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RUSH: Okay, folks, I think it’s gonna be very easily established at some point that this new babe, Julie Swetnick, has ties to Democrat social justice warriorism or Democrat activism or somewhere down the line. I don’t think they want any of this corroborated. Grab audio sound bite No. 27. Senator Grassley, the chairman of the committee, spoke to reporters outside the committee room today or outside his office, and a female reporter said, “Can you respond to these latest allegations that are popping up? We know that your committee’s been contacted by Julie Swetnick.”

GRASSLEY: Obviously, with this one, we have a contact, and our lawyers are on it right now — our staff investigators — and I won’t have anything because I can’t say anything until they get done.

RUSH: They’re turning this thing into an absolute abomination of an embarrassment! Anybody who comes forward with something that there’s no evidence of, no corroboration of, no nothing at the last minute and they’re gonna be off and investigating it. Are they gonna be able to finish their investigation in time for the hearing tomorrow? They don’t want any corroboration for this story because there won’t be any. The affidavit presented by Avenatti — and Avenatti is saying (summarized), “I’m not speaking beyond the affidavit. You can ask me whatever you want but I’m not answering.

“It’s all there. It’s all in the affidavit. I’m not answering any questions about it.” Well, guess what’s not in the affidavit? No names! No names of anybody else at these parties. No names of victims. We don’t have the name of one victim who was, quote-unquote, “gang raped.” We don’t have the names of the gang rapists, and it’s important to point out that Kavanaugh is not being alleged to be a gang rapist. He is said to have been nearby, in the vicinity, and may have participated in the drugging of the women. But they don’t want any of this corroborated.

That’s what this means. With nothing specific, with no names, with no specific dates! There were supposedly 10 of these, 10 of these parties in one year? This accuser, the latest one, Julie Swetnick, says that gang rape was “commonplace at parties.” Really? Why would she go back? Why did nobody call the cops? If the guys doin’ the gang rape are waiting politely in line for their turn, were they passing out numbers? I mean, none of this makes any sense. It doesn’t pass any kind of test — and this affidavit as well.

It had to be happening at parents’ houses. Either the parents were there and were in on it or were not there or nobody told them about it or they did tell them and they didn’t care. Those are all valid questions too. Ten of them! “The latest accuser says that these gang rape parties were commonplace and that Kavanaugh and his friends with regularly drug women and violently assault them.” But she doesn’t specifically say Kavanaugh did that. Just that he was there. She alone went to 10 of these parties in one year.

Why would you keep going to these things, particularly if you’re not one of the drugged and liquored-up women? If you’re there and you know what’s happening upstairs — if you know that a bunch of women have been drugged and prepared for gang rape upstairs, and you’re downstairs — you just go to the party and you party and you hang out and you don’t care any of this is going on upstairs or downstairs, wherever it was. But the fact that there are no names, the fact that there are no specifics tells me they don’t want this corroborated.

They don’t want investigators to be able to find anything. They want to leave it at the seriousness of the charge, and they want to avoid the nature of the evidence. This is the same strategy (with slight alterations) that they used in suckering in poor old George Papadopoulos. They would tell Papadopoulos — FBI spies would tell Papadopoulos — that the Russians had Hillary Clinton emails. Well, Papadopoulos is a young guy on the periphery of the Trump campaigns, thinks he’s an insider now. Man, they like him! They trust him. They’re telling him this inside dope.

So he starts telling other people, ’cause he wants to be seen as an insider! So he starts tellin’ people. So he goes to a bar with the ambassador from Australia. “Hey, you know, the Russians? We find… I’m in the Trump campaign. We know the Russians have a bunch of Hillary’s emails.” Well, he only knows that ’cause the FBI told him. The Australian ambassador calls the FBI.

(laughing) “Hey, I got a guy here! He’s in the Trump campaign, and he says he knows that the Russians have Hillary’s emails.” The FBI says, “What? Well, we better go get a FISA warrant.” They plant it! They make sure it circulates! It comes back to them. Then they go to the judge and then the media gets wind of it and starts running it, and they get a warrant spy. That’s what this is. Somebody 12 years, 35 years after the fact says, “Yeah, you know what happened?” “Yeah, I know! I’ll sign a corroborating statement that she told me that it happened.”

So you get a bunch of people saying, “Yeah, I heard about it.”

“Were you there?”

“No, no. I wasn’t there.”

“Do you know where it happened?”

“No, I’m just telling you she told me. She told me and I can corroborate that she told me.”

“Oh, you can’t corroborate what she told you. I mean, you don’t know that it actually happened. You’re just corroborating that she told you that it did.”

“Yeah, yeah. I can corroborate that.”

So, folks, Snerdley can in here to me today and say that he overheard while he was in Washington two weeks ago Barack Obama admit that he ordered the FBI to spy on Trump. And when he told me that, I could corroborate it. I could corroborate it. I could come to you and say, “Snerdley told me that Obama ordered the FBI to spy on Trump. I’m a corroborating witness, not to the fact that Obama did that but to the fact that Snerdley told me.” This is the scam that they’re running, among many other things.


