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RUSH: Mollie Ziegler Hemingway at The Federalist… Snerdley, didn’t you tell me that after Kavanaugh was confirmed that one of the first things that you saw prominent conservatives saying was, “Don’t gloat, don’t gloat, don’t gloat”? (interruption)

Yeah, that was some guy at The Federalist. Well, Mollie Hemingway has a little tweet here trying, but failing to understand. (paraphrased) “Don’t fight for what you believe in too hard! Don’t make fun of political opponents’ extremism. Don’t celebrate your victories too much in the conservative movement.” Meaning what this is, “Don’t celebrate.” What this means is, “Don’t spike the ball.” What is this, “Don’t act excited”? What…? She doesn’t understand why the conservative movement wants to tone down…

She knows the answer to this. We all know the answer. Conservatives, the properly mannered, the properly decorumed, the properly refined and sophisticated conservatives don’t want people to think of them in tribal or radical kind of ways. You’re not supposed to spike the ball. You’re not supposed to humiliate your vanquished opponents. Just quietly go on to… She’s saying she doesn’t understand it. And she is right. Here’s Blasey Ford’s story on her big award.

Try this. Breitbart News: “Saints [Running Back] Alvin Kamara…” By the way, the guy is a good player. I think he’s No. 21 for the New Orleans Saints. “Saints RB Alvin Kamara Wears ‘Make Africa Home Again’ Hat and Kaepernick Jersey to Stadium” for last night’s game against the Washington Redskins! You’re not supposed to say that too loud; so I do. “As players arrived at Mercedes-Benz Superdome for Monday’s game between New Orleans and Washington, Saints running back Alvin Kamara appeared wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey and a red ball cap with the slogan ‘Make Africa Home Again.”

He “didn’t exactly explain his hat and why he is pining for Africa. However, the player’s mother is a Liberian immigrant.” Well, he doesn’t have to explain it. And this is more polling data from New York Magazine. “Poll: Majority of Americans Say Kavanaugh Should Not Be on the Supreme Court.” New York Magazine. So we’ve got The Hill claiming here that… The promo of the article says the majority of Americans don’t want Kavanaugh on their Supreme Court or Republicans in control of their Congress or Donald Trump in their White House.

This is a CNN poll. It’s the same poll, by the way, that… Well, now I’m confused, ’cause the CNN poll shows that Kavanaugh’s popularity after having been confirmed is increasing. But they still say a majority of Americans say Kavanaugh should not be on the court, and The Hill, in promoting this article (this runs in New York Magazine, TheHill.com) a majority of Americans don’t want Kavanaugh on their Supreme Court or Republicans in control of their Congress or Donald Trump in their White House.

You see, Republicans are outliers, strangers, oddballs, kooks, really weird. Not even Americans, really. Not even part of this country. They’re interlopers and a majority of the American people don’t want Republicans in charge of their country, their court, their Congress, or their White House. Here’s a pull quote: “Of course, in a well-functioning democracy, any of these news cycles would have been terrible for the Republican Party. But in a well-functioning democracy, the Senate would have rejected Kavanaugh’s nomination:

“The 50 senators who voted him onto the court last weekend collectively represent just 44% of the U.S. population.” So New York Magazine… I told you this Kavanaugh thing, this is just the beginning of what I don’t think most people can even imagine is headed our way. Some of you I think do, but I think a lot of people have no idea the absolute tumult and chaos that we’re all headed for. Regardless the results of elections, I just think the left is out of control and has a mission that is designed to totally wipe out and erase any traces of the actual founding of this country, the principles and the reasons behind it.

And, you know, if you’ve been listening regularly, I have been dabbling at this in a focused manner for the past two to three weeks attempting to explain the depths here of my concern, and what I think is actually happening and what needs to happen to beat it back and how difficult that is going to be. And, as such, it’s amazing. I keep running into… In the process of putting the show together every day, I keep running into pieces written by people who are thinking along the same lines I am, and they have different ways of expressing their concerns than I do.

