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RUSH: There’s a really important story out there that is not being covered. It’s not being covered on even Fox News or Fox Business News. It is a story of massive witness tampering. It is a story about a witness, Leland Keyser, one of the reportedly best friends of Dr. Blasey Ford. Leland Keyser says that she was bullied by another friend of Ford’s and a former FBI agent herself, Monica McLean.

She was bullied. She was told, she was asked to change her story and say that she was in the room with Blasey Ford when Kavanaugh… Well, she was at the event when Kavanaugh supposedly did the dirty against Dr. Ford. She has maintained from the get-go that she doesn’t know what Dr. Ford’s talking about. She wasn’t there.

None of the four “witnesses” that Dr. Ford says were there say they were.

Monica McLean, a former FBI agent and former friend of Blasey Ford, and it was at McLean’s house in Delaware where Blasey Ford wrote the letter to Feinstein! Did you know that? Yes! Blasey Ford was in Delaware with Monica McLean, and some are suggesting (I don’t know if it’s true) that actually Monica McLean might have written the letter. But at least that there was a collaboration, the letter that was sent to Feinstein. You would think this story would be all over the place.

You would think that it would have been mentioned on the Senate floor today when they took the procedural vote, which, by the way, was 51-49 Kavanaugh. I don’t think there were any surprises. A lot of people thought that Murkowski was gonna vote to confirm. I never did. I never did. I thought Murkowski was always gonna stake out this position. Then I saw a story that some 300 female lawyers from Alaska had been leaning on Murkowski.

So she voted “no” and said that Kavanaugh is not the right man at the right time to be on the court. But this is pretty big story that Blasey Ford’s FBI friend Monica McLean was pressuring Leland Keyser to modify her testimony and statement so as to say that she, “Oh, you know what, I just remembered, I was there, I remember that Kavanaugh, I remember.” That’s what they wanted her to do. You thought it was kind of dubious, you thought it might have been a little sketchy that Blasey Ford’s best friend is a retired FBI agent?

We mentioned this to you earlier this week. A former DOJ officials may have ties to the FBI’s attempt to run that coup on Trump. Her name is Monica McLean again, and they were together on July 30th when Ford was writing the letter to Feinstein. They were in Delaware at McLean’s house. Leland Keyser is an ex-wife of Bob Beckel, a former Democrat political operative, Fox News commentator and CNN commentator. They wanted her, they pressured her to “revisit” her statement.

The Wall Street Journal had the story or has the story today. This is witness tampering. This is asking a witness to lie so as to buttress the story told by Dr. Blasey Ford. The pressure came from a former FBI agent again who’s one of the beach buddies of Dr. Ford’s. If this isn’t witness tampering then somebody needs to tell me what it is. Charles Grassley was on Fox. Grassley, as I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s program, Grassley has been on fire. Something has really set him off.

I would think that it would have happened years and years and years ago, but whatever. Something has really set him off now. He’s going after the press, accusing them face-to-face of outright bias. He’s accusing the Democrats of being insincere, doing great harm to the Senate. One of Grassley’s points is (and John Cornyn’s, too): If we’re gonna get rid of somebody on the basis of an allegation with no proof, what are we doing for every future nominee that comes before this committee?

If the new standard is that all a nominee has to be is accused of something and that kills the nomination, then where are we headed? We’re headed exactly where the Democrats want. Just to refresh your memory, Blasey Ford and Leland Keyser were close… I mean, some say best friends, at the time of the alleged attack by Kavanaugh.

When Keyser’s denial was brought up at the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Blasey Ford attempted to discredit her by saying (imitation), “Well, she’s got health problems. She had problems. I don’t know, but she was not well. I felt really bad for her.” It turns out that Leland Keyser’s a former pro golfer. She does have back and neck problems but not mental health issues.