Here’s another thing. It’s starting… The trickle is starting from conservative media. “Kavanaugh has got it pull out. Kavanaugh has got to withdraw. He cannot continue with this deluge. He just cannot continue. He cannot, because he will not be able to ever get out from underneath this cloud no matter what. We do not,” say our conservative brethren in the Never Trump community. “We do not want a great justice on the court forever clouded by these allegations where we’re gonna be always questioning every decision that he writes,” and that’s why we lose.

We got people that want to cave, and that’s not how you deal with this stuff. Decent people are forever going to be treated indecently if they stand aside and allow it. I don’t know where Kavanaugh’s head is. My guess is that Kavanaugh no more wants to walk away from this than Clarence Thomas wanted to walk away from Anita Hill. Kavanaugh has put everything he’s got into this, his latest statement. Oh, this is another thing. There are people running around, I saw it on TV earlier today, “You know, I don’t know about Kavanaugh. He’s starting to equivocate.”

Well, that perked my ears up. When did Kavanaugh “equivocate”? This person on TV said, “Yeah, he said, ‘Well, you know, I’m not perfect.'” He didn’t say that today! I was looking for that.” He said that on Fox News earlier this week in the midst of an interview! It wasn’t about this! It wasn’t in response to this specific allegation. Yet there are people running around today saying, “Ah, this is not a very strong response to say, ‘I’m not perfect.’ That’s not how you…” He didn’t say it! He called it the Twilight Zone.

He said he doesn’t know this woman. This is absurd. It’s ridiculous. None of this ever happened. They can’t prove it. All they can do is find Democrat activists to conjure up stories and go to willing accomplices in the… Oh! Another thing. Remember the call we had yesterday from somebody who went to Yale with Kavanaugh. She was calling from Wyoming. She was in a residential college with Kavanaugh. She told us on this program yesterday that reporters from the Huffing and Puffington Post and other Drive-By outlets were hounding her throughout the summer for data, for information, tell-all on Kavanaugh.

From the summer!


The media has been chasing down, tracking down anybody and everybody that might have gone to school with Kavanaugh! They’re calling them up and they’re interviewing them, in some cases browbeating them, and this caller yesterday said (summarized), “They’re clearly looking for certain angles, and I didn’t provide it to them, and they got irritated and pending ending the conversation.” Do you remember the caller’s first name? Doesn’t matter. But I asked her to hold over through the break, and we talked to her.

There’s a story here today that this has been going on throughout the media throughout the summer. This is so obviously gotcha. This is a coordinated plan. It’s been planted and coordinated for months, and now we are in the execution phase of it, and it’s being made to look like all of these women coming forward are random. But Avenatti produced this woman today because Blasey Ford is bombing out and Ramirez isn’t gonna go anywhere because Ramirez doesn’t even want to testify. That’s the second woman.

She doesn’t even want to testify before the committee. Blasey Ford I don’t think ever was, and I still don’t. They wanted to force Kavanaugh out simply with the allegations. They wanted Kavanaugh to conclude it be impossible to go on. They wanted Trump to conclude it’d be impossible to go on. That’s what they were trying to do. Kavanaugh refused to go away. So here comes Julie Swetnick after Avenatti telegraphs that it’s coming earlier this week, a couple days ago, Monday.

We’re being led to believe is that Swetnick is so frustrated! (sobbing) “She didn’t want to come forward, but… but… but the fact that Blasey Ford is being mistreated and Ramirez is being mistreated and women are being mistreated and women are not being believed and I’ve got no choice to come forward and talk about the rape-train stories!” This has the potential of backfire — and I said that earlier this week — at the Democrat Party like you cannot believe. Okay. Let me take a brief time-out. I promise when we come back… I know you’re itching out there. I know you’re dying to get on the air.

I know you want to tell everybody what you think about this so we will start… Oh. One more thing before the break. See… (Snort!) I go through the Stack, I’m ready to go to a break, and I turn what I just used and put it at the bottom of the Stack and I see what’s next up and say, “Oh, yeah! I remember that.” Headline: “Surprise: Democratic Operative Admits Derailing Kavanaugh is Really About ‘Saving’ the Supreme Court from Trump.” Guy Benson as Townhall has the story.

It’s about Brian Fallon, former top spokesman for Hillary. This is not news. Anybody that’s paying attention to this for years knows that this is a scam that the Democrats are running, and it’s one that they have run many times before. Nothing new in this, other than the depth to which they are sinking. But it’s a strategy, and Brian Fallon has admitted it in an interview with the New York Times. He “unambiguously admits what the Brett Kavanaugh destruction project is [is] part of a high-stakes, two-step strategy to thwart Trump — via a former aide to Mitch McConnell.” A former aide to McConnell is confirming this.

