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RUSH: We’re gonna start in Marietta, Georgia. This is Scott. He is in his late thirties, he says. I imagine that’s relevant for what he’s gonna say. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Good. Thank you for taking my call, sir. I appreciate it.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: So I just wanted to express, first of all, my political affiliation is I’ve never been too involved in the political scene until these last couple years. I’ve always seen the argument on both sides of the table a lot of times. But recently in the past few years, I’ve had just absolute disgust of what the left is doing and their tactics. And I’ve never registered to vote. I’ve never really had too strong of an opinion. But literally seconds after I saw Kavanaugh’s opening statement, I went straight to register to vote.

RUSH: You know, I find this fascinating. I always try to make it a point to understand that not everybody is into this like I am. I find it hard to do that sometimes because it seems that since all of this is about so much of how we’re going to live in this country, that I wish more people did pay attention to it and learned a little bit more about it, and it’s one of the purposes for this show. You’re a classic… This is a great anecdotal example.

You’re a guy out there; you’re living your life. This stuff is on the periphery to you, probably because it irritates you when could you pay attention to it. But something caused you to get over the hump. Something caused you — in this case, the Kavanaugh testimony in the hearing caused you — to say, “You know, this is worth my attention. This is worth my getting involved.” Is that right? Is that pretty much it?

CALLER: A hundred percent. I think it’s a maturity thing as well, understanding, like you’re saying, that our votes have implications and that it does matter, and this just disgusted me to my core, you know. I got emotional listening to him, I’m sure, as millions of — not just people, but — men my age especially did listening to that. And, you know, it’s just amazing to me to see the tactics that’s going on in this country right now.

RUSH: So you’re gonna go register to vote?

CALLER: I already did. I did it instantly. Yes, sir, online.

RUSH: Well, welcome.

CALLER: I’ll be voting in the midterms, especially, and I guarantee you I’m not the only person in this country that’s doing that, and I think the media’s gonna get it wrong — way wrong — again, because this silent majority is real, and it’s out there for sure.

RUSH: I think that there are probably a lot of people like you. It’s hard to know scientifically or statistically. That’s why we have to treat your conversion here as an anecdotal, one-time example. But I think the Democrats are worried about this. I really think that they constantly misjudge and believe that they represent the majority of thinking in this country. I think they really believe that a majority of Americans hate conservatives and everything about them and conservatism.

And I think they think they’re relating to a majority of Americans. When they’re hit with the reality that that may not be the case — and I think they’re seeing that now — then it’s time to circle the wagons and try to limit the damage. The real key for them is gonna be polling data on suburban women. If they’re having similar kind of backlash to you, then that’s gonna scare the wits out of ’em, and I think that is happening too.


RUSH: Here is Pat in Evansville, Indiana, as we head back to the phones. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I just want to say I don’t believe, I have not believed Dr. Ford. I don’t think she’s ever been telling the truth. To me, she’s no different than the two ladies that confronted —

RUSH: Oh, by the way, let me interrupt you. I need —

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Hold it. Let me interrupt you. I need to remind people of one thing. Do you remember the letter written by the ex-boyfriend of six years claiming that she never talked about this, that she never had a fear of flying, that she’s not claustrophobic? None of the things she said is true and that she illegally used his credit card long after he took her name away. Do you remember that letter that was announced yesterday?


RUSH: Do you realize CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post have not reported it? Not a single network has reported it. Not a single newspaper, I don’t believe, has published it or talked about it. It’s just it’s totally on ice. Nobody knows that her ex-boyfriend… If you watch Drive-By Media, nobody knows about that ex-boyfriend’s letter.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, I was really surprised I didn’t see it on ABC last night. You know, I was really shocked. You know, we know how that goes, Rush. They’re not gonna report anything that doesn’t work in their narrative. And did not Dr. Ford perjure herself, if it could be proven that she indeed did coach or advise folks on how to pass a lie detector test, and she said in her testimony that she didn’t —

RUSH: Yeah. That’s what the boyfriend said in the letter. And that’s why Ms. Mitchell, the Republican prosecutor, if you will, during the hearings last Thursday was zeroing in on her, I think to create the fact that she established that she was committing perjury. Yeah. So you think she’s getting off too easy here in this?