I’m happy to run across these things. I print them out, and I’ve got a couple of them here I want to give you some excerpts from and share with you because they’re very, very close to echoing my sentiments. But before getting into those, let me give you a couple of preludes. “Special Ed Teacher…” It’s a Washington Times headline. “Special Ed Teacher on Paid Leave After Call to Kill Justice Kavanaugh”

“A special education teacher in Minnesota may soon receive some ‘special’ attention by federal law enforcement officials after calling for the killing,” for the murder, “of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. Intermediate School District 917 has placed Samantha Ness on paid administrative leave for a tweet, now deleted, which encouraged the assassination of the newest member of the U.S. Supreme Court. Samantha Ness tweeted: ‘So who’s [sic] gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?'”

Ms. Ness later followed up with a subsequent tweet, “Brett Kavanaugh [sic] will be dealing with death threats for the rest of his life being on the Supreme Court. I doubt my mid-west [sic] ass is a real threat.” But bear in mind this woman’s a teacher of special ed students. What if one of them decided to carry out her wishes? Now, she has deleted her Twitter account, but her tweet was captured and shared by a bunch of people who said they reported it to the FBI and the Secret Service.

Now, for the record, it’s the US Marshals Service that protects federal judges. But six of one, half dozen of another. “Google Executive Slams the GOP Over the Kavanaugh Nomination: ‘[F-BOMB]. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’ — A design leader at Google has slammed Republicans in an angry Twitter rant over the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.” David Hogue is his name, not to be confused with Camera Hogg. ‘”You are finished, @GOP. You polished the final nail for your own coffins. [F-BOMB]. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL,’ wrote Dave Hogue Saturday, in the now-deleted tweet.

“‘I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames,’ he added.” Folks, this is not idle ranting by the deranged. This is our opposition. This is the American left today. This is the result of two generations of college education, the campus and the corruption and the perversion there has become mainstreamed in American pop culture. It’s not on the fringes. This is my point.

It’s not out there on the fringes and it’s not something that you would say is not representative or descriptive of the mainstream of the American left. This is who they are. This is a design leader! This is some leading design executive at Google! During the hearings last week, one of Kavanaugh’s best friends showed up to sit behind him. He is a top-tier executive at Facebook. Facebook employees were outraged when they saw his face on TV sitting behind Kavanaugh at the Judiciary Committee hearing, and they have demanded that the guy be fired.

They’ve demanded that all kinds of things… Facebook employees. Facebook has caved, and the executive has apologized. He’s sorry for offending Facebook employees. This is not fringe. These are not outliers. These are people who make up the base, the foundation, the mainstream of the American left today, and particularly and importantly within pop culture. Google, Facebook, high-tier executives and ranking employees demanding Kafkaesque-like treatment for the people who show any allegiance to the enemy, any friendship with the enemy.

Do not think this is gonna go away, and don’t think it’s a couple of extreme examples. This is who they are. Sarah Silverman, a well-known and oftentimes just filthy comedienne, said that she hopes President Donald Trump would one day be a victim of sexual assault, ‘held down’ and ‘violated’ in a tweet Friday. ‘I hope you someday understand what it is to be held down against your will and violated. Your compassion is startless,’ [sic] Sarah Silverman tweeted at Trump.”

It was just 10 years ago that so-called comedienne Sandra Bernhard was threatening Sarah Palin that if she ever came to New York City she would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers,” quote, unquote. Remember the outrage on that one from the Democrat Party? This tweet, by the way, from Sarah Silverman was in response to President Trump saying that unruly protesters in Washington, D.C. are ‘paid professionals’.

Trump tweeted: “The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad.” Look, they may be paid, but that does not diminish what they’re doing. They would be there anyway. The fact that they’re being paid is insurance that they get there. But do not think that just because they’re being paid, this rage and hatred is not real. I will grant that among some of these protesters bused in that there’s a lot of acting and they’re reciting scripts that they’ve memorized.

But folks, do not discount the prevalence of this as identifying characteristics of people on the left. Trump has characterized them as an angry mob. They have reacted as an angry mob. Christopher Coldwell writes for the Weekly Standard. And he has a piece that I came across in the process of show prep each and every day, and I mentioned a moment ago that I’ve run across some things that happen to coincidentally…

Sometimes I wonder, you know, “How did I run across these? Is it divine intervention?” because they help me formulate the things I wish to say you about this. And he has a piece here about the Kavanaugh aftermath, and here is the relevant part of it for me. “The general Democratic view that has hardened since the 1960s is the one expressed on many occasions by Barack” Hussein O. “The United States is not…” By the way, this is very important! This is [Christopher] Caldwell. He names this…

This is a description of how the left sees America, and that view of America “is the one expressed on many occasions by Barack Obama.” It is this. “The United States is not a country bound by a common history or a common ethnicity — it is a set of values.” Now, think back to all the times you can hear Obama… Remember Obama speaking about an event that had happened or something that he had planned in legislation?

