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RUSH: Hey, how is everybody? Everybody doing okay out there? What a great weekend, eh? Everybody go out there and celebrate by having a beer in Justice Kavanaugh’s honor? I certainly hope so. (interruption) No, no, no. Not in a Solo Cup but right out of the can or right out of the bottle. You don’t pour beer in a Solo Cup.

Greetings, my friends, and welcome. Here we are ready, willing, and able to kick off yet another brand-new week of broadcast excellence. Our telephone number, if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882.

What do you bet after this brouhaha…? This vote ended up being 50-48. What do you bet after all of this brouhaha, after all the angst, after all the character and life assassination the Democrats tried on Kavanaugh, what do you bet that the vote would have turned out exactly the same regardless what the Democrats did? The Democrats didn’t sway one vote. They gave it everything they had but they did not sway one vote.

Murkowski even at the end of the day ended up canceling out her “no” vote by pairing her “present” with Senator Daines who couldn’t be there because of his daughter’s marriage. I mean, all of this — and the vote was not — I could make the case that the vote would have been probably the same. It would have been along party lines, and none of that had any effect on the outcome. But it did have an impact on much else. And, as we get into the program today, gonna be examining some impacts of the activities of the Democrats.

I’m a little conflicted about this because I’m not sure — I’m pretty sure but I’m not quite sure of something. I’ve got a tweet here that got me started thinking about this. I have a tweet from our old buddy Nate Silver, and wouldn’t you know it? I’ve put it out of order from where I… He makes the point here… Here it is: “The football-spiking after Kavanaugh was confirmed this weekend was one such example. There’s always *some* of that after a big policy/electoral win, but there’s also usually a fair amount of magnanimity and reaching out to the losing side. Not so this time.”

This tweet of Nate Silver’s is totally absent… It ignores the infantile screaming. Did any of you watch the vote on Saturday? Did you hear the infantile, baby-like shouting and screaming from those women up in the gallery? J. Christian Adams has written about it and has expressed it almost exactly as I would say it. I mean, this was just guttural immaturity, scary psychological disorder. I mean, it was embarrassing; it was frightening in the sense that that’s who the base of the Democrat Party is. And I really wonder…

There’s a part of me that wonders — and it’s a very small part. I wonder if the Democrats at large ignore that and do not think that that behavior is tied to them. They don’t do anything to stop it. And, in fact, they encourage it! Maxine Waters is out there encouraging it. Mazie Hirono is out there. Did you hear what Mazie Hirono said? Mazie Hirono says people are totally justified in harassing Republicans in public in restaurants and even in their homes and forcing them out because they’re white racists.

They’re white supremacists. They’re totally, totally justified. So there’s a part of me that knows the Democrats are promoting this. There’s another part who thinks some Democrats do not think that this deranged psychological upset is tied to them. Let me put it this way. If we had people on our side behaving like this, it would worry me to death. It would worry me to death that voters are gonna think that conservatism is made up of deranged lunatics like this! The Democrats don’t seem to be concerned about that at all.

Some of them, like Nate Silver here, don’t even think that that behavior is assumed by voters to be the behavior of mainstream Democrats. And I wonder if that’s true, and if it is true, how can they be so obtuse? If it isn’t true and if they are aware of it and are proud of it and are encouraging it, then the question becomes this: When you get into turnout for the November elections and the midterms… By the way, you know what people are now saying, Mr. Snerdley?

The Democrats, some of the people on TV are saying, “Well, I don’t think that we know yet what issues are ignore turn the vote in November.” (chuckles) I wonder where they heard that? I wonder where they heard that idea. Well, we don’t actually know the issues that are gonna turn the turnout of the election yet. We have still a month to go before the election. It is an interesting question, though. Will any of the passion fade away on either or both sides of this?

On the Democrat side, it’s not gonna fade away, and I think everybody needs to know this. On the Democrat side, this deranged lunacy has become the defining characteristic of today’s Democrat Party and the American left. You have to remember these people have been off their rocker since November of 2016. They have been mad, insane, crazy, percolating, compounding, compressing all of this ever since then. They have been loaded for bear ever since Election Day and the day after, 2016.