CALLER: I do. I really do. If you watch her testimony or a recording of her testimony, it was full of holes. Not only the ones that were documented, but undocumented. When the prosecutor asked her about the encounter with Mark Judge, she said that during that six- to eight-week window before she saw Mark Judge at Safeco that they were friendly with each other. With that kind of behavior from a man like that, why would you ever be friendly with him? And I’m surprised that the prosecutor didn’t push her on that, say, “Please explain those encounters that you say were friendly.” What could her answer have been with the —

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: — remember —

RUSH: (unintelligible)… Do this.

CALLER: — know why they were friendly, I don’t remember.

RUSH: But that’s… We now know in hindsight that’s not what the purpose of the prosecutor was. The prosecutor was documenting perjury, was documenting variances and differences in her story for perhaps some other use at some other time. I don’t know. But it’s clear that Blasey Ford was not going to be challenged on anything she said. She was going to be encouraged to say different things, tell different stories, as I say, for whatever purpose.

CALLER: I see. That does makes sense. Just give her more rope. I understand that. It makes sense.

RUSH: Give her more rope, but if you don’t do anything with the rope, what good is that? I don’t know how they intended to use it. I still think this. I think a lot of people agree with you, that this woman has gotten away and not been thoroughly investigated. She got away with an anonymous letter that she didn’t want made public, supposedly. Does anybody really believe that, either? Does this woman act irritated that she’s been made to go public with this? She doesn’t act irritated about that to me. She wants to be helpful while she’s terrified.

I just… I think in this climate, to tell you the truth out there, Pat, to try to poke holes in her story and to succeed, if the Republicans had succeeded in exposing her as a liar, I think the Democrats would have lost it. I think they would have gone batty, at the Republicans. Not at her. I think they would have accused the Republicans of browbeating her and making her say different things because they’re all on record as having said they believed her before they even met her.

Before they even talked to her. They said they believed her. In fact, I don’t even know why the Democrats need to see the FBI report! Because they’ve said they believe her from the get-go. They’re not even open to the possibility that she’s telling a story that cannot be corroborated and hasn’t been. This is Louis in Los Angeles as we stay with the phones. Hi, Louis. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. How you doing, Rush? This is my first year listening. I started listening to you, Sean Hannity, everybody, and I just want to thank you for basically yelling what I want to yell out so loud all the time. You know, you guys say it, and I’m thinking it, and my first year… I’ve never really been into politics, I’ve never really cared, in the sense of just kind of like, hey, they’re just gonna vote, whatever. But this was really bad. This was something that changed people’s minds.

I have a lot of sons, I have a big family, and it was like: How can you just try and destroy someone with no kind of corroboration, no kind of proof, no kind of evidence? And then Trump said it yesterday and I’ll say it like this. He basically yelled out what I said. It was like, everything she was saying was, I don’t know, well, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. So it’s like, well, what happened? What went down? What’s going on here?

You’re saying these allegations, but you don’t know certain things that are very important, like who took you home. This should have been traumatizing for you. If something like that happened you would have been like, hey, Mom, pick me up, hey, call somebody, get to a pay phone. Something. So, just after that, just how they destroyed that man and tried to… It just changed me. And basically it was just like, “I gotta vote. I gotta vote for our rights. I gotta vote for conservatism, for justice, God, our values in this country, which are being torn apart.

RUSH: Really? This has awakened you that much?

CALLER: Yes. You know, not that women can’t be believed, but, folks, men and women can lie. To say that, oh, a certain nobody can’t lie, a woman can’t…

RUSH: No, no. You said it earlier. You nailed what this is about earlier. You correctly identified that the United States Senate was attempting to destroy this guy.