He was famous. (impression) “This is not our values. This is not who we are. And we must be better. These are not our values.” And every time he did it, well, his values are never mind, and I’m looking at what he was talking about. I can’t remember specifics here, but just the idea that he would stand there and presume to be the arbiter and the person who defines American values while rejecting the premise of the very founding of America!

How can in the world can this guy’s values be said to be America’s values when Obama and his Democrats reject the common principles found in the very origins of America? But this point is right on the money. That, as far as the left is concerned, we don’t have anything in common. (summarized) “We don’t have a common history. White people have a history and then the minorities all have another history, and there’s nothing in common.

“And the white people have been illegally running things for their benefit for 200-some-odd years and the minorities have been taking it on the chin. And it’s about time that changed. That’s what this upheaval and overthrow is all about.” There’s nothing in common. There’s no… The minorities of America sense no greatness in America.


RUSH: Right. So here’s the thing, folks. According to Obama and the left, America is not a country bound by common history or anything of the sort. There is no common ethnicity; there is no common trace to our similarities. We have nothing in common at all. Instead, America is “a set of values” — a set of values — and that’s all America is: A set of values the left defines to build a country around.

But there’s a dark side to that. Rather than culture and society and commonality defining values, the left defines values based on their political perversions and corruption. And if that’s all a country is, a set of values, then somebody who does not share those values is not permitted to be a member of the community — and that’s us, folks. Conservatives. We don’t share their values. Their values define America. We are out.


RUSH: Let me just finish this business about the way America is according to the modern American left. This includes the Democrat Party and the media. There is a disdain for our founding. That’s what we all think that we have in common. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, founding documents, Declaration, Constitution. Not these people. America is flawed. America is illegitimate. It was not properly founded because it was founded only for a few people — rich white men.

This is what’s being taught. You can say it’s crazy. You can say you don’t believe it. This is what has been taught for two generations on the American college campus in the academe. Young, impressionable kids — especially minorities — are eating it up. They are swallowing it whole. They love it. It explains so many failures. It explains the injustices, the inequalities. It explains why capitalism sucks. It’s a built-in excuse for people who don’t think they matter, who don’t think they’re ever gonna matter!

They turn their lives over to Democrats to get even. Not to make their lives better, but to get even with all these people who have made their lives horrible! So you set up “a set of values,” and that’s the basis on which the country is built. You get to define the values, and anybody that doesn’t subscribe to ’em is not welcome in the so-called nation or the community. If you don’t share the values of the American left, then you’re not really a member of this national community.

You’re not deserving of its basic protections like presumption of innocence, because you’re flawed from the get-go. If you don’t share the values of Christine Blasey Ford and the Senate Democrats on the committee, then you don’t get any presumption of innocence. You don’t get any benefit of the doubt. You don’t deserve to be on the court because you represent a threat to their “set of values.” Illegal immigrants? They belong! They are accepted members of the community, provisionally, because they share the same values.

And what are those values? The values of discrimination. The values of insufficiency, inadequacy. The values of being mistreated, forgotten — and the value of voting Democrat. Never forget that. But this explains what is, to many people, an inexplicable divide. Why would so many American leftists attach virtue to people in the country illegally, and talk about the separation of families and these kids, and have no concern — no concern — about the future of kids alive and born in America?

It’s all based on this values basis on which they organize the country. So illegal immigrants — children separated from their mommies by the Trump administration — have much more in common with the American left, which has been discriminated in similar ways by the white majority since the days of the founding. Illegal immigrants are partners in the struggle! Illegal immigrants and criminals in general are partners in the struggle against this oppressive majority, which has denied fun and liberty and freedom to anybody but themselves.

