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RUSH: Now, the Drive-Bys… Trump had a simple ask here: No questions about Kavanaugh during the NAFTA thing. An infobabe from the Drive-By Media persisted in trying to start questions about Kavanaugh, which has led to a discussion about it. Trump is now talking about the FBI investigation, and I have to tell you… You know, I’m jumping the gun a little bit on this comment, but from Friday afternoon, the minute…

The minute we learned that the FBI was gonna be called on to do another week’s worth of investigating, it was abundantly clear to me what all of this is. It’s simply about one word, folks. It’s about delay, delay and delay — and with each new revelation, the need to continue to delay. It’s secondarily about Kavanaugh. (interruption) Yeah, oh, they’re still targeting Kavanaugh for total nuclear destruction. That’s part and parcel of this too. The way it works is very simple.

You have Jeff Flake saying that he and [Sen. Chris] Coons have struck a deal that there will be a one-week FBI investigation of the claims made by Christine Blasey Ford. Never mind the fact that she doesn’t have any evidence to back up her claim. Never mind that she is not credible! It’s another thing that’s grating on me, hearing everybody in the Drive-By Media talk about, “She’s credible, a credible allegation! It’s a credible…” No, it’s not credible.

But she’s being automatically supported and described as credible, and of course Kavanaugh is not. Kavanaugh is not credible. She is suspect she has no evidence to back this up or corroboration at all. So the FBI says, “Okay. We’ll do this for a week,” and immediately, before sundown on Friday, a bunch of Democrats say, “Pfft! A week isn’t long enough! It’s silly to limit this.” Then Trump, right on cue, said (summarized), “I haven’t limited the FBI. NBC is lying about it.

“I haven’t limited the FBI and their scope.” Meaning now Trump’s on record and everybody is that if this thing needs to go beyond a week, well, it’s gonna go beyond a week — and I guarantee you that is the objective here and that’s why new allegations about Kavanaugh being a wild, violent drunk? “We need to track that down!” Kavanaugh may be having committed perjury about his calendars and stuff.

“Well, we gotta track that down.” Kavanaugh may not have the temperament to be on the court, given how enraged and angry he was during his testimony at the Judiciary Committee. “We’ve gotta track that down.” It’s delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay — and it’s gonna be tougher and tougher and tougher to hold to this Friday vote. The people on the Republican side are gonna have to get some steel for a backbone and shut this down at some point or it’s just gonna continue to be delayed, delayed, and delayed.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I became aware yesterday of a transcript of a conference call that occurred last week among and between Democrat activists who were planning exactly what happened on Friday. It’s laid out in this thing. Now, unfortunately I can’t reproduce this and put it at RushLimbaugh.com, because I don’t legally have it. But I’ve got it.

I’m not gonna mention any names, but the names of the Democrat front groups and organizations are here and the strategies that they used. It makes it crystal clear that they were going to target Jeff Flake! He was seen as the most malleable and the easiest to intimidate! The elevator incident, where it just happened that two nearly insane anti-Kavanaugh, pro-Democrat activists ended up there in Flake’s elevator with a CNN camera right there to catch what happened? They started shouting, and they started accusing, and they started pointing finger.

He got scared to death. It was all part of the strategy to turn him. There was a three-point strategy. The Flake strategy was No. 3 if the other two had bombed out, and they made it work. They pulled it off. They did it! John Fund has a piece today at National Review: “Who Was Behind the Flake Setup? — ACORN’s tactics live on in the senator’s elevator confrontation with activists from a Soros-backed group.

“On Friday morning, two women raced past reporters and security officers and blocked a senators-only elevator in the U.S. Capitol. They cornered Arizona senator Jeff Flake, who had just announced he was going to vote yes…” This is in the morning. It’s before the hearing began. He was on his way to the hearing. “They cornered Arizona senator Jeff Flake, who had just announced he was going to vote yes on moving Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination out of the Judiciary Committee and onto the Senate floor for a full debate.”

“The women wouldn’t let Flake leave until they had yelled at him, face to face, for several minutes.” You could see him wilting, shrinking, shaking. “A CNN camera [happened to be there to] broadcast the event live, and from there it went viral.” There’s no doubt that CNN was in on this ambush. The ambush was planned. Jeff Flake was targeted as one of the three points of the strategy that left-wing activist groups… There might have been seven or eight of them on this conference call.

