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RUSH: Judge Kavanaugh has issued a statement in response to Julie Swetnick and the porn star lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Quote, “This is ridiculous and from The Twilight Zone. I don’t know who this is,” Julie Swetnick. “I don’t know who this is and this never happened.” It’s “ridiculous.” It’s “from the Twilight Zone.” Now, I mentioned moments ago that I may be on the verge of revising my prediction. The prediction — and it was very precise — was if the Republicans don’t confirm Kavanaugh, that there’s gonna be hell to pay and they could end up losing the Senate and the House.

Because Republican voters would simply say, “What’s the point?” But now I may have to revise this because this latest pop-up, Julie Swetnick, put in combination with Blasey Ford and Ramirez and the way the Democrats are acting… I’m beginning to think now that this is going to create one of the biggest backlashes against Washington, and specifically the Democrats, if Kavanaugh’s not confirmed. My first prediction was predicated on the Republicans caving and refusing to defend and fight for Kavanaugh.

My first prediction was based on that, and if that were the perception, if Republican voters think that if Republicans didn’t try and caved to Democrats — or the media, even worse — then they would have trouble in the midterms. But this changes that, or has the potential to change this because now this takes it out of the hands of the Republicans. This is just… This is a tsunami, and it is out of the Twilight Zone. Most Republicans are gonna sit out there and say, “Well… (Snort!)” They themselves are not gonna have suggested strategeries to push this back on this.

The anger at this, I think, is going to dwarf whatever anger might have happened. I’m talking about if this latest woman hadn’t shown up and if the Republicans caved and didn’t really try to push back. But this now, it could change that thinking. You’re frowning at me when you look at this. (interruption) Are you disagreeing with my…? (interruption) Well, it will screw these people up. They’ve been playing this sound bite of me for the past three days.

Now they’ll have to revise it. “Rush Limbaugh has changed!” Well, we’ve got a new player in this. This bottom-of-the-gutter scum! We don’t have any direct testimony about Kavanaugh doing anything in approximately 1982? Approximately? Ballsy Ford can’t even place the year and now Swetnick can’t define specifically the year, and just says that she was told that Kavanaugh was hang around whether these “rape trains.” But in six FBI exams and everything leading up to this no evidence of “rape trains” was produced by anybody ever.


RUSH: Okay. So we’ve got these women in the room here that have been drugged and boozed up and there’s a line of guys waiting for their turn up. We’re talking about gang rape with a bunch of guys waiting in line. Does that make any sense? Does any of this make any sense? None of it does. Did anybody call the cops at all of these?


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, on the bright side — and there is a bright side to this. We may have reached a tipping point. I have thought this on several occasions over the years, but this may be a tipping point. This may be one of those incidents where the vast majority of the American population — and I still believe that a majority of Americans are what I would classifying as decent people. I don’t believe the majority of our country is plagued by massive psychological disorders that have led to a deranged political activism. I don’t think that’s the majority of our country. I think it’s silent. It shows up and elects Trump now and then. You know, things like that happen.

I think they’re livid. I think they’re outraged over this. I think the outrage originally was gonna be at Republicans for caving to all this. But now we’re past that, because one of the things I believe is truly happening is I think fence-sitters and casual news consumers — people that are not ideologically involved like you and I are, people who are not so-called news junkies. I think they’re watching this, and I think they’re just getting livid. I think they are angry as they can be at this, because this episode as obvious unfairness. It has obvious indecency to it.

It is obviously so outside the bounds of what our normal politics are that people can’t escape this. In the process, the Drive-By Media is embarrassing itself — and it began that in earnest with their coverage being one-sided anti-Trump. But you add all of these things to the Mueller investigation. All of this time, “Trump colluded with Russia, but, no, there’s no evidence.” Every allegation the Democrat Party has made about political enemies for the last two years has had zero come to it. Nothing has come of it. The Russians didn’t cheat, didn’t help Trump.

Trump didn’t cheat with the Russians. There isn’t any evidence of it. Now, the psychologically deranged left believes it, but I’m not talking about them. I still believe they are a minority. I think this episode — and particularly today, with now the “rape train” story. It’s the first time in 35 years. Nobody’s ever heard about this. We’re gonna bring a confirmation process to another screeching halt over an allegation that — like every allegation the Democrats and the media has made for two years — has nothing to it.

Think about all of the stories since Trump won elected, just since then, with all of these anonymous deep state sources in the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, pretty much promising that evidence linking Trump and collusion with the Russians was immediately forthcoming. And none has been. And slowly and surely people are learning about the collusion within the FBI! They’re learning about the collusion of the FBI leadership with Hillary Clinton. This is a… To casual observers, it may hit them as a slow drip.

We’ve gotten to the point where one too many slow drips is finally causing the faucet to be unleashed, because this is so far outside the bounds of what even our degraded politics has come to be in terms of normal. This is so even beyond that. This is so plain, flat-out indecent that these people can kiss their blue wave good-bye. I really do… I think that there is a simmering rage. Some of it might be at Republicans, but there is a simmering rage at Washington itself, and the Democrats are the focus of that rage. Every charge they make has nothing to it and is destroying people in the process. You wait and see if this doesn’t manifest itself somehow.

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