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RUSH: Well, my friends, I kind of told you this last Thursday that there was gonna be another woman come forward, and I did not think it would be to buttress what’s-her-face’s story, that it would have to be a new incident. And, lo and behold! Now, a 5-year-old could have made this prediction. But I did it, and it has come to pass, and it’s gotten even worse. Folks, this week has the potential to be brutal, because this week has the potential to prove beyond doubt that the Democrat Party, the left, and the American media are bankrupt.

They are bankrupt of everything good, they are bankrupt of everything decent — and, in the process, folks, they are doing such damage to America. I want to elaborate on this a bit. They are doing such damage to the Constitution, but it is America, it is our country that is being damaged here in ways that I don’t think it’s out of line to say few people ever thought would actually happen internally.

We are about to witness behavior that should shock everyone. I think that the true face — if it hasn’t been already — of the radical left is about to be revealed in Technicolor. Now, I think it already has been, but it’s obvious that not everybody sees the radical left for who it is, what it is, and who they are. It is ugly, and it is typified by Michael Avenatti. He is the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, and, out of the blue last night, he starts a Twitter storm claiming to represent a woman with “credible information” regarding Judge Kavanaugh and this guy Mark Judge.

He claims that Kavanaugh and Mark Judge… Are you ready for this? He claims that Kavanaugh and Mark Judge routinely — at parties in high school and college — got women drunk and gave them pills so as to start a “rape train.” He is demanding the opportunity to present testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be demanding that Mark Judge and others be subpoenaed to testify to this and then demands that the nomination must be withdrawn. What is happening here right in front of our faces is the destruction of America.

By that I’m talking about primarily the education system I think is where it starts. The greatest evidence for this — and, folks, I have to tell you, I’ve got butterflies here. Call it nervousness; it’s not nervousness. It’s not performance pressure. It’s not that I’m nervous over what I’m saying. It’s that it’s happening. That this is happening has my gut in knots. It literally does. It has my stomach in knots. My heart rate is elevated. I happen to know that because I wear an Apple Watch which calculates it, and I am in touch with my heart rate on a moment’s notice.

And it’s elevated right now. It’s in rhythm; don’t worry. But it’s elevated. One of the bedrock principles of America, one of the many things enshrined in our Constitution that sets America apart from everywhere else is in our law, in our jurisprudence, in the rule of law the concept that anybody charged with anything is innocent until proved guilty. Now, I know it’s been bastardized and I know at times it’s been stood upside down on its head in court as lawyers engage in tricks with juries and so forth. That’s one thing.

This is an institutional assault that is taking place, and the Democrat Party is literally in charge of this. Essentially, whenever politics is involved — and they’ve politicized everything. Whenever politics is involved, the accused is automatically guilty and must prove his or her innocence. The accuser is automatically believed — unquestionably, automatically believed. This stands the rule of law on its head, and the reason is it’s impossible to prove a negative. It’s impossible to prove you didn’t do it, particularly in courts of law. If you’re innocent, it’s very difficult to prove a negative.

Ask Kavanaugh how that’s going. But to turn this upside down, as they are doing, what it is essentially is saying is, “If you are conservative, you are guilty if we accuse you.” The starting point is such that it’s not even worth your time to defend yourself because it doesn’t matter. “We say you did it. We say you’re guilty. We say you’re a rapist. We say you are a serial abuser. We say that you got women drunk and gave them pills to begin rape trains at parties. You’re guilty, and you have to go! You must leave.

“You must withdraw. Your supporters must withdraw their nomination of you.” This is the destruction of our rule of law and the American jurisprudent system on steroids. The thing about all of this, folks, is the left… This is the real depressing part of this, to me. They’ve got nothing to lose with this behavior. They have nothing to lose with this politics and everything to gain by it. And what does that say about our country and where it is? Their lunatic, deranged base is applauding this.

In fact, I would go so far as to say their lunatic base may be driving this. Their base voters, the people they are counting on to win the House and the Senate are applauding this. They are applauding the turning upside down of the rule of law. They are applauding the literal destruction of innocent lives and great reputations. They are applauding it, and they are demanding it. And the Democrats who participate in it will be rewarded for doing so, and there will be no penalty to them. In their minds, all of America agrees with them — well, a majority.

This is another sick thing.

In their minds — these Democrats in the Senate, Democrats everywhere — they think that a majority of Americans agrees with them and now accepts that Kavanaugh is a reprobate. Even though the evidence from either Blasey Ford or this other woman, whatever her name is. (interruption) Ramirez, yeah. Even though none of it can be proven, none of it can be established — and everybody claimed to be a witness says they weren’t there. In both instances, the Democrats still believe a majority of Americans agree with them and support this because they believe a majority of Americans want no conservatives anywhere near any elected position or appointed position of power.

