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RUSH: Here’s Rhonda, South Bend, Indiana, as we head to the phones. Great to have you, Rhonda. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I am very concerned about this weaponizing of sexuality by the left. I’m sitting here watching the poisoning of our culture by something I’m starting to think of as toxic femininity, only we’re not allowed to say that sometimes women do hurt men. You know, when women use their femininity or — I’m just gonna say it — their sexuality to manipulate, to control, to subjugate men, that’s wrong. And it’s toxic.

RUSH: No. It’s nature!

CALLER: (chuckle) I’m the mother with the four sons. We have talked in the past, Rush.

RUSH: Hang on just a second. I don’t want this going over people’s heads.


RUSH: When I say that that’s nature, I’m saying that there are certain aspects of our humanity which are part of our creation.


RUSH: Remember one time I said, “The purpose of life is life”?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Life will do whatever it has to do to keep living. Well, men and women have to get together for that to happen to humanity. Men and women have to get together. Not two transgenders and not two gays. Men and women have to get together for the race to propagate and continue.


RUSH: And men are forever chasing women until she catches the guy.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: It’s the way it’s programmed, the way it works. Women naturally have this ability. Thank God they do! You know, some of this stuff is just nature and, “toxic feminism” is right. Toxic feminism has attempted to erase and write out some of what nature has created for the male-female relationship. There are, you know, bad women here, bad men over there. I mean, nobody is saintly and nobody is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But what the left is doing… Toxic femininity is one thing. What they are doing. You’re absolutely right in what they’re doing in terms of destroying natural sexuality by claiming that all men, in their natural state, are abusers and predators. This has created… Have you noticed this, Rhonda? Have you noticed the hatred for men that some of these activist political women harbor?

CALLER: Oh, you’re not kidding, Rush! I have the four boys — we have spoken in the past — and I have a husband, and I am sick of my men being shamed for simply being men.

RUSH: Good. Hang on. Do not hang up. I want to continue this with you.



RUSH: We rejoin Rhonda in South Bend, Indiana. Okay. A little bit more time here. You were starting to say that you are aware of how much hatred — real hatred — for men has been created among women, particularly women who’ve been college educated in the past couple generations. You were gonna elaborate on how you know this.

CALLER: Well, yes. I’m watching the… Well, for one thing, my third son is a political science student at a local university, and he’s seen the whole liberal agenda playing out. But I’m watching how my sons and my husband are being ashamed for simply being men. I see that they’re now entering a world where they have to walk on eggshells because at any moment an accusation could be leveled against them and their reputations and their careers can be destroyed.

RUSH: Right. Around the wrong women, they’re guilty for simply being alive.

CALLER: Yes. Yes. It’s diabolical, and it’s pitting men and women against each other. Where, you know, they’re looking for women they can respect. They don’t hate women, and they don’t look at women as just sexual objects. They respect women because their father modeled that with me. So when women, then, respect the men in their lives, it works together just beautifully.

RUSH: You know, I wonder about this.

CALLER: So at some point, this is going to backfire because every woman hears her biological clock ticking.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Everyone woman fears the biology time bomb? What does that have to do with this?

CALLER: Every woman hears — at some point hears — the biological clock ticking.

RUSH: And? And? So?

CALLER: You want to find a spouse, a partner to find children with.

RUSH: No, not anymore. Not anymore. It’s called go to sperm bank with your female husband. It’s… No. It’s called go to the sperm bank, find a way to have a kid or adopt. But no! Young women are being so poisoned about what men are or can be that many of them are forgoing all of that. They’re resisting the tug of nature, ’cause the tug of nature’s gonna pull them toward men, but they’re trying to resist it ’cause of what they’ve been taught. So there are a lot of… Look at the single parent, female head of households that are burgeoning in the country right now.

CALLER: That has such a detrimental effect to our country. I know this isn’t popular, Rush, but it is just simply true. A child needs, if at all possible… I understand there’s divorce and all that, but a child needs a dad and a woman, because there are things that only a dad can give —

RUSH: That’s old thinking.

CALLER: — and there are things only a mom can give.

