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RUSH: Senator Flake just announced he’s going to vote for the confirmation of Kavanaugh “unless something big changes.” Well, we don’t know what the “something big” changing could be. It could be anything. This is why I think he deserves a little praise here for doing the right thing when, in his world, people that matter to him — a lot of them — are just up and arms over this, and he’s standing up and doing the right thing here.

So I want to play an audio sound bite for you and this is to give you an idea what’s happening to Flake — and it’s happening to all of them. Remember that elevator confrontation where the two women and the CNN camera just ran into the elevator and ambushed the guy, started shouting, and it looked like it totally unnerved him? Well, the woman…

It was portrayed by CNN as just a couple of citizens that happened to be walking through the Senate. (impression) “They saw Flake, and they got livid, and they tracked him down and they went in the elevator — and average citizens are livid!” They weren’t average citizens. They were part of the paid mob, and one of the babes involved admits it this morning on CNN. This is Ana Maria Archila. Question: “Where is the disconnect in the conversation these days?”

ARCHILA: In order to have a healthy democracy, it is essential for our political leaders to connect with us, to look at us, to not look away, to listen to our stories. I feel very encouraged that actually people around — across the country are doing precisely that. We’re stepping… We’re overcoming some of our fears, doing things for the first time. Maria, who was there in that elevator with me, has never talked to an elected official. We spent 15 or 20 minutes before we saw Flake talking about how do you do that, and what I said to her was, “Just tell him why you’re here.”

RUSH: Right. So you see they’re sitting outside planning this. A little coaching go on. Ana Maria Archila is the co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, which is a Soros-Hillary Clinton front group. But the point is they’re not average, ordinary citizens outraged by what’s going on. They’re political activists. But the press portrays these people as just outraged Americans — women outraged at the status of male dominance in America, and they forced their way in there courageously — and it’s not that at all. He was ambushed by a political mob!

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