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RUSH: Okay. So I see where Senator Grassley has given the accuser Christine Blasey Ford until 10 a.m. tomorrow to decide whether or not to show up on Monday, right? Grassley may want to get his new iPhone, may be what that’s about. I’m just kidding. By 10 a.m. tomorrow she’s gotta decide, and all the Democrats go, “Well, they’re bullying her! They’re bullying. You can’t… You can’t bully the accuser in these situations! You can’t do it!” I tell you, folks, Robert Bork once said that we’re “witnessing the end of civilization” while watching the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings.

His buddy Irving Kristol walked by and said, “What are you doing?” Bork said, “Watching the end of civilization.” And Irving Kristol said, “Yeah, no question about that but at least we can still live well until it all goes kaput.” (chuckling) I think people are starting to get frustrated now because the Republicans have been bent over backwards to tell Ms. Blasey Ford and her supporters what they want from her, and the president has been bending over backwards. He said it would be wonderful if she would show up and testify.

But, you know, there’s breaking news. There are new details emerging practically by the hour. Here we have the latest. It will unfold before your very eyes and ears as the program does. You know, Byron York had, by the way, a very good little tweet here. As these people are comparing this to Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill, and he points out some things that make it clear we’re not talking about the same thing here. Anita Hill testified. She testified in the hearings in October of 1991 that Thomas harassed her with a pubic hair on a Coke can in 1981.

(interruption) That’s what it was, folks. I mean, Snerdley is bowing his head in there, can’t believe it. Well, I mean, that was the big deal. Remember, the media was going to video stores like Blockbusters trying to figure out secret porn movies that Thomas may have rented. I kid you not. And what was it? There was Long Dong Silver, that’s what it was! Somebody claimed that Justice Thomas had rented Long Dong Silver. (interruption) This is what a Supreme Court confirmation hearing was reduced to.

Anyway, Byron York reminds us that Hill testified in October 1991 that Thomas harassed her in 1991 and ’82. That’s like ten years before, far more recent than Christine Blasey Ford’s 36-year-old charge against Kavanaugh. Also, Hill and Thomas were both adults when the alleged pubic hair was left on the alleged Coke can in the workplace. They were both adults whereas we’re talking about teenagers in high school here with Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford. Now, the Democrats are livid. Grassley…

We were one of the first to point this out yesterday. Grassley even tried to get hold of the accuser and her lawyers, and they’re not responding to him. She, of course, isn’t, but her lawyers are not responding to Grassley. Grassley said (paraphrased), “I’ve tried smoke signals and I’ve tried SOS. I’ve tried Morse code. I’ve tried email. I’ve tried text. I’ve tried SMS. I’ve tried EMS. I’ve tried everything I know to do out there and I can’t get a call-back from them.” So Mazie Hirono from Hawaii — who obviously is seeing this as a moment to raise her national stardom — is starting to utter profanity we’re not used to hearing from senators.

She’s saying (paraphrased), “You go to hell! You go to hell! That is BS,” except she’s not using the initials. And she says, “Grassley, who are you to reach out and contact with woman without any of us know? You can’t do that!” Why, is that bullying, too, the chairman of the committee trying to get hold of the lawyers? Anyway, what Grassley’s offered… This is unprecedented. We were among the first to pass this on to you yesterday that Grassley even offered to take the Senate Judiciary Committee staff to California wherever Christine Blasey Ford is holed up.

And they’re rejecting that. And of course I predicted they would reject it. You know why they reject it? Because they will say she’s in hiding. She’s afraid for her life because wacko Trump supporters are all over her. So this is just Grassley trying to find out where she lives so he can leak it to people and further endanger her. We can’t let Grassley and his staff know where we are. (This is the tone that they are taking.) But it raises some questions. Why does an accuser claiming firsthand knowledge need more time to testify about her story?

What kind of preparation is necessary here? We’re talking about an event that took place in less than seven minutes if it happened. Seven minutes. Maybe not even that long. So what the hell else is there to remember? What really is there to prep for? Is the preparation designed to sound credible when you don’t know what you’re talking about? Is the preparation designed to cover up for periods of time you don’t recall? What could possibly be necessary here? She took a lie detector test. She wrote it all down. She was there.

And her lawyers say she passed the lie detector test that they gave her. The Republicans desperately want to hear from her, and I don’t think this is an act. You have the president saying (summarized), “It’d be wonderful if she showed up. We want to hear what she has to say.” The president said yesterday, “Look, if she shows up and credible, we’re gonna have to rethink this whole thing.” I mean, they’re practically rolling out the red carpet for her. (interruption) What are you frowning at? (interruption) You think it’s a sham? (interruption) You think it’s a track? (interruption) What are you laughing at in there?

