyer is asking the questions to her?

RUSH: The Senate runs the show, and it’s not a courtroom. It’s the United States Senate. It will be the Judiciary Committee hearing, and they can shut down anybody any time.

CALLER: I see.

RUSH: If they think that Kavanaugh’s lawyer is being mean, unnecessarily contentious, accusatory, other legal terms, they can shut it down. Of course, you think Dick Durbin won’t stand and do head stands? Look, I realize what you’re saying. The theory is that with Beth Wilkinson as the lawyer for Kavanaugh that she will be more easily able to really bore into and expose the accuser as a fraud, if she is, whereas a male senator couldn’t do it because of the #MeToo movement and feminism and all that. But another woman could. (sigh) Look, it may be true, but then the question becomes, “Would Kavanaugh’s female lawyer do that anyway?” I don’t know. We’re dealing with swamp-dwellers here, folks.

That’s as much as I’m gonna say.

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