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RUSH: Now let’s go to further news that buttresses some of this. From TheHill.com: “Red State Democrats Face Nightmare Scenario on Kavanaugh.” This article shows beyond a doubt the Democrats have brought up all of these unfounded sexual allegations and now Kavanaugh… Do you realize the latest defense? The New York Times has run a story saying that Brett Kavanaugh threw ice on a fellow bar patron back in his days at Yale. (paraphrased) “He threw ice! This goes to show just how unfit to the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh is.

Of course, the New York Times when learning that Bill Clinton told Juanita Broaddrick, “Put a little ice on your lip,” while walking out of the room after allegedly raping her, they thought that was not worthy of being published or printed. There wasn’t enough to that. “I mean, put some ice on that lip, babe”? Ah, no news there! But Kavanaugh throwing ice, allegedly, on a bar patron? “Stop the presses! The guy is evil. He is not qualified.” So all these unfounded sexual allegations, they hope ultimately will work. What all this has been about is they’re hoping to force Kavanaugh to drop out.

That’s what they have… Just like the Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation was designed to depress Trump’s approval numbers so that Trump would have to resign because of total loss of support in Washington by Republicans. If they could get his approval numbers down to the twenties because they succeeded in making everybody think that Trump cheated with the Russians, then Trump would lose all support (as Nixon did in the Watergate era) and have to resign. That was the objective.

Because there’s no way they were gonna impeach Trump. There no way the Mueller investigation is gonna lead to Trump being indicted. The only hope they had was to drive public approval for Trump way down to twenties and be done with him. What they’re trying to do here is force Kavanaugh to resign from the nomination, withdraw, or to force Trump to withdraw. That and delay. They still hope that they can force Kavanaugh out. “A second Democrat…” This from the article here at TheHill.com.

“A second Democratic senator said there’s widespread disbelief in the caucus that Kavanaugh is holding on. ‘I just had a conversation with a colleague who said they couldn’t believe he hasn’t dropped out yet,’ the second lawmaker said Monday evening.” That’s a quote from an unnamed senator in the story at TheHill.com. This isn’t going well. David French at National Review, a Never Trumper — maybe the leader of the Never Trumpers — nevertheless has a piece claiming the Kavanaugh case is collapsing.

“The Case Against Kavanaugh Is Collapsing,” because the witnesses don’t have any evidence! They’ve got no proof of anything! Swetnick? Ramirez? Ford? Add it all up and there’s zero corroboration — and one of these women appears to be not all there. The Swetnick babe… Details forthcoming. So hoping Kavanaugh would withdraw — hoping Trump would pull the nomination — has been one of the objectives here, along with delay, delay, delay.

The story from TheHill.com: “Senate Democrats up for reelection this year in deep-red states face a nightmare decision on how to handle Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Vulnerable Democrats are hoping Republicans will force him to withdraw his nomination, allowing them to avoid politically divisive votes.” This an important point. It has not been stressed enough. The Democrats thought that by running with every disgusting allegation they could find no matter how unsubstantiated, they would be able to force Kavanaugh to drop out or force Trump to withdraw his name.

It hasn’t worked.

Kavanaugh won’t cave, and the number of arrows they have in their quiver is dwindling. “The Democrats in the toughest position are Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota), Joe Donnelly (Indiana) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia). Heitkamp and Manchin are undecided, and both are seeking another six-year term in states that Trump won by double digits in 2016.” I’m back to the crowds that Trump is drawing: 92,000 requests for tickets Johnson City, Tennessee, and 20,000 people show up.

People line up two days in advance to hope to get in. It kind of flies in the face of Trump’s losing his luster out there. So Donnelly, Heitkamp, Manchin. Now, you might say, well, equalize Susan Collins? Susan Collins is saying, “I — I — I want the FBI to investigate the gang rape allegation.” They have been! The babe Swetnick is… She’s not withdrawing it but she’s saying, “Well, maybe Kavanaugh wasn’t raping. He was standing outside. This is too big a coincidence.”

So she’s pulling back on the allegation that he started and organized and then participated in the gang rapes. What more do you need, Ms. Collins? She doesn’t have any evidence! She’s backing off of it. Avenatti’s doing damage control now. “Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill Falls Behind GOP Opponent After Opposing Kavanaugh.

Polling data doesn’t suggest any of this is gonna happen. Republican candidate in Missouri, Josh Hawley leads. McCaskill is now far behind. One poll shows her far behind Hawley. “According to The Federalist, the new poll by Remington Research Group … ‘48% said they were planning to vote for … Hawley while 46% said they planned to vote for McCaskill.'” That is way below how McCaskill has been performing.


RUSH: The Drive-By Media, ladies and gentlemen, continuing to trying to make this investigation that’s supposed to be over in a week as confusing as possible. President Trump said back on Friday that he was leaving all this to the Senate. Totally backed away from it.

It’s their problem, their issue. Let them handle it. But now the New York Times and the Washington Post, the rest of the Drive-Bys are claiming the White House is calling the shots behind the scenes and expanding the scope of the FBI’s inquiry. Made this point yesterday. New York Times could not wait to run the story, White House expanding inquiry. It came the same day we had a leak from Fox News that the FBI said they’re ready to wrap up today. A lot of people reacting to that, by the way.