They want to talk to her. They want her to show up. They want to hear her story. (interruption) Well, Snerdley says, “So you say the only reason they’re acting eager to hear from her is because they know she’s not coming.” Okay, let me tell you. They know she doesn’t have what? The story? She doesn’t have the details? She doesn’t have the goods? Is that what you’re gonna say, “She doesn’t have what she claims to have”? She’s not gonna show up? That’s what you think? (interruption) Okay. If she doesn’t show up, I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen.

I’m telling you right now it’s already in the works with, and I know it’s in the works because I heard a Drive-By Media person talking about it. The Drive-By Media person was Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post who says she wouldn’t be surprised if more women surface over the weekend alleging similar acts by Kavanaugh. She’s just telegraphed that they’re out there trying to find women that they can convince to come forward and say what they want them to say. You know they’re working on that.

You know that the Democrat Party, you know that the media — they’re working in tandem — are scouring women who went to the same school or went to school where Kavanaugh was seen, you know, lurking around and so forth. And they’re gonna try to find as many women — not too many, find one or two women — to come forward and say, “Yeah, I didn’t want to come forward but I watching what’s happening to Christine Blasey Ford, and I can’t stand it.”

So don’t be surprised. That would be the cover if she doesn’t show. (interruption) You’re sitting there thinking that the Republicans and you know she’s not gonna show. Well, that means the Democrats know she’s not gonna show. The Democrats are not gonna let the fact that she doesn’t show kill their effort to wipe out Kavanaugh. So in replacement for her not showing, don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised if later today or tomorrow — sometime before this 10 o’clock tomorrow morning headline — that another woman surfaces.

But I want to remind you one thing. We had audio yesterday from a friend of Christine Blasey Ford. Her name was Guerry, G-u-e-r-r-y. I forget her first name. Doesn’t matter. We played the sound bites, and she was talking about how when they were in school that this kind of thing happened a lot. But not with Kavanaugh! She did not have any firsthand knowledge of anything Kavanaugh did, but she did say that all the boys — a lot of the boys — this is how they behaved. A lot of the boys did.

“You mean Brett Kavanuagh?”

“No, no, no! I — I –”

“She made it so clear she never saw Brett Kavanaugh. She never heard his name in any of this. Well, to me that’s all anybody needs to know if we’ve got a friend of Christine Blasey Ford coming out there trying to establish that Christine Blasey Ford is not making it up. But this woman, this friend of hers went out of her way… Cookie, grab that bite again from yesterday. I mean, no mad dash hurry. Just whenever you get it. She made a point twice in the audio sound bite we played to make sure no, she’s not talking about Brett Kavanaugh here.

There’s also a little bit of news here. There’s a website. There’s a guy that runs a website. I don’t have it right in front of me. I can’t remember the name of the site. I’ll find it here in a second. I’ve not heard of the website before. But I’m gonna go ahead and tell you, the guy running the website claims that he knew that they… He went and looked at the yearbook, the high school yearbook from the year in question here at the yearbook where Christine Blasey Ford went to school.

What he saw, he writes, convinced him that they were gonna have to scrub that yearbook from the web. They’re gonna have to delete it. They’re gonna have to erase it. So knowing that that would happen earlier this week, he made screenshots and copies and so forth and cached it. The yearbook for the year your question here at Christine Blasey Ford’s school is all… (laughs) Well, not all about, but there are numerous references of the girls having keggers, keg party after keg party.

There are stories, “What we did when the parents were gone,” complete with pictures, making it look like the girls in this school knew how to party with a keg just like guys did. And it establishes that, you know, many of the entrees or entries in this particular yearbook make it clear that people didn’t remember the next day what had happened the night before in perfect detail and so forth. So he writes that when he saw it, he predicted that they would scrub this. They’d have to get rid of it. They’d have to wipe it off of the Web.

And it is. It’s gone. So we have that little bit of detail. But back to this whole thing. Republicans want to hear from her, despite the smirks from Mr. Snerdley. The Republicans want to hear from her. They’re making it clear. The media believes her. I’m asking here why doesn’t she show up? Here. Grab sound bite No. 22. Cookie came through. This was yesterday afternoon on Wolf Blitzed on CNN. Jim Acosta was Acosta-ing Christine Blasey Ford’s friend and ex-classmate, Samantha Guerry. And Acosta said, “What Dr. Ford is alleging, is this the first time you heard anything like that about Judge Kavanaugh?”