Then this Kavanaugh situation comes up. And I don’t think, on the Democrat side, they can get any more hysterical. And I don’t think they can get any more motivated than they are. I think they are at their peak right now. I mean, they’re still talking about investigating Kavanaugh further. Pelosi wants to see the FBI documents released. She wants a full-fledged investigation of Kavanaugh. The Democrats are talking about Jerrold Nadler — the House Judiciary Committee ranking member of the Democrats — promising if the Democrats win the House, that they’re gonna impeach Kavanaugh, gonna investigate him, get him thrown off the court.

They’re not gonna let this subside. This Kavanaugh thing is not over, and they’re gonna continue to rile their side up and motivate them and courage them to continue engaging in what you and I would call this massive civil disobedience, also it’s more than that. It’s genuine childlike… It’s not even childlike. We’re dealing with a complete emotional breakdown and a group of people… I don’t care whether they’re paid or not, folks. I don’t want to fall back on that to suggest that this anger they feel is not legitimate.

It’s legitimate, whether they’re being paid or not. I don’t think that means that the real enthusiasm of Democrat voters is less than what we think it is, just because some people have announced that they accepted money to go do this stuff. I don’t think that they look would sit around and do nothing and twiddle their thumbs all weekend long if they weren’t being paid. I think the Democrat rage is real, and it’s been real since election night 2016. They thought they were gonna win; they thought they were gonna win in a landslide.

They haven’t been able to come to grips with that. The Kavanaugh thing is just further evidence that elections have consequences. They sense themselves losing control and losing and losing, and they can’t deal with it. They simply cannot deal with it. And rather than do what’s necessary to put themselves back together and become a winning enterprise, they continue with their primary strategy of trying to tear down and destroy the opposition and eliminate it.

Rather than do what’s necessary to reach a broad swath and majority of the American people — which they cannot do in their current makeup. Which is why I ask over and over if the Democrats at large, elected Democrats, really are unaware of the impression these people are creating about them when these are mad, insane, disgusting Democrat protesters, they are identified with the Democrat Party. And I don’t know if some elected Democrats really get that. I could be all wet. They could totally get it, and they could be promoting it, which is probably closer to the truth than not.

But for those that don’t get it, it amazes me that it is possible that these professional Democrats are like Nate Silver do not consider these protesters to be members of their party and representative of the party at large. Here’s J. Christian Adams writing at PJ Media. “Kavanaugh Foes Fill Senate Gallery with Sounds of the Insane.” “If there was any doubt that the opposition to Kavanaugh was unhinged, uncivil, disruptive, rude, and borderline nuts, my experience in the gallery made it clear.” “I have visited…” This is Chris Adams writing.

“I have visited hospitals for the seriously mentally ill, and the shrieks from this woman were as odd and unearthly as anything I ever heard inside a mental hospital. They echoed off the halls and ceilings outside the gallery in decreasing but astonishing amplitude. Then the roll was called, and it sounded like the gates of hell opened up. Nearly a dozen women erupted in unison, shouting, howling, screaming, in an unrecognizable venomous wail. They wouldn’t stop. There was fury, rage, hate, poison in the noise.

“It wasn’t prose. It wasn’t song. It was a swarming, shrill, swirling noise. … They were the sounds of irrational, unhinged, and unmoored lunatics. These were the people who opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination. They were an embarrassment to themselves,” and, he writes, “Pay attention, that’s what the Left sounds like.” Yeah, it is, and the Democrat Party doesn’t seem to the least bit concerned about it. The Democrat Party doesn’t seem to be the least bit embarrassed by it. The Democrat Party at large doesn’t seem to worry at all that this kind of discordant madness is going to negatively impact them in the elections.

In fact, they may think the opposite. They may think that this is what’s going to further inspire more discordant madness, which will result in massive turnout. They believe it’s going to frighten Republicans into not confronting them and basically letting them have their way, because who wants to deal with lunatics and the insane face-to-face. But what it means to me is I don’t know that they can get more rabid. I don’t know that there’s anything else that can happen that get them more fired up than they are.

Stephen Colbert has a writer on his staff. That show couldn’t occur without writers. I’m very proud to say here no writers on the Rush Limbaugh program. Every time I see this, I don’t care if it’s Carson… Carson had writers. Letterman had writers. The Daily Show had writers. A lot of them, 12 to 14 of the ’em out there. Every one of these late-night shows has writers. We don’t have any writers here. Now, granted, we don’t do monologue, stand-up jokes here, but we do delve into exquisite comedy and humor here frequently. But there aren’t any writers here.

