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RUSH: In their attempts to keep Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, liberal Democrats have sunk to a new low.

In liberal America, particularly among elected Democrats and their Drive-By-Media allies, it is now okay to smear a distinguished nominee to our highest court with uncorroborated, unprovable, and absurd allegations from a porn lawyer.

Judge Kavanaugh spent a lifetime serving this country, without a blemish on his record or his good name. But in the space of fourteen days, he and his family have seen that lifetime record of exemplary service spat on, courtesy of the today’s Democrat party.

And, even now, they are unapologetic. They have no shame or remorse for what they unleashed on Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Blasey Ford, the confirmation process, and the country.

Judge Kavanaugh fought to reclaim the honor of his good name, which liberals tried to destroy so viciously. He deserves to sit on the court. He always has.

What Democrats and their media allies deserve is another matter entirely. And not fit for young or old ears in this form.

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