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RUSH: One thing to keep in mind, folks, when you hear any leftist talking about “whiteness” or “white privilege,” what that translates to is power.

Remember what the American left is — and it really serves to understand this. The American left today despises America as founded, and this may be a bit of a simplification, but I do this in order to communicate and be understood. At its very essence, the modern-day American left — as taught and educated over the past two generations through middle school, high school, and college — has been taught to hate America because America is unjust from our founding days, because it was founded by white men.

White men founded a place for themselves and excluded everybody else, and everybody else has been getting the short end of the stick for over 200-plus years. Only now is the awareness and sensitivity to this being realized. Only now are the victims of this white privilege, of this white power — only now — are they standing up and demanding to be heard. Only now are they rising up in righteous indignation and demanding fairness and redress.

And the only way that can happen is for the white power structure of white privilege to be destroyed and replaced by a coalition of all of those who have been victimized, segregated, punished, mistreated, abused, what have you, by them reclaiming — or not reclaiming, but claiming — what is justly theirs, and that is America and its political systems. And that’s what young people have been taught.

Now, as evidenced by that column I read by Alexis Grenell — or any other of these militant feminists, militant leftists — it is essentially the product of the classroom and the campus which has now grown up and matured and become the, quote-unquote, “mainstream” of the Democrat Party. This angry, agitated base of people that spends the sum total of every day in a permanent state of rage and anger. In their minds, they are powerless within American systems to fix anything, because white privilege has a death grip on every institution, on every election, on everything that matters.

They have a death grip on the money. They have a death grip on the economy. They have a death grip on everything. And in releasing this death grip, they must get violent and they must get in your face. People are taught this way. Hatred and rage and anger have to be taught or inspired or mobilized. You don’t come out of the womb this way! Everybody comes out of the womb smiling and happy.

Now, when a baby makes a mess of itself in a diaper, yeah, there’s anger. But you get my point here. The natural state of a human being is not rage and anger. The natural state of humanity is not that as epitomized by the Democrat Party. Yet that has become the Democrat Party. I firmly believe — and I said this Friday, and even if it makes me sound naive, I’m gonna say it again. In a sane world, in a decent and just country, the actions of the American left just in the past two years would result in the biggest landslide electoral defeat of the Democrat Party’s lifetime.

There is not a single thing in a decent and just country that the American left, that the Democrat Party has done by virtue of its behavior that warrants the stamp of approval of winning elections. Yet they win them within their closely contained bases, districts, and states — their enclaves — which is actually a very small portion of this country in terms of square mileage. It’s population centers of the big cities on the coasts and in the Great Lakes.

Here’s the… It’s not a dirty little secret, but it’s something to always keep in mind. And, frankly, I was happy watching the news over the weekend to hear a number of people on our side making this point because it’s a point that’s been true for as long as I have been doing this program and longer. We say constantly that the left uses the courts to act as insurance policies against losing elections, that the left cannot succeed in implementing its agenda nationwide except via the courts, and that’s why the courts are so important, and that’s why the courts…

Liberal Democrat presidents have stacked as many of the federal courts, federal appellate courts as they can with leftist-activist judges, not just plain old, simple judges who rule on the law. And there is a dirty little secret behind this, folks. The Democrats simply do not have the numbers in the country to pass their agenda in Congress. They do not have the numbers to implement and pass their agenda legislatively. In other words, they cannot get their beliefs, their ideas passed as laws in America.

They have to rely on activist judges to do it. Now, you might be say, “Well, Rush, I’ve heard you say that before. Nothing new there.” Well, there nothing new about it, but particularly its relevance, its power and its importance has been magnified in this current Kavanaugh fight and explains in one way why this is so important to them. They are, in their minds, on the verge of losing the highest court in the land. They’re on the verge of losing the ability to have the highest court in the land rubber stamp their policies.

If you go down and look at leftist issue by leftist issue — these issues they’ve roiled our culture, turned our culture upside down — you won’t find any of them that have been passed into law by the elected representatives of the people except for Obamacare. Abortion? The American people haven’t decided that. That was forced on the American people by a leftist, activist judge and a majority on the Supreme Court.

Any other number of cultural issues which are designed to strike out at this “white power structure” that the left so despises and so hates that they cannot beat, they cannot win. They cannot do this legislatively. They need activist judges nominating courts in order for what they want to be forced on everybody! This is the point. What they believe in, the ideas they have must be forced on the rest of us if they are to happen. They cannot withstand legislative tests!

It’s the same reason why every Democrat president, up to and including Obama, never tells the truth about their agenda. They would not win the presidency if they were honest about that which they intended to do. If Obama had been honest about the way Obamacare was gonna end up and how much it was gonna cost you and how much you deserved to pay for it because you’ve been getting a free ride all these years… If Obama had been anywhere near honest about that or what climate change was gonna cost you or anything, he would have never been elected.