GUERRY: It’s not the first time I’ve heard anything like that in terms of the community of women I know, and not regarding him but —

ACOSTA: Those sorts of things went on?

GUERRY: A lot… You know, one of the things that’s surprising to me as I’ve gotten involved in this in the last couple days is how many women of my class have come forward to me in this last few days and said, “I had similar experiences in high school,” and this hits me very deeply and it’s very —

ACOSTA: Not with Brett Kavanaugh, but with other boys?

GUERRY: Not with Brett Kavanaugh! But with other boys in our community, and we all feel that if we were in her shoes, we’d want (chuckles) to be taken seriously as well.

RUSH: Okay. Fair enough. But, look, there’s some questions here. This woman is 50-some-odd years old now — same age as Christine Blasey Ford — and she says, “You know, one of the things that’s surprising to me as I’ve gotten involved in this in the last couple days is how many women of my class have come forward to me in this last few days and said, ‘I had similar experiences in high school’…” Well, if you went to high school with ’em, why wouldn’t you know it when they happened? So much of this doesn’t pass the consistency test.

But the primary thing here is, “It’s not the first time I’ve heard anything like that in terms of the community of women that I know, not regarding him.” Meaning: I don’t know anything about Kavanaugh. And then Acosta, after she describes how women of her class have come forward the last few days and told her they had similar experiences in high school and it now hits her very deeply ’cause because I know all this was going on while she was in high school. But now she’s hearing about it from all of her friends who say, “Oh, yeah, it was going on in high school.”

But not with Brett Kavanaugh! She makes it clear twice here that in all of this debauchery that was supposedly going on at this private school, she never heard the name Brett Kavanaugh mentioned. Yet she’s coming forward here in support of Christine Blasey Ford. Now, does that… To me, this is the kind of thing that gets passed over. The Drive-By Media conducts the interview, they hear the answer, doesn’t even register. To me, this is close to bombshell.

You got a good buddy exonerating Kavanaugh from the type of behavior she says she’s now learned was commonplace. Not Kavanaugh though. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! Not Brett Kavanaugh. So why does she need more time to testify when she’s got firsthand knowledge? Why does she need more time when she took a lie detector test? She wrote it all down. She answered the questions. The Republicans desperately the want to hear from her. The president said it’d be a wonderful thing. The media believes her.

The media wants to believe this woman so bad that they already do. So why is Kavanaugh — who is portrayed as a creepy liar by the media. Why is he ready, willing, and able to testify and Ford isn’t? Could somebody explain that to me? He said he’ll show up anytime, anywhere. She will not! I think Senator Grassley’s handled this well. For people following the story, it’s clear what’s going on. Knee-jerk identity politics haters and abortion zealots. Nothing matters to them anyway other than that.

Republicans are evil because they’ve got minds of their own. It doesn’t matter how accomplished and achieved and impeccable their reputations are like Kavanaugh. It desn’t matter how much charity work they do. It doesn’t matter how many people vouch for them. It doesn’t matter how many people love and adore them. It doesn’t matter how stellar their lives and career and work has been. It doesn’t matter if they’ve led normal, productive lives. Nothing matters except removing them as obstacles.


RUSH: Okay. So the reason that she needs more time is what? (interruption) This was so traumatic that she has been trying to forget it. She’s been trying to…? (interruption) Right. She’s been trying to forget it her whole life, and, now, because of these dastardly Republican senators she’s being forced to try to remember it? That’s what they’re telling us is why she can’t show up and testify immediately because she spent all this time trying to forget it? Now she’s being forced to remember it? Okay. So what evil, dastardly Republican made her write her letter to Senator Feinstein?

I mean, she started this process, did she not? In fact, if we’re to believe something, the Democrats and the media are really to blame for her trauma here. She wrote the letter to Feinstein, but she asked that it not be made public and that her name not be mentioned. And somebody — either on Feinstein’s staff or some colleague — on the Democrat side leaked all of this against Christine Blasey Ford’s wishes. Meanwhile, the Republicans are catching all the heat here, but it’s the Democrats and the media who want this woman to put her psyche at risk in order to nail this nominee.


RUSH: Senator Grassley is trying to convince Kavanaugh accuser to testify on Monday. He said, “What I’m focused right now is do everything we can to make Dr. Ford comfortable with coming before a committee either in an open session or closed session, public or private interview.” He even offered to go to California. No matter what Grassley has offered, the answer has been, “Nyet, nyet, nyet.”

