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RUSH: There was quite an event at the White House last night — the ceremonial swearing-in of Judge Kavanaugh — and, once again, last night, Donald Trump demonstrated his irreplaceable value. He demonstrated why he is a champion to the majority of people in this country. He violated another set of no-no’s. He did something you’re not supposed to do in a ceremony like this at the White House.


RUSH: Last night the ceremonial swearing-in Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court was there, including Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg, who… Well, never mind. (interruption) Yeah, she was awake. You know, she’s admitted that she shows up at States of the Union speeches having consumed a little wine to get through the night. It’s why she is seen falling asleep. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Elena Kagan was there, the Harvard Law School dean, who way back when hired Kavanaugh to teach at Harvard.

Elena Kagan, who now says, “I don’t think he should be on the court. I — I’m not sure that this is going to do the court any good.” Justice Thomas was there. A whole bunch of people. Anthony Kennedy, who Kavanaugh’s replacing. Here is the president of the United States. We’re starting here at audio sound bite No. 7. He is apologizing to Kavanaugh on behalf of the nation.

THE PRESIDENT: I would like to begin tonight’s proceeding differently than perhaps any other event of such magnitude. On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. Those who stepped step forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation, not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception.

RUSH: Just calling them out! Trump is right: This is not done. Normally when you get to the ceremonial swearing-in, you follow the script and all of that is in the past. It’s not to be referenced again. The fight is over; everybody acknowledges that the result is the result and we’re moving forward. Except that’s not the way it is anymore! The Democrats are not stopping. The fight’s not over to them. The Democrats are openly promising to impeach Kavanaugh. They’re openly promising to continue to investigate Kavanaugh.

They are openly talking about the packing the court if they win the House of Representatives, to the power Kavanaugh has as the fifth so-called conservative justice on the court. They’re not pulling back at all. This isn’t anywhere over, and so Trump is calling them out. And I’m telling you, folks, this is crucial. I can’t think of any former president that would ever do anything like this. In defense of his nominee, in defense of his principles, I can’t think of one who would do it.

It’s just as important that Trump do this as it was important when Trump, at a rally, explained to the American people what the American media had not told them, when he recited the essence of her testimony. When the Drive-Bys said that he was mocking Dr. Blasey Ford, he wasn’t mocking. He was simply informing the American people what the media was holding from them: She couldn’t tell anybody where it happened! She couldn’t tell them when it happened; she wasn’t sure where the house was.

She didn’t know how she got home and she didn’t know who took her, and she didn’t know what she said after the event, that the only thing she remembered is that she had one beer — that the four people she said were there in the house all denied it. The press had told nobody that. The American people that only consume what we call mainstream media had no idea of all of these holes in her testimony until Donald Trump told everybody at his rally, and he was doing the same thing with the same principle in this apology last night at the White House.


RUSH: By the way, folks, a little heads-up here. I’m going to continue today my attempt at explaining the divide that exists in the country, specifically by explaining just who the left is, what they’ve become, what we’re up against. To me, it is the seminal issue that we all face. We’re talking about nothing less than the survival of the country as we know it. I mean, America’s always gonna be here; don’t misunderstand. But this country surviving as founded.

We are under assault; it has never been worse.

Maybe the Civil War, but those were different circumstances. That was a specific argument about cultural things regarding slavery that, in the end, nobody of any reasoned attitude could ever support. We find ourselves here in a multilayered, multifaceted, all-out assault on the entire concept of America as founded. Some people sense it. Some people are not aware of it. And I’ve just sort of evolved here into a position where I feel compelled to try to explain this, sound some warning bells and maybe present some solutions.

I have to be very careful I don’t overdo this. I don’t want to… You know me, I’m the nation’s No. 1 natural optimist, and I don’t want to sound overly pessimistic. But at the same time I’m still searching for the best way, the perfect way to explain to everybody what I think the real threats that we face are. So that’s coming up as the program unfolds. Back, however, to the ceremony at the White House last night with the president.