Now, I have an article here at TheHill.com that says the White House is denying everything. They’re denying that they’re calling the shots, and they’re denying expanding the scope. Trump did not expand the scope. He simply reacted at a rally to what the media is saying. He got a little suckered in by NBC News reporting a bunch of fake news that the White House was limiting the scope. Trump’s, “I’m not limiting anything.” That became, “White House expands scope,” which is what the Democrats want. A whole bunch of fake news in this that we will straighten out today.


RUSH: From Breitbart News: Mazie Hirono, senator for Hawaii: “FBI Needs to Investigate if Kavanaugh Was a Very Belligerent, Aggressive Drunk.” Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, says “Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said the expanded FBI investigation into Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh should include whether Kavanaugh was ‘a very belligerent, aggressive drunk’ in his youth.'” Of course, we’re supposed to ignore that Obama was a practicing, bragging-rights member of “the Choom Gang” when he was in school.

You know what the Choom Gang was; right?

It was a bunch of people got together to blow a little weed, passing the Doobies around. That was cool, see? Yeah, that was all cool ’cause Obama’s cool. So whatever Obama did, that was cool. Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, you know? All that stuff? No, none of what they did disqualifies them because they were lions of the Democrat Party. So now they’re focusing on him being “a very belligerent drunk,” throwing ice. Dianne Feinstein is saying, “We need to reexamine his positions on women’s reproductive health and assault weapons.”


RUSH: By the way, Trump just left the White House. He was on the lawn on the way to the helicopter. He stopped and talked to the press, as he always does. CNN focused on one thing that Trump said, and then Trump said, “Well, yeah, if Kavanaugh is discovered to have lied to the committee, yeah, then he’s done. That’s not news. But the press… Trump said much else, but that’s all they focused on which, of course is a no-brainer. So now they’re out trying to find where Kavanaugh’s committed perjury and that’s why they’re focusing on belligerent drunkenness and throwing ice at people and so forth.

But (sigh) all these background checks of Kavanaugh has undergone over him the years? They’ve got a dry hole, and they know it. What else did Trump say? Trump said to the press that he is blown away by all the support for Kavanaugh at all of these rallies, and he gave a shout-out to his buddy Lindsey Graham. He’s been his real close buddy since McCain passed away. Lindsey Graham is… He’s not a new guy, but he’s definitely changed direction, changing tack in a very great way.

But Trump made it clear that he’s upbeat and positive about Kavanaugh, thinks he’s gonna get confirmed, waiting for the investigative report, doesn’t want to interrupt the process. But he made the point of talking about how popular Kavanaugh is at all of these rallies. I tuned in and I just happened to see Gloria Borger at CNN talking about this in a very worried tone. She said, “Yes, Trump is right, and this is amazing. All of these Republicans showing up are really fired up for Kavanaugh.”

Now, the reason why that’s a big deal, folks, is because these people in the media… Do not doubt me. They think they’re talking you out of Kavanaugh. Schumer, he made a speech on the floor of the Senate following McConnell today, and every point he made he follow with, “And I think all Americans agree with that, and I think most Americans agree with that. And I think many Americans — a great majority — agree with me on this.” It’s part and parcel of what they do and what the media does, to try to make it look like all they’re doing is reflecting and articulating positions that a majority of Americans have.

And it isn’t true! So when Trump points out how overwhelmingly popular Kavanaugh is at Trump rallies, it made means that the Drive-Bys are failing (that’s how they hear it, anyway) in their efforts to destroy Kavanaugh! Because in their minds, what ought to be happening is people should be telling Trump to drop Kavanaugh. If the media were succeeding here, people at these rallies would be urging Trump to drop Kavanaugh for the sake of the party and the sake of Trump’s presidency. It’s the exact opposite. So do not doubt me on this.

I’m telling you, these people on in the media who have so much invested in their power, in their self-esteem related to their power that when they see evidence that people are ignoring what they say, it hurts ’em to the quick. It disturbs them. Any time you can demonstrate to them that what they’re trying to make you think isn’t working, you will succeed in upsetting them — and you might even get lucky enough to hear ’em talk about it, as I just did on CNN.

NBC News is desperately trying to convict Kavanaugh at the same time they’ve been trying to convict Trump colluding with Russia.


RUSH: We had a drive-by caller here couldn’t hang on with a question. “You know, everybody’s looking for Kavanaugh’s friends to corroborate all these allegations. Everybody’s trying to find Swetnick’s friends that she’s name to validate all this and they can’t find anybody.” The four people that Dr. Ford mentioned are denying it, including one of her good friends, Bob Beckel’s ex-wife. Keyser is her name.

At any rate, the Drive-By caller wanted to know where are… I don’t know make it inspire something here, but where are all of the character witnesses for Dr. Ford? Where are all of her buddies now saying, “Oh, yes, I know, this is entirely possible! She told me about it.” Where are all those people? But you do know that her social media was scrubbed shortly before she arrived in Washington. Her social media, all of it was deleted somehow, scrubbed, erased, whatever was done with it.

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