It’s just a professional thing with me. How much credit should these hosts get when they don’t even write most of their own material? And the people who do write are not ever supposed to be known. They’re supposed to dutifully, willingly be invisible, stand or sit in the background and never let it be said that they provide the material for the host of any of these late-night shows. Well, there are no producers here, and there are no writers here, and there are no segments here. There are no story boards. There’s no segment layout or any of that.

This show just happens. But one of the writers on the Colbert show is named Ariel Dumas. (Maybe she pronounces it Dumas. Who knows?) One of her tweets — which was deleted but many people screenshotted it so that it survives. “Whatever happens,” she tweeted, “I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.” “Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.” Never Trumpers were siding with these kind of people a year ago.

We’ve reached a point where I think any assault or crime committed against a Republican by a Democrat should be investigated as a hate crime. I mean, this hate is visceral. It consumes them. It is dangerous bigotry. And the Democrats believe this is going to win elections. The Democrats think that this is gonna inspire turnout, that it’s going to inspire all kinds of enthusiasm. But what else might it be doing? There are a lot of people, folks, who are not immersed and absorbed daily in the ebb and flow of politics.

And these people largely believe that Democrats are silent and quiet and reasonable and tolerant and carrying and compassionate and look out in the little guy, you know all the old cliches.


RUSH: By the way, I am reliably told that correct pronunciation of Stephen Colbert’s writer’s last name is “dumbass,” Ariel “Dumbass,” not “Doo-mahs,” and I’m sorry for getting it wrong. You know, her account included several other anti-Kavanaugh tweets. Quote, “Brett Kavanaugh 100% gonna ask Justice Sotomayor to fetch him coffee.” This was a Saturday tweet. I don’t think… Does she know how stupid these people are? Do you know that the freshman, the newly arrived justice does that? The newly arrived justice gets that kind of grunt duty.

You would think that kind of thing wouldn’t exist on the Supreme Court, but it does. The newly arrived justice has to do all that kind of stuff. It’s part of the initiation, and it lasts for a while. Not until the next justice shows up, but it lasts for a while. But Sotomayor is not gonna be getting him his coffee and he’s not gonna be demanding it. In fact, he named his law clerks. Do you know he’s the only Supreme Court justice ever with four female law clerks? And of course do you think that is garnering him any credit with the left?

No, it’s the exact opposite. They say, “Well, he wants easy pickings.” (interruption) Well, that is. That’s how they’re reacting to it. “He wants easy pickings. He’s not an idiot. We all know who Kavanaugh is! He abuses women, and he wants four of them right there nearby.” That’s how they’re reacting to that. Ariel Dumbass also criticized Kavanaugh for stroking his family in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. She wrote, “It’s not automatically a moral achievement to be a son, a husband, a dad. It’s biology. A legal decision and biology again. Plenty…”

I can’t read what she says in a family show. And then she admitted she was emotionally shattered by the current state of affairs, which just proves the theory the Democrats are mentally disturbed people who project their mental problems onto the public, onto politics. It is exactly what is happening here. Do not underestimate that. And don’t think that I’m being flippant or exaggerational to make a point. I really do believe that we’re talking about mainstream mental and psychological disorders becoming standard operating procedure politics, the American left…

There’s no other way to explain this. Now, folks, to show you how deranged this is, I have in the stack today, I have two, maybe three what I would call teachable moment things. They are opinion pieces that appear in the mainstream media both today and over the weekend. They are related to Kavanaugh, but they… The pieces attempt to say what all of this means for America and, of course, for the Democrats. And much of it is just so dead wrong in the simple recitation of the facts of all this that it stuns me that people on the left cannot even face the facts of this and react to them!

They continue to react to what they think has gone on based on how they feel. And these are some of the standard-bearers of American journalism on the left. One of them is John Harris at Politico, one of the founders. “Democrats fear they are the wet rag party.” You know what this piece is about? This piece is about how the Democrats get their rear ends handed to ’em every time because the Democrats are a bunch of cowards. The Democrats have no guts. The Democrats are a bunch of paper tigers. The Democrats let Republicans walk all over ’em.