I believe that this is a ramification of the fact that America, the United States of America as an entity, as a country — our Constitution, our founding documents, the greatness, the uniqueness, the specialness, the exceptionalism of America — is not taught, starting in kindergarten, and hasn’t been taught for a couple of generations. Instead, America is bashed all over education. America is criticized as unjust, unfair, racist/slave. It is portrayed as anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-minority. It is portrayed as a nation founded by and established for white men who discriminate and mistreat everybody else.

It’s been that way for 250 years, and it’s time to overthrow it — and that’s what we’re witnessing. And for two generations, they’ve been educating people toward this, that America is at fault. So many of the bedrock principles that distinguish America are going. Some of them are gone already. Among the biggest, as I mentioned, is that the accused now has to prove innocence when politics is involved.

And since they are politicizing everything, it means all they have to do is level an allegation, and here come their buddies in the media treating it as though it is gospel, treating it as though it is irrefutable, treating it as though it cannot be denied, it cannot be questioned. It must be accepted, and you must love the accuser to boot. So now the accused — every accused conservative — must establish innocence. They don’t have to prove anything. Their allegation alone is enough to get rid of anybody, and their base voters demand it! Their base voters applaud it.

This is the results of this new shift away from the accuser has to prove guilt, and we saw it when Blasey Ford’s lawyer says, “She doesn’t have to corroborate anything! She doesn’t have to prove anything. It’s up to Kavanaugh to prove that he didn’t do it.” Again, when Harry Reid accused Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes, Harry Reid said, “A friend of mine told me that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 10 years.” The press said, “What’s your evidence?” and Reid got mad at ’em. “What do you mean, what’s my evidence? You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in 10 years!”

Off they were to ask Mitt Romney why he hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years. Shortly after they had just finished asking Romney if he believed states should have the right to ban contraception, when such a thing had never been brought up. Nobody believes that, supports that, but they made sure that everybody thought Romney wanted that. It’s so distorted. They have so distorted American education. To young people, you know what American justice is? To young people, the American system of justice is destroying conservatives — however, whenever.

That’s what legions of young people have been taught that justice is. They’ve been taught in high school. They’ve been taught in middle school. They’ve probably been conditioned to believe such things as early as kindergarten. Certainly when they get to what are called institutions of higher learning, academe. This is what they’ve been taught justice is. So now we’ve got another accuser, as predicted. And right on cue, as soon as this second accuser…

By the way, Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer are behind this story. Ronan Farrow and Jane Mayer at The New Yorker. Somebody asked Ronan Farrow (paraphrased exchange), “How did you hear about this woman?” and he said, “Oh, the Democrat Party has been looking for her.” He admitted, “The Democrat Party has been trying to find them, and the Democrat Party found this woman who called me. They’ve been looking for them.” Well, this was also as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

Now all kinds of senators are demanding that Kavanaugh withdraw. They’re demanding that Trump withdraw the nomination. They’re demanding Kavanaugh quit. “He can’t go forward. He will forever be sullied. There will forever be a cloud. It just would make more sense if Kavanaugh just quit.” Senator Feinstein (who’s behind all of this), Senator Gillibrand, Senator Jeff Merkley (Democrat-Oregon), Senator Claire McCaskill (Democrat-Missouri).

They believe that there are legions of independent voters that just can’t wait to show up at the polls in November and vote Democrat because Americans are tired of sexual predators like Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court because predators like these don’t care about women’s rights, especially abortion. And so they’ve gotta go. They’re even saying that if Kavanaugh somehow gets on the court and they win the House and the Senate, they’re gonna investigate him and they’re gonna impeach him.

Now you add Avenatti to this. We’ll have details of all these new charges as the program unfolds, but I wanted to set the table and establish the umbrella under which everything is happening today. Now with this Avenatti guy, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer calling the Senate Judiciary Committee staff. He sent ’em an email demanding to be heard. He represents a woman. Not Ramirez and not Blasey Ford.

He’s got another woman with “credible information” regarding Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, that they were getting women drunk and plying them with pills at parties in order to start “rape trains” for the guys at these parties. I’ll make you another prediction. Christine Ford, Dr. Ford, will not testify Thursday. That is the latest. She’s scheduled to. You’ve seen that. It’s not gonna happen. She’s not gonna testify, and you can tell right off the bat why. With these new allegations, she can easily say, “This has become a circus. I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel secure.

“I — I — I don’t think it’s wise. I — I — I don’t think it’s wise.” Her lawyer will say all this probably sometime on Wednesday.


RUSH: So I checked the email during the break and somebody said, “But, Mr. Limbaugh, don’t Democrats have sons? Are they not worried about what they’re doing to their own sons by running around trashing every conservative white male they can find?” Yeah, they have sons. But what are they…? (chuckles) What are they creating with their sons? They also have daughters, you see? And they’re conditioning their daughters to believe that normal, male behavior is abuse and harassed.

I’m not denying abuse and harassment happens, and I’d probably say that it happens more often than you and I would think in circumstances like parties and high school, college, this kind of thing, things that women think are… But what the Democrats are doing are trying to condition women to believe that just traditional male behavior and abuse and harassment, and if you’re a guy running around thinking that’s what you are, what, then, will become of your behavior? You wuss out.