First off, apologizing to the nation, apologizing to Kavanaugh on behalf of everybody in America for what was done to him, for what happened to him! And the Kavanaugh episode codifies exactly what I think we are up against. And it illustrates something else that I think a lot of people are having trouble understanding. We’re not in a battle of ideas. The left is not interested in our ideas. We’re battling people who do not want us to exist. They have no desire to coexist with us.

They have no desire for the ongoing political arguments over the best way to do things for a majority of people. That’s not their interest. Their interest is the elimination of opposition, however it can happen. They have no limits on how low they will go, on how depraved and perverted they will be in seeking their reality. It all, I am convinced, started on American college campus… Well, tracing where it started, I mean, go back to the twenties and Soviet influence, communist influence.

But for the purposes of my being able to explain this, the most recent starting point would be the most compelling, and I think best way to get people’s attention with it. Because most people’s historical perspective begins with the day they were born. So ancient history is… If they’ve not been taught it, they don’t know it. So the closer to the present you can trace the beginnings of current problems, the more effective persuasion will be. It’s always been my feeling on this, my thought.

But they don’t… Folks, we are not legitimate in their eyes. Our ideas are not legitimate; our existence is not legitimate, and not even worthy of discussing or acknowledgment. In fact, they don’t even look at the United States the way we do. They don’t accept the founding of the country, the principles in our founding documents. They accept none of that. None of that is relevant. All of that is part of the discrimination that was founded as part of this country, as far as they’re concerned.

And it was all on display in the Kavanaugh hearings, everything that we are up against. The absence of presumption of innocence? Kavanaugh was guilty because he’s a conservative. Kavanaugh was guilty, not because they had any evidence. Kavanaugh was guilty because, in their minds, he’s got no business being a judge! And he’s got no business being a judge because he’s not one of them. It’s no more complicated than that. How they get rid of him? That’s another story.

But his illegitimacy is born of a simple fact that he’s not on their team, that he’s not one of them. So anything that can get rid of him and derail him, in their world, is entirely not just permissible, but it’s required. If you have to deny him the presumption of innocence, then that’s what we’ll do. If you bring forward a woman who can’t prove what she says but is believable saying it, then that’s fine; that’s what we’ll do.

If it takes the Democrats and Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein strategizing together for months coming up with this, then that’s what we’ll do. It has nothing to do with anything other than Kavanaugh isn’t them and he, therefore, doesn’t deserve to be on the Supreme Court. The rest of it — the histrionics, the childlike wailing and immaturity — is the result of the liberal-socialist mind-set. People, young people, immature children that don’t get their way are already suffering psychological disorders of one kind or another.

Like the video. That video of these kids on Saturday afternoon literally clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court to get in, to try to stop the real swearing in! They were literally clawing at the doors! There wasn’t any humanity in this. This was just raw hatred and fear coupled with massive psych disorders. All of it promoted, not denounced — all of it promoted and encouraged — by the powers that be in the media and the Democrat Party and the citadels of the left. As I’ve been saying, what do decent people do in response to this?

Decent people, we’re not gonna become them. They have, as an objective, ruination and total human destruction of their opponents. That’s us. Do not doubt me on this. That may sound a little extreme to those of you that are here on the periphery. Do not doubt me. That is their objective: total destruction and ruination. Well, how do we fight that? Decent people are not gonna try to ruin their political opponents. They’re gonna try to beat them. But we’re not gonna become who they are.

We don’t have it in us to become who they are. So, given that, how are they stopped? It’s a serious question. If they are willing to do anything, including de facto career and life political murder to stop things they don’t want, to stop people that they don’t want, how do you oppose them? How do you beat that back? Do you do it with decency? Do you do it with politeness? Do you do it with manners? Sorry, it isn’t gonna cut it.