Look at Kavanaugh himself. The first way they went after Kavanaugh was sexual assault. There wasn’t any evidence for that! There was no evidence; there was no corroboration. So then it became that he wouldn’t be fair! He wouldn’t be fair because of this whole experience, because of his anger, because of his extreme statements while he testified. It would prove that he was only interested in revenge — and therefore, he became temperamentally unacceptable.

And then it became amplified where his judicial temperament was just not permitted!

“He doesn’t have the values that we want on the Supreme Court.”

So he was accused of partisanship. He was accused of judicial intemperate. He was accused of sexual harassment. None of those things stuck. So it basically boils down to the fact that he’s not one of them — and when you get route down to it, that’s what was all about. The irony is that Kavanaugh was chosen because he is an establishment guy, and it was thought that he would sail through much easier than, say, an Amy Coney Barrett, who is demonstrably conservative, has written of her opposition to Roe v. Wade.

Now, there is another piece that I encountered. Andy McCarthy pointed me to it. A member of the board at National Review has his own website, David Bahnsen. B-a-h-n-s-e-n. He’s written a very detailed essay describing his fears for the culture war that we’re in and where we are headed. And, like me, he thinks that this Kavanaugh thing represents nothing of the end. But rather this is just the beginning and is an indication of how much worse things are going to get. Let me just titillate you here.

This is one of the first pull quotes I excerpted from Mr. Bahnsen: “At the heart of my statement that things will never be the same again [in America] is this discovery: The left does not wish to co-exist with the right in this country; they wish to extinguish” the right. Now, not news to me. But you gotta remember, Beltway types, the Never Trumper conservatives have always assumed that they are brethren with their fellow leftist intellectuals.

They’ve always thought that, even though they’re conservative and the leftists are will you believe, that still they’re both intellectuals, and they had that in common, and the leftist intellectuals would always accept the right-wing intellectual based on the commonality of intellectualism. That’s what always has just frustrated me to no end about the Never-Trumpers. They’re blind as bats. They’re not even in the field, much less in the game.

Even now, even with this Kavanaugh stuff, some of them are reluctant to get in the game. They still seek the approval of those who reject them. They’ll go down the tubes with good manners. I still! I still run into… Believe this. I still run into Republicans who tell me, “If the Republicans would just stop talking about abortion, we could win elections. If the Republicans would just stop talking about abortion, just get rid of abortion…”

I look at them with puzzlement like I cannot describe. “You really think that’s what all this is about?” “Yes! We’ve gotta stop talking about abortion.” I say, “When did you stop paying attention to politics, 20 years ago?” “What do you mean? We’re so far beyond that. You don’t even see it!” But at the heart of it is: “If we just change who we are, then they’ll stop being so mean,” and that is not true, and isn’t the answer, and it is not the solution, because they have no desire to coexist.

They are not energized by the intellectual feast of debate like our intellectuals are. They don’t want any part of debating anything. There’s nothing to debate! We’re not legitimate to them! So they want to just wipe us out. We don’t share their values; we never will. There’s no reason to pay us any attention whatsoever. They do not value the so-called liberal order of society. What we’re living through right now is an unprecedented level of hate, dishonesty, distrust, and mistreatment.

There is an amazingly strong disdain for the ideology of conservatism, but not just that. There is an unprecedented disdain and hatred of the social norms, ’cause they don’t fit in them. They know it. They don’t fit in them! They’re out to change what is normal, and it’s gonna be them and whatever they claim normal is. They want no part of constitutional government. Constitutional government’s part of that which has discriminated against them from the get-go.

They don’t want any part of Western civilization. Western civilization is all part of the discrimination, the racism, misogyny, that they suffer with daily. “But that ideological divide is no longer a merely ideological divide. … That transition from worldview to actionable behavior has accelerated faster than [Mr. Bahsen] could have ever anticipated. And what it means for our national politics and the culture at-large is frightening.”


RUSH: Look at this headline from the Washington Post. “‘An Angry Mob’: Republicans Work to Recast Democratic Protests as Out-of-Control Anarchy to Shift Attention Away From an Unpopular President.” No. We’re being descriptive of what we’re up against.


RUSH: Now, don’t get depressed, folks. I’m spending time on this because we’ve got to properly understand what we’re up against. And it’s not something that we think it is. It’s not common. It’s not the opposition we’ve always thought. This is new. And we’re gonna have to be prepared to deal with it in different ways.

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