Monica McLean, again, Blasey Ford’s lifelong best friend and the woman Blasey Ford allegedly coached prior to taking a polygraph test. This Monica McLean is all over this story. We’ve only learned her name in the past week or so. And according to reports, Monica McLean was at Blasey Ford’s side in the hearing room before she testified. She was. I have now seen photos.

Anyway, Grassley said on Fox & Friends this morning that there is evidence in the FBI report that other witnesses were leaned on by allies of Blasey Ford as well, not just Leland Keyser! Other witnesses were leaned on. That means every senator has seen that. Every senator that’s read the report has seen this! And it apparently isn’t changing any votes.


RUSH: We’ll go to Pleasanton, California, first with Chris. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Good to talk with you. This Monica McLean, who you were just speaking of, the person that contacted Ms. Keyser and trying to get her to possibly change her testimony —

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: — she’s the same person that the boyfriend of Dr. Ford mentioned in the letter he sent in talking about how there was coaching going on by Dr. Ford on trying to get somebody to handle a polygraph exam.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s another story, by the way. The boyfriend’s letter has yet to be reported in mainstream media, nor has the story of Monica McLean pressuring Leland Keyser to change her testimony. Those two stories have not been reported ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press. People have not heard either of those.

CALLER: And there’s other things, like, for example, Dr. Ford mentioned in her Senate… I mean in the testimony she gave, she mentioned Rehoboth, Delaware, was where she was at. And that’s the last known address of this Monica McLean.

RUSH: Correct. Yes absolutely. When they wrote the letter, when Blasey Ford wrote the letter, that’s where she was. She was in Rehoboth, Delaware, with McLean. Yes.

CALLER: So here’s my question. There’s an emerging picture that there might be a lot going on behind the scenes here that hasn’t come out yet. I’m wondering if the Democrats, oddly enough, are not better off holding this vote now before more of this comes out. (Unintelligible) if it’s going to go through and at the last-minute change… One of the people that’s saying they’re gonna vote changes it so suddenly it goes down, and according to them because all this is about to come out.

RUSH: It’s not about to come out. That’s the whole point. You know it, but it’s not gonna come out. It hasn’t come out yet, it’s not gonna come out. Now, one thing. It has… The Leland Keyser pressure to change her testimony, that is in the FBI report. The Democrats have seen that. Grassley referenced it, and Grassley says there’s a lot more. There are many more examples of Blasey Ford witnesses being pressured to change their testimony.

Democrats have seen all that. It doesn’t change anything, it’s not gonna change anything. This is not about the evidence. It never has been about the evidence. And if those two stories miraculously made the front page of the New York Times website in five minutes and if ABC, CBS, NBC began to report all this, it wouldn’t change one Democrat Senate vote. Democrats can’t delay the vote anyway. That’s up to McConnell, the Turtle.

CALLER: Well, the question is, why wouldn’t Republicans make a greater effort for it to come out?

RUSH: Why wouldn’t they make a greater effort to…? It’s in the FBI report. The Republicans are thinking, the Democrats can see it. The Monica McLean aspect is in the FBI report. They discovered —

CALLER: Yeah, but to my knowledge, none of the Senator Grassleys, so forth, are not mentioning what we were just talking about in this conversation.

RUSH: No, they’re not. I can’t tell you why they’re not mentioning it.

CALLER: Okay. Thank you.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m wondering myself.

RUSH: Well, no, your questions are entirely legitimate, and they’re rooted in pure common sense. You’re sitting there thinking if the world knew this, it would change everything. It shows that the Blasey Ford side is willing to commit perjury, suborn perjury, pressure witnesses to change their stories, which then could be said to conclude that there’s not anything that Blasey Ford is saying that’s reliable!

But those two stories have not been seen by the American public at large. They’ve not shown up at Yahoo News, the Associated Press, New York Times, CBS, NBC, CNN, and they won’t, for the exact reason that the stories are being suppressed. But the Democrats in the Senate know it. Doesn’t matter. It’s about the seriousness of the charge. It’s not about the nature of the evidence. It never is.