RUSH: Somebody asked me in an email, “Rush, it sounds like you don’t believe the second and third accusers here.” Really? What was your first clue? This is a charade here. It’s an absolutely charade. It was a predictable charade. It was predictable last Thursday that there was gonna be another woman coming forward, particularly after a Washington Post reporter pretty much let it be known, Karen Tumulty. This was not a tough prediction.

Now, this next accuser, Debbie Ramirez? Her story doesn’t hold water. In fact, the New York Times… Are you ready for this? The New York Times doesn’t even want to run this story because they think it is so lacking. There isn’t any confirmation, there’s no corroboration, and even Ronan Farrow said that the reason the woman came forward is because the Democrats went out and tried looking for these women, tried to find these women. Debbie Ramirez is… By the way, Debbie Ramirez’s story involves…

Look what they’re doing to this program. Look what… A dildo. It involves a dildo. Brett Kavanaugh was using a dildo in people’s faces according to this story. Decent people have really no idea how to deal with this. Decent people don’t sit around strategizing how to deal with this kind of depravity. Maybe we should, but people don’t. Depravity and this kind of thing is just second nature to the Democrats and their base.

Anyway, Debbie Ramirez’s lawyer is — are you ready for it? — dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut — “a major Democrat donor and activists who has given thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton as well as donations to Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing the Kavanaugh case.” There are Democrat donors — there are Democrat activists — at every level of these allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. So now we have Kavanaugh, who, by the way, has undergone, has underwent six FBI background checks.

Six of them! So let me ask a question: Six FBI background checks. How does the FBI not find somebody who lived very close to you for every address you had in your life? How does the FBI not find the dildo and the rape train stories and the women who claim that Kavanaugh and his friend drugged them and got them drunk and set these trains up? How does the FBI miss every aspect of this story? How do they miss the Christine Blasey Ford story in six FBI background checks?

Have you ever undergone an FBI background check, or have you ever had the FBI come to you as somebody who knows somebody who’s under investigation? Have you ever had the FBI question you? They are very thorough. Do not doubt me. Yet the FBI turned up nothing, and so what are we hearing from these latest jack-in-the-box pop-ups? Demands for an FBI investigation. Of course when the whole idea of that is pooh-poohed, then they say, “See? They know he’s guilty, and they don’t want the FBI to find it. He needs to withdraw, and Trump needs to withdraw the nomination.”

It’s how this all works.


RUSH: Do you remember the Rolling Stone story? They were nearly sued out of business on all the false rape stories that had occurred at that university? You remember that? A woman wrote that story. She made it up, and she admitted she made it up because it’s a serious thing, rape on campus. Even though she had no evidence of it, people needed to know how bad it was. So she made it all up, wrote stories about it. Rolling Stone ran it anyway, defended if after the fact. Now they were programming sued out of exist.

Well, this New Yorker story is being reacted to even by the left in much the same way. The New York Times can’t confirm any of it and they’re beginning to ask, “Why did it run?” (chuckles) Why did it run? Ronan Farrow says in answer to the question that the new Kavanaugh accuser came forward because Democrats came looking. Meaning, Democrats came to me wanting to know if there are any women. They came looking for women. They were putting out feelers for women to come forward. The story cannot be confirmed.

None of the witnesses can be confirmed as having known or been anywhere near when this dildo was supposedly rubbed in people’s faces, and yet the story runs. There are holes throughout this story. The New Yorker could not find a single witness who put Kavanaugh at this alleged party. The New York Times could not find a single person who could corroborate Ramirez’s claims. In fact, Ross Douthat (who is a columnist at the New York Times) has tweeted, “Seems odd that neither the New Yorker nor my newspaper [the New York Times] could get any of these Yalies…”

This all happened at Yale. They couldn’t get “any of these Yalie’s to confirm the story.” Why is that odd? Why is it odd that neither the New Yorker nor the New York Times could find any confirmation? Maybe it’s odd to him because he can’t believe the story ran. If there aren’t any corroborating witnesses, if there’s no corroboration whatsoever why run it? Maybe that’s what’s odd about it. “it seems odd that neither the New Yorker nor my newspaper, the New York Times, could get rid of these Yalies to confirm their story”?

Well, only if you think it’s an abomination the story ran despite that. “A third person that Ramirez claimed was at the party says she was not there for the alleged incident. Ramirez contacted her former classmates asking about the incident, admitted she was not sure that Kavanaugh was the guy who exposed himself. A woman who claimed she was best friends with Ramirez says Ramirez never mentioned this story and initially said that her friend’s accusations against Kavanaugh might be politically motivated.”

There’s nothing to it! But yet here are the Democrats demanding Kavanaugh resign because, in their new world, he’s guilty. She cannot be making it up! She does not have to prove it. Simply the fact she’s alleged it about a conservative is all we need to get rid of the conservative. He cannot defend himself. He shouldn’t even be allowed to defend himself. It’s same thing with Blasey Ford.

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