“Ana Maria Archila and Maggie Gallagher were the two women who confronted Flake inside the elevator… Perhaps because the women expressed such raw emotion, few media outlets dug into their political activism.” They didn’t want to dig into their political activism! They just wanted to portray them as average, ordinary American women who just happened to get into the building. They didn’t want anybody to know they were Democrat activists! They knew they were Democrat activists!

CNN knew this!

Look, everybody’s in on this! This whole thing is a gigantic setup! The Democrats don’t care about another FBI investigation. That’s just a trick for more delay! Kavanaugh’s already undergone six! You think six background checks on Kavanaugh missed the fact that he was such a drunk he beat people up, which is the latest allegation. Somebody who knew him at Yale — the guy’s now a professor at North Carolina — has a piece in the Raleigh News & Observer that Kavanaugh got belligerently drunk, and he’s seen it.

Well, nobody has any information on Kavanaugh and his drinking in the last 20 years. All that happened was that Kavanaugh ended up No. 1 in his class in high school, in college, and in law school. Somebody so drunk, so sloppy, planning his next gang rape? I guarantee you that kind of person does not become No. 1 in anything decent. But Kavanaugh was. He was No. 1 in his class in high school and college and in law school.

Kavanaugh has achievements that 90% of us would never even bother to dream about, they are so daunting. Most of us won’t even attempt them. They have to go back to high school, have to go back to college to find evidence of binge drinking? If you do that you’re gonna find binge drinking on the part of a lot of people. You’re gonna find evidence like that today, because don’t you know…?

Ladies and gentlemen don’t you know the stress of life in America is so, so bad — it’s so horrible — that there’s all kinds of self-medication going on. All kinds of people are drinking, and they make excuses for them because the pressure is so intense. But I don’t find anybody testifying that Kavanaugh’s been a fall-down, beat-’em-up drunk the last 25 or 30 years, do you, or even beyond that? Next, they say, “He may have committed perjury.

“If he lied about the people on that calendar, if he lied about what those terms mean, if he’s committed perjury, he is gone. We need the FBI to look into that. We need the FBI to look into whether or not he beats people up on Yale’s campus, and we need to really track down this judicial temperament of his. Why, you see the way he acted on our committee hearing on Friday? He was yelling and screaming. That’s not the kind of temperament we want from a judge!”

Well, my buddy Andy McCarthy makes a great point. If you want a test, if you want to see Kavanaugh’s judicial temperament, there’s a place you can go. It is called the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals where Kavanaugh has been serving for years, and all you have to do is go there and study his work, and then to the courts prior to that where he was a judge. All of this is delay, delay, delay. They hope to find new women, drag new women out with new allegations.

They hope to come up with new charges. The minute one week’s additional one-week FBI investigation was agreed to, the Democrats started saying, “One week isn’t gonna be enough. We — we can’t stop!” Well, a weekend was enough for thousands and hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails. James Comey’s even gotten in on this! James Comey is now making no doubt about his partisanship in this and his Never Trumper, anti-Trump status, which is what all of this really is.

If you boil all this down, what this is, folks, is hatred for Donald Trump by the Washington establishment, by the American left, and by the media. It’s unadulterated, undiluted, raw, poisonous hatred. Brett Kavanaugh is going to be destroyed in the process of damaging and getting rid of Donald Trump! They want to delay this beyond the midterms ’cause they are convinced they’re gonna win the Senate, the House and Senate. They can impeach Trump, and they can paralyze the rest of his administration.

If Kavanaugh would happen to get on the court, they’re gonna impeach him too. Jerrold Nadler who runs on the Judiciary Committee for the Democrats in the House says it. He’s not even the chairman, he’s the ranking member, and he’s already promising to impeach Kavanaugh for perjury and whatever else that has occurred so far, if the Democrats win the House. They can’t stand it! They cannot stand that Donald Trump is president!

They cannot stand that Donald Trump is putting a tremendous, absolutely great human being and conservative on the Supreme Court! It’s driving them hysterically crazy! So all of this — all these new charges, all these new suggestions for investigation, all these calls for more time — all it is is delay. The next time you hear, “Kavanaugh reportedly very frequently in college got drunk and hit people in the face!” substitute one word for that: Delay.

