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RUSH: Now, I said something on the program yesterday (we’re up to sound bite No. 3, here) and I want to repeat this because this might fall under the category of show prep for the rest of the media.


RUSH: This can’t be said enough: They really believe they’re gonna win the Senate, folks. They believe their polls. They don’t have the slightest idea what a potential backlash they are creating with their behavior here and what they’re doing to Kavanaugh. They haven’t the slightest idea. They have no idea of the rage! They think the Democrats have all the motivation and inspiration, eagerness to vote?

They have no idea what this is doing to Republican turnout. No idea at all. We saw a harbinger of it in a Texas special election last night where a Republican won a Democrat seat that the Democrats have held for 139 years, and the polls did not say this was gonna happen. Democrats think they’re in the process turning Texas blue, and yet this one seat that they’ve held in a district that went heavily for Hillary elected a Republican.

They’re sitting there blind as a bat. They have no concept, they have no sense, because they’re not connected to the American people. They have no idea how their behavior here is revving up Republicans to vote in November like nothing else could! You wait. We’ll see.


RUSH: Last night on the Fox News Channel The Ingraham Angle, the host, Laura Ingraham had pollster Frank Luntz on there asking him about the allegations against Kavanaugh and how is it gonna play in the midterms. Her question to Luntz, “From the people you’re talking to out there, Frank, how will it this Kavanaugh circus play out in midterms?”

LUNTZ: It does appear she isn’t gonna testify. The American people believe in fairness and they believe that everyone deserves their day in court. They want to hear what she had to say. She leveled some very, uh, strong allegations. But I’ll tell you that one of the big questions among the men I talked to is how far back are you going to hold someone accountable for the behavior that they did? Is what someone did when you’re 17…? Is that applicable to what someone’s life will be when they’re in their fifties.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s a great, great question. Remember Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill she was alleging activity that occurred 10 years prior. This is 36 priors when both are in high school, for crying out loud. The first thing that should have disqualified it, the first thing that should have. Anyway, Luntz says that he senses the American people out there really think all this is unfair and could bode poorly for the Democrats. Next thing, Ingram of The Ingraham Angle said, “You know, I think that word ‘fairness’ that you use, that cuts right to it. You can’t lob these allegations and expect that you won’t get any questions about yourself because people are being mean to you online!”

LUNTZ: That’s why the Democrats have used Anita Hill, because they realized within 24 hours that this story was turning, that people were starting to wonder why is she backing off? Why? When you make a claim as significant of this, that you’re not willing to back it up at that hearing. What you could have is what happened to Donald Trump in 2016. You know he won a majority of white women — and everyone thought that because of what had happened during the campaign, he would crater. In this situation, you may see women angry that they’re being used, that they’re being scapegoated, that they’re being pulled into a political process that they want no part of. Make no mistake: Authenticity matters more than anything in 2016 [sic], and this doesn’t seem authentic right now.

RUSH: And the reason for that is that she won’t show up and testify, and people don’t understand that. They can offer all excuses that they want. But she wrote… You know, she needs more time because she’s been trying to forget this? She wrote this in quite a detailed fashion in the Washington Post. See, this is where… I’m sorry. There’s a lot of this that I question. I question this idea that she’s been trying to forget it all of her life and is now being forced into remembering it.

If anybody’s doing that, that process was started by Democrats — which is gonna be lost on everybody. But she’s been working on remembering this since the beginning of June! And if she didn’t to want remember it, if she didn’t want this, why send Feinstein the letter in the first place? There’s so much of this that doesn’t pass a smell test just in terms of common sense and believability.


RUSH: Now, my friends, there’s one other thing that about this that flies in the face of my prediction of the Democrats creating a major backlash here and that is a Reuters/Ipsos poll. The Reuters/Ipsos poll says that the public support for Kavanaugh is at its all-time low, that the American people’s support for Kavanaugh is dwindling. Opposition to Kavanaugh is growing; his support is at an historic low.

“A growing number of Americans said they opposed President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, as the candidate’s confirmation hearings took place and as he fended off a sexual assault claim… The September 11-17 poll found that 36% of adults surveyed did not want Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court, up 6 points from a similar poll conducted a month earlier. Only 31% of U.S. adults polled said they were in favor of Kavanaugh’s appointment.”

Now, I want you to think about something. We’re talking here about one of the foremost legal scholars in the country, acknowledged by people from across the political spectrum. We’re talking about somebody with impeccable integrity and honor as testified to by everybody that knows him. We’re talking about an appellate court judge whose opinions are cited often by Supreme Court justices in their opinions. We’re talking about an appellate court judge whose clerks with hired by Supreme Court justices more than any other judge’s clerks.

We’re talking about perhaps one of the judicial minds of a lifetime, a man who has led an unquestioned life of decency until this smear campaign started. Yet Reuters has a poll that says two-thirds of the country does not think he’s fit to be on the Supreme Court. Now, what does that mean? If we believe this poll, if this poll is accurate, all that is really shows… It doesn’t show what people know about Kavanaugh. What it shows is the power of the media over reality or it shows the power of the media and their ability to use polls to create news, to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. Only 31% of adults in the Reuters poll think Kavanaugh’s worth being on the court, 36% don’t, and in terms of the just textbook qualifications, there isn’t anybody better.

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