Now, how many of you think it’s the exact opposite? This is pretty common too. There are a lot of people on both sides who think their own side is a bunch of wusses. But I don’t know how anybody paying attention on the left can think that their side’s a bunch of wusses, but the fact that they do is fascinating to me. Now, here’s another such piece. And we have cited this woman once before. I don’t remember specifically when. Her name is Alexis Grenell. She has “written on gender and politics for the New York Daily News, the Washington Post, and other outlets.”

She had a piece on Saturday in the New York Times. It may have been actually published on Sunday and released on the Web on Saturday night. The date’s October 6th. Since I don’t read the paper anymore, I don’t know when this stuff actually shows up in the print edition. So my guess is this thing was released Saturday night on the Web to be published in the Sunday paper but it could have been in the Saturday paper as well. Doesn’t matter. “White Women, Come Get Your People.” I don’t even know where women whose thoughts are this convoluted… And you’re gonna hear.I don’t know where they come from.

I don’t know who’s responsible for creating them, molding them. I think it’s gender studies. I think it’s a combination of feminism and gender studies that literally corrupt young minds. In fact there’s another lengthy piece today that describes a hoax, three self-described leftists ran on academe. In a nutshell, three academics, self-described left-wingers are doing a kind of Project Veritas-like expose of how left-wing journals accept crazy studies, as long as they contain the right buzzwords and support leftist doctrine.

They’ve gotten journals of higher learning in applied disciplines of the academy to accept utter nonsense! One example of this is a feminist journal in academia accepted an anti-male rewrite of Mein Kampf. These hoaxters rewrote a 3,000-word essay of Mein Kampf and tooled it as anti-male, pro-woman feminism, and this journal accepted it! So basically they accepted a piece, an excerpt from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, “retooled” to have terms that would be buzzwords and knee-jerk reaction causes to them. And they ended up falling for it on the left, hook, line, and sinker.

The reason why left-wingers are doing this is because they’re worried that the disciplines that they trust and believe in are being shattered by a bunch of absolute gobbledygook insanity. And so they have prepared a series of hoax essays and papers and presented for peer review to journals of higher learning in the academy. They’re obvious hoaxes to anybody who knows anything about the originals of the papers that serve as the basis. In this case, Mein Kampf.

But this group of women accepted an essay right out of Mein Kampf with just a couple or three words or terms changed to make it look like it was an anti-male, pro-feminist piece. Utterly embarrassing. The details of this are long and detailed and in the weeds. But it is that kind of thinking that makes me wonder, or makes me realize, where people like Alexis Grenell come from. “White Women: Come Get Your People.” Let me give you just a sample pull quote to give you an idea what I’m talking about.

“[W]hite women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain. In return they’re placed on a pedestal to be ‘cherished and revered,’ as Speaker Paul D. Ryan has said about women, but all the while denied basic rights.” Does anybody have any idea what that is? Did that make any sense? When you heard me read that, did you go, “Oh, yeah! Yeah! Totally agree with that!” No. You’re shaking your head, saying, “What?” Let me read it again. “”[W]hite women benefit from patriarchy…”

For those of you in Rio Linda, “patriarchy” means like where you live, women are subjugated by the men; men run your house, right? That’s what this means, patriarchy. “[W]hite women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain.” In other words, they trade on their “whiteness” to find rich white guys to marry. They sell out the sisterhood, they sell themselves out, all to be placed on pedestals. But in doing so, they are denied basic rights by the patriarchy, and women who do this are sellouts and are not happy.

So every one of you white women who’s married, loves your husband, loves your family, you’re a sellout. Now, this has roots traceable back to the origin of militant feminism in the late 60s. But then you have to stop and grab yourself and say she, Alexis Grenell, really believes this, and the New York Times must because they published it. “After a confirmation process where women all but slit their wrists, letting their stories of sexual trauma run like rivers of blood through the Capitol, the Senate still voted to confirm Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

“With the exception of Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, all the women in the Republican conference caved, including Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who held out until the bitter end.” (Repeating) “[W]omen all but slit their wrists, letting their stories of sexual trauma run like rivers of blood through the Capitol.” I guess she’s talking about Blasey Ford, some of the others that bared it all except Blasey Ford didn’t bare anything. We don’t still know where, what happened, and we don’t know who did it!