And no Democrat ever would be. They routinely soft sell what they really believe. They do not imagine out and advocate socialism or communism in presidential campaigns. They will do it, as is the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose lunacy is on display in a leftist district in New York is harmless. But you put her on a national ticket somewhere and she kills it. We have not lost this country, and we have not lost that which can be traced directly back to our founding.

But the left wants everybody to believe that that founding and everything traceable back to it is unjust, unfair, that it is also racist and sexist and misogynistic and all these other things that are despicable. “We must do away with it!” They don’t have the ability to win any of these issues legislatively. Now, you leftists can get mad at me all you want out there, but you cannot refute this. Everything they want — everything they have achieved outside of Obamacare — has been forced on the country.

The country has been bludgeoned into accepting it. The country has been bludgeoned into looking the other way. And if you don’t look the other way and if you fight it, then what do they do? They sue you, they try to ruin you, or they bully you or they harass you or what have you. This is not the behavior that does win things legislatively, and yet the Democrats firmly believe that all of this is going to lead to this gigantic blue wave. I don’t care… Even today there are links all over the Drudge Report where if you click on ’em, you’re gonna find a story saying, “Yep. It’s over!

“Democrats win and win big — and even the Republicans think so.” AP has ’em. Reuters has ’em. New York Times, CNN. It doesn’t matter where you go. There’s always gonna be a story where Republicans agree it’s over. “The Republicans deathly afraid! Republicans scared to death! No way they can resist the coming the blue wave.” Sorry. I don’t buy it. It may happen; I don’t buy it. I don’t trust anything I see in the news anymore, and I certainly don’t trust a bunch of polling data, given what fallacies existed in both the news and polling leading up to 2016.

Here is a story of a website called the Babylon Bee. “Democrats Shudder At Idea Of Having To Legislate Through Congress Should Supreme Court Lean Right.” I don’t know if this site is legitimate or not. If it’s a hoax site, what they’re doing is satire on the truth, because it absolutely is the case. They are petrified of Kavanaugh being on the court simply because of the shift in the court that it represents. But it is undeniable, folks. It’s factual. It’s right in front of us.

They have not been able to succeed implementing the leftist, socialist, communist agenda via the United States Congress. They can do it in their state legislatures; I give you places like California and so forth. They haven’t been able to do it nationwide. It has to be forced. And of course for that to work — for the use of force to work — you have to cave to it. You have to cave to the bullying, which has happened on gay marriage; it’s happened on transgender bathroom issues.

It’s happened on every oddball leftist cultural demand out there. They count on everybody caving. They count on everybody suing for peace, until Donald Trump came along. Donald Trump doesn’t cave, he doesn’t sue for peace, and he doesn’t cower to them. He calls them out. It makes perfect sense they would despise Donald Trump. It would make perfect sense if they feared Donald Trump. It makes perfect sense that they hate him. He refuses to play ball. Look at what they’ve attempted to force on the country with this whole Russian collusion thing.

Trump-Russia collusion? That’s a classic illustration of the left attempting to force what they want people to think happened on the American people using everything in their arsenal. They have the media. They have the deep state. They had Never Trumpers on the Republican side. They had all kinds of allies! They had a special counsel with an eliminated budget, 16 or 17 Trump-hating lawyers/investigators — and still nothing! Because there has been pushback.

When there is pushback on the left, they will fail. They can fail. They have gotten accustomed to there being no pushback. They’ve gotten accustomed to Republicans being afraid of them and afraid of the media. It’s this pushback — Trump having the audacity to run and the audacity to win then the audacity to actually do what he said he was gonna do in utter defiance of all these people. It’s rendering them unbalanced and insane.

By the way, Paul Sperry (who writes columns at the New York Post and other places), tweeted yesterday afternoon at 2:06 p.m.: “Washington Post national security correspondent Greg Miller spent the last 2 years writing a book on Trump and Russia, and yet he found no evidence that Trump or any member of his campaign conspired with Russia to hack the election. Zip. Zero. Zilch.” Nada! You won’t hear about this. I don’t know if this guy is bragging or talking about it.

But a Washington Post correspondent spent the last two years writing the book on Trump-Russia collusion, and there’s a problem. He can’t find a shred of evidence that anybody within any Trump circle or Trump himself had anything to do with Russia at any time for any reason during the campaign. None! Stop and think of all of the abject lies the left forces on this country via, supposedly, legitimate news stories each and every day. It’s nothing but the use of force. The use of force flooding the zone because they do not have facts on their side.

They do not have majorities on their side, and they know it, which is why their reliance on the courts is so strong. Let me take a brief timeout. I’m just telling you, folks, if everything were just and decent here, these people would receive the biggest electoral punishment in the history of the Democrat Party in November. For all of the grief, the misery, the lies, the destruction — the attempted overthrowing of all of these things that make America great — they should be punished with minority status so low that it would take ’em decades to get it back.

That’s what ought to happen.

I know it’s not going to.

That’s what should happen.

That’s what they deserve.