RUSH: See, you’re dating yourself. That’s antiquated. That’s been proven as socially incorrect thinking. That’s one of these many traditions that we’ve gotta bust up and blow to smithereens according to the modern era of social justice.

CALLER: Yes, and look at the fruit of it!

RUSH: The fruit of it? Be careful. The fruit of it? What do you mean? Oh, you mean the results?

CALLER: The results, yeah!

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The results. Absolutely. Look, Rhonda, I’m so glad that you called. She said that there’s gonna be a backlash. I wonder about this. Let me go back to my proffered opinion today that’s inarguable, that the left has nothing to lose with what they’re doing. That in and of itself constitutes what I think is a major, major cultural depravity, a major cultural descent. That a lawyer for a porn star can come out, Michael Avenatti, like he did last night, send a letter…

Send an email to one of the lawyers in the Judiciary Committee claiming that he’s got a witness — multiple witnesses — to the fact that Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge routinely got women drunk and gave them the date rape pills so as to start a “rape train” at these parties. They’d get the women drunk and pilled up and then a train of men would go in and out of the room all night taking their turn, and he’s demanding to be heard!

He’s demanding that the committee let him come in and testify since they’re gonna be talking to Christine Blasey Ford. Now, it wasn’t that long ago that this kind of… Even this New Yorker story features — with no witnesses, with no corroboration — that Kavanaugh was waving a dildo around in women’s faces. It wasn’t that long ago that if you tried that, you would pay a humongous price at the polls. The most recent example of it backfiring on Democrats that I can think of would be the Wellstone Memorial in 2002. It backfired.

Is it gonna backfire on them this time? By all that is decent, the Democrats in the past 10 days alone should have guaranteed that they lose seats in the House and Senate if this country is populated by a majority of decent people. There is simply no way in the America you and I grew up in that this kind of depravity and indecency is rewarded, certainly not at the ballot box. I think if you want to trace the modern beginning of the exoneration of this kind of behavior for Democrats it would be Bill Clinton and maybe prior to that.

But take a look at the 180-degrees opposite treatment. Here’s Clinton who literally did what he did. Hillary Clinton knew it and became the head of the operations in the Clinton White House to discredit the women that came forward with allegations about her husband. She is rewarded for that. She is said to be a courageous victim, but she held her marriage together and she held her husband’s presidency together. She saved the Democrat Party. She is a heroine for trashing the women that came forward.

Ted Kennedy murders a woman. Let me rephrase that: Ted Kennedy is present at a woman’s death that he caused, and he ends up become the lion of the Senate with immense respect throughout the Washington establishment, including the Drive-By Media. Brett Kavanaugh is accused of things that there is no evidence that he’s done, that there are no eyewitnesses for what he’s done. In the Christine Ford story, four of the people she claims were in the room say they weren’t. She can’t remember the year or the place or the specific date, and yet they want to throw Brett Kavanaugh off every court!

They want to deny his nomination to the Supreme Court. It’s only 20 years since these same people were trashing the kind of women they now bring forward and celebrate as heroines because they are helping to destroy a conservative. So you tell me: Where is our culture today? Where is the majority of our society? Because by all rights, even… I’m gonna guess here. But I would think that even decent women looking at this would have a real, real problem with this because of the lack of any evidence, the suspiciousness of the timing, the very fact that it is totally political and orchestrated at the last minute.

When they’ve failed at every other effort they made to keep Kavanaugh off the court, then this thing pops up — suspiciously, politically — and now they’re finding other women when Christine Ford’s story is starting to fall apart. Now we’ve got dildos and “rape trains” and so forth and alcohol and pills and so forth. At what point do the people making these allegations just pay a general price in society at large? Yet these people think that they’re going to sail to a massive blue wave victory in November.

They believe that a majority of Americans believe as they do, that Brett Kavanaugh is filth, that Brett Kavanaugh is so disgusting, he doesn’t deserve to be on the Supreme Court. They believe that they are speaking for a majority of Americans. But even if they didn’t believe that, it wouldn’t change what they’re doing, because there’s no political price for them to pay, in their minds. Their base wants this! Their base is demanding this depravity.

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