Sorry, Never Trumpers, but the right manners and comportment and so forth isn’t going to cut it. Some people might say, “Rush, the church. The church is rock solid. The church is where enduring values live.” Not anymore. The churches are like every other institution, sucking up to the people they think hold power. Everybody needs money. Churches need money. All kinds of people need money. And if the people who are gonna give you money demand you be a certain way and be open to certain things, then you’re gonna do it!

This is happening.

Take a look at Il Papa and what’s even happening to the Catholic Church in places. We have a serious, serious problem when talking about the preservation of what I call our way of life underneath the umbrella of decency. So we’re very lucky we have somebody willing to push back against it from the highest levels of power in the country. Donald Trump fearlessly pushes back on it, calls them out, identifies them. They’re not used to this. They don’t know how to react to it.

The media is the greatest illustration of that, not knowing how to react to be called out for what they really are. I mean, everybody’s accused the media of being biased over the years. But nobody accuses them of fake, making it up, participating in the open and wanton ruination of people. Nobody ever accuses them of that. I mean, we may here. But at the highest levels of government, it’s never happened before. There’s Donald Trump doing it — and from the East Room of the White House!

Here is more Trump last night. This really triggered ’em, when he declared Kavanaugh innocent…

THE PRESIDENT: What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency, and due process. In our country, a man or a woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: And with that, I must state that you, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent. Thank you.

RUSH: Oh, did that…? That ripped ’em a new one right there. That just… That ha to —

THE PRESIDENT: Margaret and Liza, your father is a great man. He’s a man of decency, character, kindness, and courage who has devoted his life to serving his fellow citizens.

RUSH: You know what that is? I’m sorry, Never Trumpers, but that’s just pure class. To take the time to look at those two little girls and tell him that their father is a great man? In the midst of all of this, the president of the United States taking time out to tell those two young daughters of Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh that your father is a great man? Every father wants to hear that. Every father loves having his children told that he’s a great man. Few ever are afforded that opportunity, but Trump did it last night.

Then proclaiming Kavanaugh’s innocence. I mean, that is akin to taking all the poison arrows that every Democrat launched at Kavanaugh the past two weeks and firing them back at once right down the throats of every Democrat senator on the Judiciary Committee and every member of the media that tried to ruin Kavanaugh. To openly proclaim him innocent! “He can’t do that! That wasn’t a court of law. He can’t know.” But they had him guilty, did they?

He was guilty simply on the basis of the allegation. I want to say one more time: I don’t believe anything that we went through the past two weeks, starting with the realization that Christine Blasey Ford had written a letter to Dianne Feinstein. I don’t think any of it was spontaneous and I don’t think any of it was happenstance. I think every bit of was an orchestrated campaign just like every other October Surprise in politics is. I think the Democrats were in on it.

I don’t know whether Blasey Ford’s privacy was violated. I don’t know if she was in on it or if she was also a stooge. But somebody suggested she write that letter: Monica McLean, her buddy, who has FBI connections to Preet Bharara (who hates Trump, the SDNY United States attorney), as well as all these FBI people trying to prove Trump-Russia collusion. I don’t think they ever expected it to get as far as it did.

They thought Trump would pull back, withdraw the nomination or that Kavanaugh would pull out, and they would never get as far as it got. It was clearly illustrated she had no evidence, no corroboration, no nothing. In their strategizing of this event, they never thought it would go that far. One of the reasons is they’re used to Republican presidents caving. A Nominee gets in big trouble? Pull the nomination. Presidents don’t want the grief.

It starts to reflect poorly on them, so they go to the nominee. “Look… (big sigh) It won’t work, Nominee. We can’t sustain this. You gotta pull out.” The nominee says, “Ah, damn! It’s my one chance!” “Sorry, Nominee, I’m pulling support.” The nominee and the president get together for the good of the country, blah, blah, blah, and the nominee pulls out. It didn’t happen here. Trump refused to pull out, withdraw; ditto Kavanaugh. That’s where they gummed up the works.

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