RUSH: In Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to Dianne Feinstein, Leland Keyser is referred to as a “he.” Leland Keyser is one of Blasey Ford’s best buds, the ex-wife of Bob Beckel. In the letter to Feinstein, Leland Keyser is referred to as a “he.” This has led analysts to believe that Ford didn’t write the letter. Ford would know that Leland Keyser — would presumably know that Leland Keyser is not a man. If Leland Keyser’s one of Blasey Ford’s best buds then she would know she’s a woman.

But she’s referred to as a “he.” So now we’re back to Monica McLean, Blasey’s friend that helped her write the letter from her home in Rehoboth, Delaware. Guess what? McLean is a former FBI agent said to have worked as a spokesperson for Preet Bharara. Preet Bharara is a former staffer for Senator Schumer.

He went on to become U.S. attorney, Southern District for New York, ’til Trump fired him, and now he is one of the biggest Never Trumpers out there. McLean’s lawyer is David Laufman. “From the archives of the Washington Post, February 2018…” This guy was instrumental in the prosecution… Well, he was the prosecutor in charge of… (ear-splitting tone) Well, there’s the ear-splitting tone. Hang on. Let me complete the dots when I get back.


RUSH: Okay, to review: In her letter to Feinstein, Blasey Ford refers to her best friend, Leland Keyser as a “he.” Blasey Ford’s best friend is a woman. Blasey Ford would know this. So if Leland Keyser is referred to as a “he” in this letter, it’s logical to conclude that Blasey Ford didn’t write the letter. Okay? Well, then who might have helped her? Well, that would be Monica McLean at whose home Blasey Ford was in Rehoboth, Delaware, at the time the letter was written.

McLean, former FBI spokesperson, also worked with Preet Bharara… The reason I’m going through all this is that Blasey Ford is using people that are tied and linked at the hip and the heart and the brain to Democrat Party activism, from the FBI to the Department of Justice to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now, Monica McLean’s lawyer happens to be a guy named David Laufman.

According to the Washington Post, David Laufman helped oversee the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server from which she was exonerated, and Laufman also helped oversee the Russian interference in the Trump election or campaign in 2016. So how is it that Blasey Ford ends up in the home of a woman who’s tied to the DOJ and the FBI and characters who were involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia collusion investigation?

How does that happen? If you’re just a woman out in Santa Cruz or Palo Alto and you see that Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to be in the Supreme Court and you don’t think he should be because you think one time he attacked you, you send a letter to Dianne Feinstein, and the next thing you know… No. No. No. That’s not it. You send Feinstein a letter after traveling to Delaware to meet with your buddy Monica McLean who probably writes the letter for you because of the inclusion of Leland Keyser as a “he,” not a woman, which she is.

So you’re just… You’re a beach babe, a psychology professor, whatever, from California, and you end up writing a letter after traveling to Delaware, after saying you’re afraid of flying, and the lawyers don’t tell you that the committee is willing to fly out to California till they interview you. (impression) “I — I — I — What? I didn’t know. I did, I didn’t know you I — I would have welcomed you into my home if you had come.”

I don’t even think I buy this. She didn’t want them to come out there because she was gonna go to Delaware to meet with McLean! She didn’t want the committee seeing who she was meeting with. This whole thing required her to come to Washington. For this to pull off, she had to come to Washington. So we look at Hillary Clinton’s email server investigation and the Trump-Russia collusion, and what do we find? A woman who happens to be helping Blasey Ford defeat Brett Kavanaugh and his nomination to the Supreme Court!

With every Democrat saying within minutes of Kavanaugh being nominated they’re gonna oppose him, with every Democrat saying they believe her even though she doesn’t have any evidence, and TIME magazine just put her on the cover, the new cover of TIME magazine. Let’s see. It’s an illustration of Blasey Ford last week. She’s seen taking the oath. It’s pathetic. This whole thing has been a setup, is my point.