Anyway, next paragraph: “These women are gender traitors, to borrow a term from the dystopian TV series The Handmaid’s Tale. They’ve made standing by the patriarchy a full-time job. The women who support them show up at the Capitol wearing ‘Women for Kavanaugh’ T-shirts, but also probably tell their daughters to put on less revealing clothes when they go out. They’re more sympathetic to Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, who actually shooed away a crowd of women and told them to ‘grow up.’

“Or Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, whose response to a woman telling him she was raped was: ‘I’m sorry. Call the cops.’ These are the kind of women who think that being falsely accused of rape is almost as bad as being raped. The kind of women who agree with President Trump that ‘it’s a very scary time for young men in America,’ which he said during a news conference on Tuesday. But the people who scare me the most,” writes Alexis Grenell, “are the mothers, sisters and wives of those young men, because my stupid uterus still holds out some insane hope of solidarity.”

You women who love your husband have gotten married, have had families, including sons, who supported Kavanaugh, you are selling out your utter fellow uteruses out there, and this Alexis Grenell is fit be over it! Because you’re being tricked by the patriarchy. You’re thinking you’re happy and having a good time but you’re not, you’re miserable, your rights are being denied, you’re being mocked and laughed at by people like Donald Trump who think you’re nothing more than a uterus!

“We’re talking about white women,” she writes. “The same 53% who put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status in 2016 by voting to uphold a system that values only their whiteness, just as they have for decades. Since 1952, white women have broken for Democratic presidential candidates only twice: in the 1964 and 1996 elections, according to an analysis by Jane Junn, a political scientist at the University of Southern California.”

“[W]hite women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness…” Does anybody know what this means? This is what your daughters are being taught! This stuff is enraging your daughter, making your daughter mad. Your daughters. This is the reaction to Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Folks, it’s not intellectual. It’s not scholarship. This is certainly not above average intellect. This is just plain incomprehensible drivel, disguised as learned education and discourse in 2018, and this is how women can end up going and can taught by other women like this and end up coming out of school raging and angry over they don’t even know what.


RUSH: And this Alexis Grenell is not the only woman writing this way. Liberal writers and activists are attacking “white women” all over the media today. “White women” are to blame for standing by, supporting Kavanaugh, helping him get confirmed. Alexis Grenell, in her piece, writes, “This blood pact between white men and white women is at issue in the November midterms. President Trump knows it, and at that Tuesday news conference, he signaled to white women to hold the line: ‘The people that have complained to me about it the most about what’s happening are women.

“‘Women are very angry,’ he said. ‘I have men that don’t like it, but I have women that are incensed at what’s going on.'” Everybody knows women who are incensed going on because they have husbands that they love and sons that they’re worried about. And these leftist women think those other women — you mothers of sons — are sellouts and traitors, including with your uteruses. This is sick! It is downright sick! It is not even based in a common sense with even a community of understanding. And the Democrats think this kind of thing is what’s going to generate a massive blue wave in the House. I… (sigh) Well, I’ll have more on that. I’m gonna get started on the phones. We’re gonna go to Denver. This is David. David, thank you for calling. You are first. It’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Reformed Android user dittos. How are you?

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Thanks very much.

CALLER: I wish I could be excited about this Justice Kavanaugh getting appointed to the — or finally rising to the — Supreme Court. But the level of vitriol, the outright rage that they threw at this, this whole entire — and you’ve kind of alluded to this already. Reason has been thrown out the window with the left, and we are a nation… As has been said a number of times, “We are a nation of laws,” and they seem to be lawless. They seem to be willing to do anything to undermine or remove somebody from consideration to the nation’s highest court because that’s their last bastion of hope. Heaven forbid these individuals go into power this fall. You know, there’s… I don’t believe in the blue wave, either. But if they do, our country is based upon a very fragile tension, almost.

RUSH: Oh, I agree with you totally. His point… I’m only taking over here ’cause I got 20 seconds and I’m a communications specialist. I’ll say it in as few words as possible. David here is worried that despite victory here, the left has gotten so deranged that they threaten the very structure of America with that rage — and with violence and bullying intent — they intend to basically strip away everything democratically elected simply because they don’t like it, using violence and bullying. And it’s a legitimate concern. That’s why they have to be defeated at the ballot box to start with!

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