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RUSH: Here’s the thing to remember here, folks — and I hope that this point is made throughout the day and when this is over. When this is over, every bit of what Dr. Ford is saying here will remain uncorroborated. Every bit of it. When she’s finished, there isn’t a single witness that can or has corroborated what she’s saying. In the interval between now and the end of this, Judge Kavanaugh will have his time before the committee.

He’ll have his opening statement, he’ll have the questions, and the prosecutor will not be asking him any questions. She’s just there to query Dr. Ford. So it’s gonna boil down to who you believe. It’s gonna boil down to who has more credibility, and Chris Wallace at Fox News has weighed in that he believes… I’ve already lost the number of the bite. But you’ve got that, I know. Yeah, here it is. This is Chris Wallace during the break about half an hour ago, his initial reaction to this…

WALLACE: So far, we’ve heard from six people: Rachel Mitchell three times for three senators, three Democratic senators speaking for themselves. This is a disaster for the Republicans. You’re exactly right. She is treating this like a deposition, like a court hearing. She hasn’t gotten anything from this woman. Meanwhile, the Democrats are landing haymakers. “What do you remember most?” “I remember the laughter of the boys as they were laughing at my expense.” “To what degree of certainty do you know that it was Brett Kavanaugh?” “With a hundred percent certainty!”

RUSH: There. So that reaction is probably pretty common throughout the media, and the reason is that there’s so high expectations here. There isn’t any corroborating evidence. The woman’s got holes in the story. Her dates and times are unknown, unconfirmed. And yet none of that has been exposed. None of it! None of her flaws. None of the inaccuracies, inconsistencies in her story have yet been exposed.

Some people think, “You know what? This is a bad idea. Senators ought to be asking the questions.” Folks, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other. If male Republican senators were bearing in and bearing down on her, you know what the reaction to that would be. They have decided, I’m sure, that the overall atmosphere here is not going to be interpreted as unfair or the witness being bullied.


RUSH: Richard Blumenthal is falling all over himself right now in his five minutes, the senator from Connecticut. (impression) “I believe you. This is such a teachable moment. You’re a great teacher and I think you’re very brave. You’re so courageous. I remember when I lied to people about having served with valor in Vietnam, and I believed that lie for a long time until it was called out on me. But my voters don’t care! I was elected anyway.”

Now, he didn’t say that, but that’s what I think when I’m watching the guy, because that’s who he is. So it’s hard to stay focused on what really matters here. In some cases, it’s hard to know what does matter. The purpose of this is to get beyond it so that there can be a vote on Kavanaugh tomorrow. Well, is what’s happening here today going to move that forward and facilitate that or not? Now, in that regard, is it the television impact of this or the substance of this (assuming they’re gonna be different things) that will move the vote tomorrow?

That’s gonna be totally up to Grassley and how he interprets what all happened today. But so far, in her opening statement and in all of the preguntas that she has been asked and all the things she’s answered, there isn’t a shred of anything new, ladies and gentlemen. There is nothing new. There is not a new memory of anything of substance. There is not a new fact. There isn’t a new recollection that would buttress something previously not quite remembered.

There’s none of that.

Nothing new.

Nothing definitive.

And at the end of it, none of it will have been corroborated. Not a single bit of Dr. Ford’s allegations to this day have been corroborated. From the beginning of this, every allegation she made has been uncorroborated. The Democrats, the media even tried to play a trick with that this week by saying, “Well, there’s affidavits from four people who she told the story to. Four people have corroborated what happened!” No, they didn’t “corroborate what happened.” They corroborated that she told them what happened.

There isn’t any corroboration for this whatsoever, and there isn’t going to be. Does Brett Kavanaugh have a way of blowing all this up and having people begin to question Dr. Ford’s assertions here and her credibility as Justice Thomas did during the Anita Hill hearings? You know, I’m like everybody else watching this with random observations here, and her voice is one. She sounds very young. She didn’t know what the word “exculpatory” meant. She appeared… I’m not making this up.

She appeared not to know that the Senate would be the ones confirming the nominee and the Judiciary Committee would handle this. She also said that she didn’t want to go to the media but did after “beach friends” advised her to go to the Washington Post. So they sent this anonymous thing to the Washington Post. The Washington Post didn’t react to it, which means they must not have thought much of it. So when the Washington Post didn’t react, they said, “Well, why don’t you try the New York Times.” She was asked, “Well, did your congresswoman advise you to do this? “No!” Very quick with the answer “no” on that.

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