RUSH: You didn’t know who he was from pile of coal. But you saw a guy trying to be destroyed, his life, his career, his future destroyed, and nobody had any corroborating evidence for all of this that was gonna destroy him! That’s what got you in gear.

CALLER: Yeah. It’s the same thing like the gentleman before. I went out and said… I was even talking to me wife, we watched it together. She’s like, “Wait a minute. Like, it just did not add up. I’m sorry.” When two plus two is four and this was like two plus, you know, something else. It wasn’t… You know what I mean? It just didn’t add up, the story —

RUSH: All right. Here we have… Louis, thanks for the call. We’ve got another anecdotal story, but it dovetails with what we’re seeing in the polling data. We’re seeing the generic ballot advantage the Democrats had now gone in the latest Marist/NPR poll. We’ve got a 12-point advantage is now two points, which is statistically tied. That’s the margin of error. In all these other generic ballot polls, which I think are…

I don’t think the Republicans have ever led in one of these, and the Republicans win Congress all the time. Since 1994, anyway. Do you people realize when the Republicans won in ’94 it was the first time in 40 years that they ran or controlled the House? Since then, they’ve lost control and want control back. But I don’t think there’s ever been a generic ballot poll ever that shows the Republicans ahead! I could be wrong. I doubt it. I don’t recall ever having seen one. But now we’re seeing voter enthusiasm shifts to the Republicans.

Democrats are losing some. And, believe me, if this all is real, if this polling data’s accurate, if it’s the same stuff the Democrats are seeing, it’s affecting them. Then there’s this from The Atlantic. Now, The Atlantic is a left-wing publication, as is most U.S. media. The headline of this story: “Conservative Women Are Angry About Kavanaugh — And They Think Other Voters Are, Too.” Here’s a pull quote: “In the two weeks since the claims against Kavanaugh first emerged, many feminist groups have called on senators and the American public to believe women who come forward with allegations.

“Kamala Harris, the progressive Democrat senator from California, captured this sentiment when she questioned Ford during the hearing, ‘I believe you. And I believe many Americans across the country believe you.'” But the writer of this story, whose name is Emma Green, said, “The women I interviewed, however, resented the notion that people’s accusations should be believed on the basis of their identity alone.”

“‘That makes me furious, because I think that’s taking advantage for the worst purposes of something that is real in our culture,’ [a woman] said, ‘Women are not a monolithic bloc. Most of us … (are) not going to take to the streets with pitchforks and torches… That said, there’s a large, large percentage of us who feel very, very strongly about the way this process has played out.'” Headline: “Conservative Women Are Angry About Kavanaugh — And They Think Other Voters Are, Too.” Do conservative women live in suburbs?

The reason I ask that is because the Democrats claim to have a hold on college-educated suburban women. Well, they may be losing that hold too, if some of this polling data is correct. Let me just say this. If everything were just, and it isn’t, and I know it. But if everything were sane, the Democrats would be destroying themselves right now, as they did back in 2002 when they did the Wellstone memorial.

The Democrat Party is, in a sane world, the Democrat Party is engaging in self-immolation right now with the treatment of Kavanaugh, the backing of a woman who’s got no evidence, hasn’t had any evidence corroborated. And thanks to Donald Trump now, more Americans than ever know the truth of her story. And the truth of her story is that it’s full of holes! If Trump hadn’t went on his rant, gone on his rant on Monday night, the Drive-Bys would have never reported that because they had not reported it.

Democrats are not the majority. They did not win the Senate. They did not win the House. The advice and consent role does not give them the right to determine who goes on the court and who doesn’t. That’s for the winners! But the behavior the Democrats have engaged in here, the public political murder of a highly achieved, brilliant guy who never did anything to anybody anywhere near the way he’s being described. People bringing forth BS allegations like this with BS lies and no evidence to back it up in, a sane world would be paying a price so high, they wouldn’t even engage in this kind of behavior.

