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RUSH: Over the course of many recent months, I have made the point that one of the objectives of the modern American left is to transform America away from its intentions and its designs as founded. And in many ways, this was one of the agenda objectives of the Obama administration, although to do it in a stealth way. Obama couldn’t come out and say it beyond that his policies were “transformative.” He couldn’t define what that meant.

There would have been a revolt — and he wouldn’t have been elected if he’d been honest about what transforming America meant. So what he claimed it meant was taking on issues like climate change and health care for everybody and all this, transform America. But what they really want to do is transform America away from our unique founding, convert it to a socialist democracy.

Some of the radicals even want to go further and have this country become totally communist. In fact, there’s a poll out here today. This is from The Daily Caller. The poll is BuzzFeed news: “31% of Millennials identify as Democratic socialists, according to a study” that has been taken. You know, you’d like to not believe this. But the facts on the ground, just what you see — even though it may be anecdotal evidence — indicates that a lot of them have fallen for this.

“Millennial men were far more likely to identify as some kind of socialist than women. A total of 40% responded affirmatively to the question.” Now, how in the hell can that be? ‘Cause there’s one thing — something doesn’t just jibe with socialism. You know what it is? Self-reliance! Self-reliance, taking yourself seriously, standing up for yourself, believing in yourself, relying on yourself. Being a man just does not jibe with socialism.

Socialism does not work well with self-reliant people. Socialism and communism attempt to erase self-reliant people. Self-reliant people — people that do not need, do not depend on anybody but themselves, their immediate circle — are huge threats to socialists and communists. So how in the hell has this happened? How is it 40% of Millennial men have become socialists, more than women? It ought to be the exact opposite.

Well, hello, modern era feminism, which has had as one of its targets the demasculinization of men. And they’ve been very open and honest about that. They’ve even conjured up terms for it: “toxic masculinity,” “dangerous masculinity.” They are doing their best to erase natural male characteristics from as many young guys as they can, and since guys want to pal around with women within whatever women want is what men end up doing, on balance.

I mean, you have individual exceptions, of course. You got Clint Eastwoods or you’ve got James Caans that tell everybody to go to hell when they’re told how to live and how to act. But, on balance, men do what women want ’em to do. If a big book is famous and hot and women dig it, men are gonna go say they’re reading it or try to become conversant in it. It’s just the nature of things. So they’re being highly, highly successful — and it’s targeting America and its founding.

I’m not just targeting capitalism. They’re targeting the concepts of individual liberty and freedom and targeting the concept that government is the institution that needs to be limited most in a representative republic. The de-emphasis of government, the getting government out of people’s lives. It’s just the exact opposite with communists and socialists. So I have an evidence piece here. Not just flapping my gums.

There’s a New Yorker story by Michael Lista, a guy, published yesterday. “The Tears of Brett Kavanaugh” is its title. It is a horrible piece, and it does exactly that which I have been warning people. It goes all the way back to the founding of America to trash “white men.” Oh, that reminds me. Hang on here. You need to grab an audio sound bite here. It’s (muttering) 6 and 7. Pull quote: “Kavanaugh has no avenue of appeal, though, except his own hurt feelings. He is in touch with them, as he was taught to be.

“And so he’s seemingly weaponized crying, the way a little boy does when he’s in trouble.” Another pull quote: “But Kavanaugh’s performance last Thursday was something entirely different, distinctly contemporary. It combined the postwar attitude that men should be in touch with their feelings, to the point that they may cry, with the intrinsic American ideal of white male privilege.

“Because Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault, and may be denied the career elevation that he has long plotted, he blubbered like a newborn.” He has “plotted” his career, you see? He hasn’t had a series of goals and achieved them. Oh, no! The guy is a dangerous schemer. He has “plotted” to get on the Supreme Court, where he can rule against minorities and women and Latinos and Hispanics and gays and lesbians and transgenders, don’t you know?

This has been the lifelong “plotting” strategy of Brett Kavanaugh, and when there was the least bit resistance placed in his way, he was reduced to tears, started crying. And then this pull quote: “Kavanaugh’s “tears make a kind of sense. From a single phrase by Thomas Jefferson — that public life is about ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ — the fulfillment of the white American man’s atomized desires assumed the force of a fiat, and became the ultimate purpose of this country’s society.

“If a white man didn’t get what he wanted, it was nothing short of a constitutional crisis…” This is what this clown saw in the Kavanaugh hearings! But you’ll notice the references here. “From a single phrase by Thomas Jefferson — that public life is about ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’ — the fulfillment of the white American man’s … desires assumed the force of a fiat,” meaning an automatic, “and became the ultimate purpose of this country’s society.

“If a white man didn’t get what he wanted, it was nothing short of a constitutional crisis…” Bingo! These people prove me right each and every time I go analyzing them. So the trouble with America is that it was established by white men for white men and the pursuit of happiness and life and liberty was only intended for white men — and if any white man was obstructed in the pursuit, then there was something wrong with America.

Do not minimize this. I’m telling you, this belief is animating the last two generations, informing the last two generations of kids going to high school and college. This is the kind of drivel that they are being taught, that America is corrupt from its founding days, that it was founded for an exclusive group of people: White men. Nobody else need apply.

And when they don’t get their way — in other words, when minorities start taking over. Latinos, lesbians, gays, transgenders, you name it. When those people start taking over, that’s justice. When white men have their lunch handed to ’em and have to listen to what their pursuit of happiness has meant for everybody else: Misery, death, destruction, discrimination. This is what this sick bunch of people believe!

Go to the audio sound bites. More documentation. Last night on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon talking about the protests against the Kavanaugh nomination and your beloved host, me…

LEMON: There’s a (pause) not-at-all subtle undercurrent to all of this. This is not just an attack on conservatives. It’s an attack on white men. Rush Limbaugh, come on down!

RUSH ARCHIVE: These women are angry. Something has happened to them in their lives — and their rage and anger, they take it out now on the country or on all men or men in “the powerful majority,” which is white Christian men and so forth.

LEMON: Hmph! He said it. So don’t get mad at me and say (high-pitched voice), “Ooh, Don Lemon, everything’s about race!” Rather than searching for the truth, the president and his party, they’re appealing to their base, people who feel — feel — victimized, who fear the world is passing them by. Feel. Fear. People who see all of this as a zero-sum game. If women or people of color or LGBT advance, it must be at someone else’s expense.

RUSH: No, no, no, Don. That’s what you people are doing. I’m merely chronicling what’s happening out there. It is undeniable. I just shared with you one of countless examples I could cite. This guy Michael Lista in The New Yorker suggesting that Kavanaugh’s crying because he’s a white man targeted, singled out for advancement in America by other white men, and when it’s not going his way he breaks down and cries.

This piece justifies the attack on white men! It says it’s about time. The whole country — the assault on the whole country is validated because it’s actually an assault on a white male majority which has caused tyranny and sadness and misery and death and destruction for everybody else! All I said was, “These women are angry.” The #MeToo movement.

“These women are angry. Something has happened to them … their rage and anger, they take it out now on the country … ‘the powerful majority,’ which is white Christian men…” That’s the target. You can’t deny that white Christian men or just white men period are the target of modern feminism, of modern American liberalism and the American left. Somehow, Don Lemon converts this into a racial issue. It isn’t race.

We’re talking about the structure of America as founded and what’s to become of it, and the justification the left sees for getting rid of it and transforming it! He wants everything to be about race. There was no racial component in my comment at all. I’m simply identifying the targets today of the American left. See how easy it is for me to make my case here? They help me. They make my case for me. All I have to do is read to you what they say or play audio of what they say.

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