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RUSH: The other assumptions that are being made, “Dr. Ford was so helpful. She was so nice, and she was so thoughtful, and she was heroic,” and all of these other descriptives but none of them mattered.

It doesn’t have anything to do with what was at stake yesterday, except if you’re liberal Democrats, where, to them, the nature of the evidence is not of any relevance at all. It’s the seriousness of the charge, which means that it is true. In the same thing, I start getting irritated. It’s why I don’t watch a lot of cable news anymore. I tuned in yesterday when I got home. I wanted to watch the completion of Kavanaugh. I watched his opening statement here and then left and got home in time to see some of the Q&A.

And then I turned over to the media, and the media starts analyzing what just happened, and here the guys are on CNN and MSNBC. And they’re acting like (impression), “Everybody thinks that Kavanaugh’s a liar. Every American! Every American thought that Dr. Ford was brilliant and a hero and so honest and so real — and — and — and so caring and so thoughtful and so…” It just drives me nuts that these people start assuming that every American agrees with them.

For example, the Democrats say, “Man, this poor woman has been so mistreated. This is really going to inspire our voters!” I thought Democrats didn’t need to be inspired! I thought they were already fired up? There’s more evidence. We’ve got a Pew Research Center poll. Republicans are just as fired up as Democrats are. Fairly close, but Republicans on balance are just as fired up. There’s no particular fired-up advantage that the Democrats have. In the real world, there’s continued evidence. Michael Moore’s movie. Wouldn’t you think…?

In an America that just can’t wait to destroy Trump — just can’t wait to fix its mistake of voting for Trump — realizes that they made the gravest error they’ve ever made and they hate Trump now and they’re embarrassed of what they did and they can’t wait to get out there and vote Trump and the Republicans out of office in November — wouldn’t you think a deranged lunatic hate-Trump movie would draw record crowds and raise record revenue? You would think that. But Michael Moore’s movie is bombing everywhere. It’s bombing in the case of ticket sales. It’s bombing revenue-wise.

At the Toronto Film Festival, it barely was voted the eighth best. That doesn’t sound like blue wave stuff to me. Doesn’t sound like… I mean, these people, as rabid as they are in their hatred and resentment for Trump, would go anywhere they could to get their taste and fill of it. I’ll tell you what did Michael Moore in, in addition to the fact that I think it’s way, way overblown. I don’t deny there are plenty of people that hate Trump. Don’t misunderstand. We’ve got more Americans than I ever thought possible with psychological disorders who are considered political activists on the left.

And they’re out there, and they’re numerous. They’re not the majority of people in this country. I simply refuse to believe that a majority of our population has and is governed by psychological disorders, that psychological disorders determine their politics. I refuse to believe that. Not a majority. But here’s the problem with Moore. He goes out there, produces this anti-Trump movie, and he forgets that audiences don’t have to pay any money to see it. All they have to do is turn on CNN! All they have to do is turn on PMSNBC.

All they have to do is read the Washington Post, the New York Times. Why go to a movie, and why pay whatever it costs to go see a movie where you can see the same thing every night, every day over and over again for absolutely zilch? So Moore’s sense of timing, his sense of where the public is, the belief that the country hates Trump? Everywhere you see this, everywhere you see leftists trying to make money or raise money on the basis of Trump hatred, it just bombs. They lost the special election in Texas where the Democrats had carried the district for something like 139 years.

In Texas, in the middle of what’s supposed to be a blue wave!

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