He was even willing to send committee staff to California to speak with the Kavanaugh accuser. Mazie Hirono, the Democrat senator from Hawaii, says Grassley’s office hasn’t really tried to contact the illusive doctor, professor, Ph.D. He hasn’t really tried! He hasn’t really tried! He’s just saying he’s try. He doesn’t really mean it, according to Mazie Hirono. In an interview with ABC News, “she called the assertions that Republicans had exhausted every method to contact Blasey BS,” except she didn’t say “BS.” She said the word.

“‘I would like for us to come together and figure out what’s the best way to proceed,’ Hirono says in the video. ‘Not this seat-of-the-pants stuff,’ she added.” She doesn’t like this. “A communications aide for Grassley’s office responded, however, calling Hirono’s claim ‘nonsense’ and stating that the committee had made multiple attempts to contact Ford directly. ‘This is such nonsense. The committee has sent nine emails and left two voicemails,’ communications adviser Garrett Ventry wrote on Twitter.”

Now, Mazie Hirono’s out there saying Kavanaugh’s fudging the truth. She doesn’t know what the truth is here. You know, we’re back to this. We’re back to a woman says it, you gotta believe it, except that’s only in force when the Democrats are not in power or when the women doing the accusing are accusing Republicans. But when the women were accusing Bill Clinton, they were targeted and destroyed. The double standards are rife.


RUSH: This Jerry in upstate New York. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Been a listen since around 2012. I’m what you can call a surprise a Millennial by age. Had a quick theory for you on the Blasey Ford-Kavanaugh situation.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: So I’m thinking that obviously Democratic Party’s pushing for this FBI investigation before she testifies so that they can be sure that whatever she has to say during the testimony, that it aligns with what the FBI is, you know, so-called gonna uncover.

RUSH: Oh. You’re saying they want the FBI to go first so that she can coordinate with what she tells the FBI and be consistent with it?

CALLER: Correct. Yeah. I haven’t heard anybody mention anything, you know, regarding that. But that’s just a theory I was thinking about.

RUSH: You mean that they’re trying to make sure she doesn’t get convicted of lying to the FBI and going to jail like Martha Stewart or Michael Flynn? I don’t think… (laughing) I marvel at the… It’s very fascinating the way people think. That’s an interesting point that you’re making. The whole idea of the FBI investigating a high school event from 36 years ago. It’s not exactly what they do. But the left is saying, “Trump could make ’em! Trump… Trump could tell the FBI to do anything,” except Trump can’t make them (chuckles) declassify documents.

Trump is now declassifying some of this stuff and the Democrats are running around saying, “He can’t do that! That… That… He can’t do that! That’s a violation their security.” On the other hand, “Trump, you make the FBI investigate this.” They’re so all over the ballpark and all over the place. Jerry, I appreciate the call. Find audio sound bite No. 12. This is what I alluded to, if she doesn’t testify, if she doesn’t accept the invite by 10 a.m. tomorrow. Here’s Karen Tumulty last night, Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Shannon Bream. This is the All-Star Panel and Karen Tumulty talking about what could happen to change the Kavanaugh story between now and Monday.

TUMULTY: The thing I think we all need to remember is that we still have 4-1/2 days until Monday. And we’re… The way the news cycle works in these times, this — this whole thing is probably gonna take five or six twists and turns.

BREAM: Right.

TUMULTY: Now, maybe other people coming out of the woodwork either to verify what Judge Kavanaugh is saying or to back up when she is saying. By Monday, this could look like a very different situation.

RUSH: All righty now. How do you translate that, folks? I’m gonna tell you what it means. Karen Tumulty is expecting that by time Monday comes around the media will have found additional women to come forward and say, “Oh, yeah! Kavanaugh did this to me. I know Kavanaugh did this to a bunch of women.” That’s what she’s telegraphing here.


RUSH: John in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  I’m glad you waited.  I really am.  And welcome to the program, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  Mega law enforcement dittos, longtime listener, first-time caller.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Love hearing from law enforcement.

CALLER:  Well, I tell you, we used to have to have our own little transistor radios bungee corded to the dashboard because back in the late ’80s there were no commercial radios in the patrol cars.

RUSH:  Yeah, I remember that.  I remember hearing about that.  Airline pilots also had to listen to the program on the HF radio up in the cockpit.  People going into… Yeah, had Rush rooms in the restaurants and everything so people wouldn’t miss anything when they went in to eat.  Transistors in the cop cars.  I remember hearing about that.

CALLER:  Yep, you had to actually strap ’em onto the dashboard because, you know, occasionally there were some interesting turns and the transistors would end up in all sorts of strange places.