That’s all this is.

Stop Trump.

Stop Trump.

Stop Kavanaugh.

Stop conservatives.


RUSH: Here’s another thing. Remember we had the call by Jenny from Wyoming yesterday? She told us that she was getting called from media people throughout the summer because it had been learned that she attended a residential college at Yale at the same time Kavanaugh was there. She was at the same residential college. So she and other people had been tracked down by the media, and all summer long the Drive-Bys were calling anybody and everybody that they thought might have known Kavanaugh to try to dig up some dirt on the guy.

‘Cause the Drive-Bys have been working with the Democrats to destroy every Republican nominee in your lifetime and mine. How come it is…? With the Drive-Bys scouring the earth, scorched-earth policy just in the past three or four months talking to all of these people that went to school with Kavanaugh, why did this never come up? If there’s anything to this one, why wasn’t this first? Why was Christine Blasey Ford first? Because all of these three are part of a structured Democrat plan.

We have that from none other than Brian Fallon, “former top spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, a confidante to Sen. Chuck Schumer, and an-ex senior official in Eric Holder’s Justice Department. He’s also now the public face of a left-wing group devoted to defeating President Trump’s judicial nominees, with the most urgent priority being doing whatever is necessary to prevent Republicans from filling the current Supreme Court vacancy.

“In an interview with the New York Times, Fallon unambiguously admits what the Brett Kavanaugh destruction project is part of a high-stakes, two-step strategy to thwart Trump — via a former aide to Mitch McConnell…” Headline: “Democratic Operative Admits Derailing Kavanaugh is Really About ‘Saving’ the Supreme Court from Trump.” It’s making sure that Trump doesn’t get to confirm any of his nominees to the Supreme Court.

Here’s a pull quote from the story: “It is downright frightening that multiple United States senators, who’ve supposedly been specifically chosen to sit on this influential committee due to their legal acumen, are saying that a man accused of sexual misconduct more than [35 years] ago … is responsible for disproving” it! How can this happen? “It is downright frightening that multiple United States senators,” not just Democrats, Republicans too, who are on this “committee due to their legal acumen,” can sit there and claim that an out-of-the-blue allegation 35 years later has to be disproven by the accused!

“These senators would never, ever accept any such thing for themselves, for anyone they love, or for a political ally. But so long as this (frankly un-American) demand, that flies in the face of centuries of Western jurisprudence and the bedrock presumption of innocence, is useful to achieve the ‘Democratic dream’ articulated so candidly by [Brian] Fallon, they’re going with it. It’s disgraceful. It really does seem like some of these bad actors do not care one whit about even feigning interest in discerning the truth. It’s all just a means to a desired partisan end, wherein principles and individuals can be embraced and discarded as necessary.”

That’s the part of this that I’m having a tough time with. The open, wanton, entire destruction of a great and patriotic American life seems to bother none of these people. I don’t even hear too many Republicans talking about this from that angle. “It’s a political fight. We want to get Trump’s nominee confirmed, or maybe we don’t, but we want to get a Republican on the court, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” But nobody’s talking about what’s happening here. Christine Ford’s life is not being destroyed.

She’s gonna be a star and a heroine for the Democrat Party for the rest of her life like Anita Hill is. Brett Kavanaugh hasn’t done anything to anybody, and the wanton, open ruination of his life and his family and his career doesn’t seem to faze anybody involved in this. It’s just mind-boggling. This is a man of superior intellect and achievement. Within the confines of what this is about — having somebody really good and qualified on the Supreme Court — that seems to be the last thing in the list of considerations here.

“So with a number of Republican and Democratic Senators still undecided on the nomination, and with highly-anticipated testimony slated for tomorrow, Mitch McConnell should make sure that every one of his members read the” New York Times piece where Brian Fallon of the Clinton campaign admits that this is a structured, strategic campaign to keep every Trump nominee off the Supreme Court. Every damn one of these Republicans ought to read it. They ought to not have to read this to know that!

They ought not have to read this to know what the Democrat Party’s all about! Guy Benson says here, McConnell “should also make sure they’re all aware of the cynically-shifting standards being adopted by the Left, in a transparent effort to turn any good faith move Republicans make into a lose/lose proposition.” So much of this stuff is basic. The Republicans ought not have to read a newspaper story where a Clintonista admits what the Democrats are doing in order to understand what the Democrats are doing.

Again in this New York Times story, Brian Fallon, the Clintonista, admits — without any doubt with great happiness and confidence — that the Kavanaugh destruction project is part and parcel of keeping any Trump nominee off the Supreme Court. Anyway, that’s where we are now, with Grassley suggesting that the Senate could be open to a second hearing after the Swetnick allegations have been made. That’s playing right into the Democrats hands. Another hearing is another delay. At the bare minimum, that’s what this is. At the bare minimum, it’s a delay. At the abject worst, it’s about the political murder of Brett Kavanaugh.

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