RUSH: The Babylon Bee is a conservative satire site. I’m being inundated with people informing me that it’s not only great, that it’s Christian, and it’s filled with people of white privilege. So we heartily endorse it, the Babylon Bee. Anyway, their point proves my point about humor and satire. For it to be true and funny, it must have an element of truth in it. And it does. The Democrat Party is very much aware that they cannot and do not implement their beliefs via Congress.


RUSH: Look, I’ll go so far even in my continuing attempts to be pervasive on the point I’m trying to make. I don’t think Democrats care a whit about sexual assault, folks. I don’t think they care a whit about it. It was just the most convenient way of attacking and getting rid of Kavanaugh. There are too many Democrats who commit sexual assault that they never complain about for the Democrats to really care about it. Bob Menendez, senator in New Jersey, was caught and went to trial over having sex with some underage women in the Dominican Republic.

He’s got a 10-point reelection lead.

Democrats don’t care about that. Look at Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, any number of Democrats that you can point out. They’ve had their sacrificial lambs like Harvey Weinstein. But they don’t get rid of too many actual elected political people unless they are convinced that getting rid of them isn’t gonna hurt them. But they stand by the ones they think they need. But Kavanaugh was not even about sexual assault, folks. That was just the hook. That was just the train they decided to ride to derailing the nomination.

Anyway, Derek in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. You are up. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. So at the beginning of your show, you had a rhetorical question about do the Democrats really believe in this new tactic with the mob. And, I mean, the Democrats, they’re an insurgency. They’ve become a political insurgency. And, as you know, when insurgencies are defeated, they just change tactics. And the new tactic, you know, they employed with Judge Kavanaugh with Christine Blasey Ford, they had a twofer. They had someone that not only educates our youth, but they had someone that was willing on put a suicide vest for ’em. Now, I just think that this is the new battlefront, and thankfully we have Trump who can — who has — put some steel in the spine of Republicans.

RUSH: Well, true. True. (sigh) But maybe I’m silly for trying to force this issue. But let me just ask you point-blank, all right? You have talked and are willing to address the issue. Do you think that this “insurgency,” as you’ve described it, which is this behavior that we’ve seen the last two weeks…? Do you think that kind of behavior, which was widely publicized…? The Democrats loved it. The media loved it. They tried to make heroes out of these people. They didn’t try to hold them back.

When they wanted to disrupt the Senate vote, they disrupted the Senate vote. When they wanted get in the halls of the Russell Senate Office Building, they did so. They got in elevators. They shouted these people down. The Democrats have not once called out that activity. They’ve never once told that side, their side, to stand down. Do you think the American public watching that is going to be turned off by it and want to vote against it, or do you think the American public doesn’t care one way or the other and doesn’t even really notice it?

CALLER: I think it’s largely gonna be turned off, but like you said, they’ve completely changed their base now. They’ve given up on the working blue-collar class, and they’re now trying their hand to see if they can somehow increase the numbers with women on these types of issues. But I think largely that the American people are gonna be turned off, and I think it’s all gonna come down to who’s able to get out the votes in a month. But that has no bearing on 2020.

RUSH: Okay, this is my point. I don’t think, given what we’ve seen the last two weeks… Among people in the public who watched it, I don’t think the Republicans need to do any get-out-the-vote. This was it! In my sane and just world, the Democrats just succeeded in getting Republican turnout larger than it’s ever been for a midterm. I know I’m probably wrong about that. But that’s how I look at it, that’s how it ought to be, and I’m the king of books titled The Way Things Ought to Be.

It ought to be that people were outraged by this! It ought to be that people can’t wait to go punish this bunch of scum for the way they have treated this country the past two weeks alone! The Republicans ought not have to spend a dime getting out the vote based on this. But I know that’s not the reality. It’s kind of frustrating to me, but that’s the case.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Democrats think that they’re gonna have turnout here that dwarfs anything the Republicans have to show up on election. Democrats think they own the whole country agrees, except they really don’t. They know they don’t have enough Americans to win legislative battles. But they think that they’re gonna be able to put together enough people to dwarf whatever Republican turnout there is. And they’ve got news stories predicting that very thing. So people are gonna be reading it. People gonna be reading Republicans don’t have a chance.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: You may reply.

CALLER: No. I agree. And I think they energize… I think they energized the base and they did exactly what need to be done. And I think that this is the issue that you were speaking of a month or so ago that the event hadn’t happened. And with 29 days left, it happened.

RUSH: True. Yeah. When I said, “The events are gonna shape the midterms hadn’t happened” 30 days ago, I was exactly right. And there are some people saying that this is gonna be forgotten by the time the election comes around. A lot of people. I saw ’em on Fox today. A lot of learned pundits and commentators, “Aw, this is gonna be so old by then!” I actually heard a couple people say, “The things that people are gonna vote on probably haven’t happened yet.”

(chuckling) I just had to chuckle. Now, I can see with the passage of time. You cannot maintain this uber-passion for long. Nobody can! (interruption) Well, but we’re talking about… I’m talking about reasonable people. I’m saying it’s understandable to me that some passion on our side is going to fade. There’s still a month to go! The other side? They have been chomping at the bit since election night 2016, and they’re only getting more enraged.

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