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RUSH: We’ve just seen hurricane-related floods in North Carolina and massive fires destroying thousands of acres in California. These natural disasters should have been a Democrat Party dream going into the midterms.

The Democrat-Drive-By-Media tried to scare people to death. They called the fires in the west “record-breaking,” and the floods in the east “the worst in 500 years.“ All caused by global warming. Climate change.

They framed it as “proof” that Trump getting out of the Paris accords is killing the planet. “Proof” that Republicans don’t care if your home burns, or ends up underwater.

But now one of the biggest Drive-By fearmongers, the New York Times, admits these tactics aren’t working. On Tuesday, the Times sadly reported that only a handful of Democrat candidates are even talking about climate change in their campaigns.

Environmentalist-wacko “experts” concede that voters are just tapped out on all of this. Even Democrat voters don’t want to hear about climate change. And they won’t unless they believe it’s a real-life threat.

They’re just not buying the hoax!

Now that, folks, is what I call real progress. And we need more of it in a lot of other areas too.

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