RUSH:  (laughing) Well, you know, I used to do that when I was 12, 13, riding a bicycle. I had a little transistor radio that I taped to the handlebars and it’s how I listened to radio driving around, riding around on my bicycle.  I know exactly what you were doing.  Absolutely.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Well, sir, anyhow, you know, this ongoing debate with this professor or doctor has been orchestrated, since it became public. The Democratic Party has really been doing this thing just real methodically.  And I think (unintelligible) it’s pretty common knowledge that it’s gonna be a he said, she said.  So what I think they’re doing is they’re setting us up on this (unintelligible) and all these commentators, and TV, and so forth that are saying that she’s been bullied, she’s been railroaded, (unintelligible) and all these white guys on the judiciary committee are against her.

RUSH:  I like this.  For those of you having trouble hearing, your cell connection is probably worse than that transistor radio you used to have in the car.  But this is actually a brilliant observation.  What John thinks is happening here is that we’re all being set up, as we’re talking about what a bunch of bullies the Republican senators are. With the deadlines, she’s gotta say whether she’s gonna show up on Monday by 10 a.m. tomorrow or else!

That what they’re planning all along is for her to make a dramatic entrance on Monday, at the last moment, displaying bravery and courage that we haven’t seen since Anita Hill, and that she will take her place and submit to an interview and questions.  This is what he thinks is being assembled right now.  I wouldn’t be surprised by anything, but I… They’re obviously planning something and still, folks, do not discount that they are looking for and have found other women to claim the same thing about Kavanaugh between now and Monday as well.


RUSH: I mentioned about a half hour ago that I was watching something. (laughing) I was just cracking up watching it on CNN as they were reporting — one of their infobabes, Kaitlan Collins, was reporting — how stunned Trump’s own aides are at how gentle and nice he’s being to the accuser! They can’t believe it! Trump’s own people, the people who know him best, cannot believe that he’s a nice guy. I wanted you to actually hear it. This is Kaitlan Collins talking about Trump to Wolf Blitzer, who asked her, “What are you hearing about the White House strategy and how the president handled this problem and all the problems surrounding the Kavanaugh nomination?”

COLLINS: Aides back here in the West Wing are quietly stunned by just how respectful President Trump has been when talking about this woman who has accused his Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her when they were a teenager. (sic) Aides really thought on Sunday that when President Trump read that Washington Post interview where she first came forward detailing this allegation that he may have that sense of volcanic anger that we’ve seen from the president before.

President Trump himself has been boasting this week to allies and outside advisers about the positive coverage he’s getting in response to the measured response that he’s had about these allegations. And aides say they think (gulp) that that has helped encourage him to continue responding in such a measured way. But also, they think that a lot of that restraint, Wolf, has to do with the fact that this allegation isn’t made against the president. The president is gonna leave the White House here in a few hours. He’s going to Las Vegas for a rally tonight. Of course, Wolf, know those rallies are where the president is often not very scripted and not usually on topic sometimes — and he’s often in a room full of supporters who are chanting and cheering him on!

RUSH: So what the reporterette here is expecting is for Trump to become who he is again. Once he’s in Vegas and with his supporters, he’ll start ripping into his accuser, he’ll start ripping into the Democrats, and he’ll blow this new persona that he’s established that nobody can believe. (interruption) Yeah. I… (interruption) (interruption) Yes. Snerdley asked me, “Do you believe there are Trump aides that talk to CNN?” Yes. I think Trump’s got one of the leakiest West Wings we’ve ever had.

I think there are a lot of people in there that are out for themselves to this day still. I don’t have any doubt that they’re leaking in there. I don’t have any doubt that they would make something like this up. People that know Donald Trump know that… It’s not news that he’s a nice guy! Believe me. It’s not news that he treats people with respect! He’s got no animus about this woman. He’s not.. This isn’t anything about him and he’s treating this in the exact way he should.

But the point of this is that even when he’s behaving in ways that all of these establishment people think he should — with the proper decorum, a proper morality, he’s being presidential — even then, it isn’t real. Even then, he’s faking it. It’s so unreal that his staff doesn’t even believe it, and then they throw bit in (impression), “Yeah, he’s so excited with the coverage he’s getting, he might continue being a nice guy.

“But that’s until he gets to Vegas tonight, Wolf! As you well know, Wolf, the president goes off script — and he’s in that room with those literally insane supporters of his — and that’s when anything can happen, Wolf. And we will be there, Wolf, to chronicle every instance of Trump not being this fake nice guy that he’s been acting the past three days.” That’s what her report meant.

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