But the Democrats think they speak for a majority of Americans because they have the media on their side. And they think that they have succeeded in making the majority of Americans hate Brett Kavanaugh and hate conservatives and Republicans as well. Well, we don’t live in a sane world. We don’t live in a sane country right now. But it’s still possible for the Democrats to pay a huge, huge price for this. Given the standard, time-tested American moral code and our sense and set of values, the Democrats should be halfway finished with their self-destruction in the middle of this.


RUSH: Back to the phones! To Lake Mary, Florida. This is Paula. Great to have you with us. You’re up. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hi! Thank you, Rush, and thanks to your staff as well for all that you guys do. I just… This is really coincidental, but I just happened to have been watching a report on Fox this morning and Steny Hoyer made a comment about how the Democrat voters are all hyped up and they’re excited and they’re coming out en masse to vote. And then there’s reports about, “Yeah, the Republicans are kind of excited, too. But, you know, we’re not really worried about that.” And all I could think of is… Now taking into consideration I was a sex abuse victim years and years ago — as a child, as a matter of fact — women that I’ve talked to, people I’ve talked to are so fired up and the majority of the fired up people are women who have been either sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives —

RUSH: Do they have sons?

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Do they have sons? Are they married? Do they have men in their lives they love?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. I’ve got a daughter, but the injustice of what’s been done to this man under the falsehood of sexual abuse — and that’s not even what’s making women and other people angry but women in particular. It’s the fact that you would do something to an innocent person under the guise of one of the most horrific crimes in the world and think that we’re buying what you’re selling. And everything… Having been a victim, keeping this in mind —

RUSH: Now, that is interesting. The women you know are insulted. Their intelligence is insulted to think that a woman can come across with a 36-year-old story and destroy a guy because you’re stupid enough to go along with it?

CALLER: Absolutely! That’s it.

RUSH: That’s an interesting take: An insult to the intelligence. Other people may have portrayed it that way, but that connects with me. That makes total sense to me. This idea that women are monolithic and all women are gonna have the same opinion, the same rage, the same anger simply because the Democrat Party brings one forward who’s got these baseless claims that women are so universal. Excellent point. I’m glad you called, Paula. I’m sorry I ran out of time, but I have. It’s great to talk to you. Thank you very much.


RUSH: Dina in Wilburn, Georgia, you’re next. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.


RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: The reason I’m calling is because I believe that if the Democrats keep complaining that the investigation, the FBI investigation is not thorough enough, that they may be right. The investigation needs to investigate Dr. Ford. The reason being is that we don’t know anything about Dr. Ford. Was she taking drugs, by any chance?

RUSH: We do too! The Democrats believe her. That’s all anybody would need to know.

CALLER: Well, was she taking drugs? Has she ever done this before? What are her affiliations with Democratic Party and Democratic members, big-time members? Also, there’s two people who are on the scene, and that’s her and Kavanaugh. One of them is lying. One of them is committing perjury. We know nothing about her, and we need to know more about her, if they keep complaining about this. We know everything we need to know about Kavanaugh. He’s had 150 people talk to seven investigations and nothing about her.

RUSH: I can’t dispute any of that. In fact, that’s a great point. That is an absolutely great point. We don’t know a thing about her. Nobody’s investigating her because the Democrats say that you have to believe her, Dina.

CALLER: We can, but was she on drugs? I mean, you know, what’s going on here? You know, there’s all kinds of things —

RUSH: What’s going on here is here trying to railroad a guy so that they don’t lose control of the Supreme Court, in their mind!

CALLER: I know, but nobody is responding to them appropriately, which means you gotta put it back on them, you know?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: You want an investigation? Investigate Ford! We don’t know anything.

RUSH: I agree with that, but the one big response throwing it right back at them will be the vote to confirm. I mean, that will be the gigantic avocado they’ve gotta swallow without any butter or mayonnaise.

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