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RUSH: Now that the Brett Kavanaugh vote is over, the Drive-By-Media is trying to figure out how it will affect the midterm elections.

According to Politico, Republican happiness about the outcome might be just a “sugar high.” Democrat Pollster Celinda Lake thinks happy Republicans could grow complacent. She says that anger always lasts longer than happiness, and it’s the Democrats that are angry.

Yeah, Democrats are angry. But what’s new about that? They are perpetually angry!

Democrats have been furious since Hillary lost. They’ve been furious since Gore lost in 2000! They’ve spent the last two years having a collective hissy-fit. Screaming, yelling, threatening, vandalizing, intimidating, disrupting, venting nonstop. They’ve thrown any notion of decent behavior and civility out the window.

They chase Republicans from restaurants. they attack teenagers wearing Make America Great Again hats. They bully politicians at work and send angry mobs to their homes. Republican members of Congress were shot trying to practice softball near the Capitol!

Yeah, the Democrats are angry. But maybe, just maybe, the Wizards of Smart are underestimating how fed up the rest of the country is watching the left’s endless, insane temper tantrums of increasing psychological disorders disguised as politics. I know I am fed up.

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