This is all about continuing to delay it, which is why it is as it has always been: At some point the Republicans are gonna have to shut this down and call for a vote! Now, is anybody else like me, concerned? The FBI leadership — many of them are gone, but a lot are still there — has done its level best to screw Donald Trump, working with the intelligence agencies. We had that cabal conducting a silent coup to get rid of Trump during the campaign and then destroy his transition.

They have been trying to destroy his presidency with this phony Russia collusion, the Mueller investigation and all that. Now that same agency — with James Comey with an email now encouraging them to dig deep. “Keep digging! Keep digging,” Comey says. (paraphrased) “There’s gotta be something there.” The same guy that exonerated Hillary Clinton without even an interview, the same guy that said they found new questionable emails on the laptop of Carlos Danger, and in a matter of three days reviewed a hundred thousand of them to find there was nothing there.

So they can do whatever they’re gonna do in a day or two if they want to. But then, what happens if the FBI looks into all of this and reports… By the way, they reached no conclusions, and if they do (chuckles), then we’ll know a lot. But if, in the 302s — the forms and the results of interviews — they produce no evidence for Christine Blasey Ford, if they produce no evidence for any other allegation, if they cannot produce anything that says Kavanaugh did it, whatever “it” is…

In other words, if this investigation clears Kavanaugh like every FBI investigation heretofore has, do you think the Democrats are gonn asay, “Oh, okay, good! We got our week; now we can vote!” You think that’s gonna be the case? Hell, no! They’re gonna say, “The investigation is not thorough. The investigation was stilted by Trump. The investigation was cheating. The investigation was not long enough!” Whatever! They’re not gonna accept anything here! At some point, they’re gonna have to be treated as the minority they are and all this just shut down and vote!


RUSH: There is some interesting polling data on Kavanaugh from Mark Penn, who runs the polling unit at Harvard University. There’s also Jeff Flake. Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist says that Flake said that he is a “yes” vote on Kavanaugh pending FBI review to allay others’ concern. So unless Kavanaugh’s revealed to be some serial rapist who hid successfully in six previous background checks, Flake is a “yes.” Can we trust Flake? He said he was a “yes” last Friday, too, and look where we are!


RUSH: By the way, folks, I was just taking a look here at the Fox Business Channel, and they just ran a chyron, a little graphic at the bottom of the screen. It was on the Fox Business Channel, not the Fox News Channel, although I’m sure it will show up at some point. The chyron says this: “Source to Fox: Kavanaugh FBI Probe Could Be Wrapped up by Tuesday.” That’s tomorrow. So Fox News is saying that the Kavanaugh FBI probe is gonna be wrapped up by.

If it is? (sigh) You can expect the Democrats to go ballistic! They’re expecting at least a week! That’s what Flake was assured. I don’t know how… Fox is running it as a source they’ve got. There’s nothing to find. The FBI has looked at Kavanaugh! This will be the seventh time, folks! Christine Blasey Ford does not have any evidence for them to track down! She can’t even tell them where to look!

She can’t tell them when to look unless she starts suddenly remembering it now, and I guess they would say that that’s credible. The trauma has awakened repressed memories! I put nothing past them. But she can’t remember when, not even the year. She’s not even sure of the house and where it is — and, by the way, how are you able to draw a floor plan of a house and not know where it was?

She can’t tell anybody how she got home. She can’t tell anybody what she told anybody after the supposedly horrible event happened to her. Whatever else she is, she is not credible. The FBI has looked into this guy. This is the seventh time. If he were a binge drinker as an adult and beating people up and sending them to jail, that would be found long before now. So remember, none of this is about what it’s about. This is about delay, delay, delay, delay. That’s all the Democrats want here.

So whenever the FBI produces its results and whatever the results are, the Democrats have an answer for it. If they exonerate Kavanaugh, the investigation was not thorough. Trump told the FBI to overlook a bunch of people. They can accuse Trump, us, Kavanaugh of anything and be confident the media will carry the water of that allegation. If the FBI finds corroborating evidence, well, people are gonna have to ask, “How come you missed it six previous times over who knows how many years you’ve been looking into this guy?

“How could you find any evidence when she didn’t tell you where to go look?” Oh. “Well, and did you talk to Michael Avenatti? If the FBI didn’t talk to his client and didn’t talk…?” I’m telling you, no matter how this… If the FBI exonerates Kavanaugh, whenever they do it, do you really think the Democrats gonna are say, “Fine, we got what we wanted. Now we’re prepared to go vote.” Do you think that’s gonna be the result? It will not be.

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