And the people that set it up are the same people that have been running the silent coup against Donald Trump! And every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee knows everything I just told you. But rather than it be a problem, they’re telling themselves how well organized they are and how brilliantly they pulled this off. In their world, they’ve made the American people really believe that this woman was minding her own business one day when she was 15 and this nominee to the court came and brutalized her, and she’s just a woman.

(Imitation) “Oh a teacher, that likes children, and that’s terrified to be here, huh.” They’re thinking what a masterful plan we’ve pulled off. We’ve got everything in this country thinking A that something that didn’t happen did, that we have nothing to do with it, when this whole thing is an orchestrated screenplay! And that’s why DiFi won’t turn any of the therapy and the polygraph information for the Judiciary Committee to look at. And the Republicans know this too.

But the power of the Democrats is look at the Republicans that are quivering and a little afraid to go ahead and confirm Kavanaugh. This Democrat machine is a scary, scary bunch. Democrat machine includes the media and all of these psychologically deranged protesters that are out there threatening and in some cases committing violence. We’ve got one of them who has just been arrested for “doxing” a bunch of Republican senators. That’s tech lingo for releasing their documents.

“Doxing” means to discover all of their private information, name, address, phone number, bank accounts, all that stuff, and making it public. A guy who interned for Sheila Jackson Lee and I think worked for Feinstein is the guy that did it! And don’t forget, Feinstein had a Chinese spy on her staff for a year driving her around. It might be legitimate to ask, was the Chinese spy actually a spy? Let me put it another way: Did Feinstein know that he was a spy and that’s why he was there?

I don’t know. I’m just telling you, we have been, again, subjected to a gigantic, real life Netflix drama. This thing has been scripted, it has been choreographed, it has been rehearsed! It had an objective that failed. And this is the reason we’re learning all this. The objective was for Kavanaugh to withdraw. They thought that they would get Kavanaugh so intimidated and making him think that all of this was so futile that in order to spare himself this assault, he would withdraw his nomination.

Barring that, that Trump would withdraw it so as to spare him the embarrassment. They miscalculated both ways. So now we’ve had a procedural vote, we’re gonna have the real Senate confirmation vote tomorrow on a totally manufactured, written, and I’m sure it’s been tested, script, with the power players being same people, the FBI, Department of Justice, deep state who helped run the silent coup against the Trumpster. Back to the phones we go.

This is Joe in Cincinnati. It’s great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor to speak with you. You’re a patriot, and I salute you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that more than you know.

CALLER: I’ll be quick. I’m a military service member of 16 years. And after witnessing this Kavanaugh circus, my friends and family say, hey, you should run for political office. After this there’s no way, because being deployed several times, the standard for left would be to accuse me of war crimes. Now, Rush, being a military service member I’m not gonna present a problem without a solution. And here’s the solution.

After Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh gets settled in, he should file slander charges against Swetnick, Ramirez, Ford, and any other activist liberal slanderer or the new standard will be “guilty until proven innocent.” And I can tell you this right now: My military brothers and sisters have not fought and died for that sort of right for this country.

RUSH: Damn right! That is exactly right. I don’t think Kavanaugh would be able to sue them. I don’t think that… Once you start getting into government, government officials and so forth… You get the First Amendment, which protects political speech. And you can produce an ad that says pretty much anything. And they can lie about whoever and whatever you want, and there’s not much you can do about it.

The remedy for that is more speech, which in this case equals more money to counter the lies that are being told. It’s a frustrating thing. It drives a lot of average people out of politics even to the point of not voting or not caring ’cause they think, “Why should I? I don’t know who’s telling me the truth. Probably nobody is. I can’t keep track of it anyway. It’s not worth the angst that it causes.” It causes a lot of people to tune out. But this is causing people to tune in.

I wish there were a remedy for this. ‘Cause it is all of what you said, slanderous and libelous. But there isn’t any recourse. You know, it’s the old song, success is the sweetest revenge.

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