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RUSH: You know, for a bunch of people that are brimming with confidence over the fact that they’re gonna be running the world in three weeks, I’m finding a lot of evidence of insecurity. For example, I have a story here. What is this? This is in TheHill.com, and it’s a column by somebody named Brent Budowsky, who sounds like the captain of a bowling team.

Snerdley said he thinks this guy was a legislative aide to who? (interruption) You think…? (interruption) This guy worked for the Lord Bentsen, the former senator in Texas. “I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine, and you, Quayle, you’re no Jack Kennedy.” That Lord Bentsen, right? (interruption) Okay. Well, whether he did or not, he still writes pieces for TheHill.com.

“Budowsky: Code Red Alert to Democrats.” What? I thought the Democrats were smokin’. I thought the Democrats are gonna win everything! Like TheHill.com had a story yesterday that made it look like 209 seats are gonna convert to the Democrat Party. “Former first lady Michelle Obama, one of the most popular and respected public figures in America, should spend a day taping personal endorsements for Democratic candidates for the House and Senate …

“This column is a code red alert…” I’m reading from it, by the way. “This column is a code red alert to Democrats and a call to arms for the most popular and respected Democrats in America, such as Michelle [My Belle] Obama, to lead the charge for all hands on deck at a critical moment for America and democracy. In my view,” writes Budowsky, “there’s a 25% chance that Democrats end the midterms with a nightmare scenario.”


A 25% chance of a nightmare?

Well, I thought you guys had it all locked up! I thought you pretty much had the House already done. Pelosi’s already talking about being speaker. You guys are already planning to impeach and investigate Kavanaugh and then Trump or vice versa. Now “there’s a 25% chance that Democrats end the midterms with a nightmare scenario”? That’s not quite the same as a 93% chance Hillary wins the presidency at 5 p.m. on election night. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.

Why are these people panicking?

Mr. Budowsky says, “This is not a moment for complacency or easy talk of blue waves. It is a moment for bold and maximum action and turnout based on a powerful and urgent sense of opportunity and danger.” He says, “It is even possible Democrats win the House by a significant number of seats. However, it is also possible that the Democrats gain only 20 seats, falling short of winning control.

“That would leave House Republicans dominant with a smaller but even more right-wing majority as the leading losers in the House midterms are comparatively moderate GOP House members. … Democrats could lose one or two Senate seats, continuing a Republican Senate that is even further to the right and even more partisan than the GOP majority today.”

Budowsky says, “If this nightmare scenario for Democrats and America unfolds on Election Day, a vindictive and triumphant Trump — having won a victory for the politics of hatred, fear and…” (laughing) Don’t you love this? You people on the left don’t understand unity when you see it. You don’t understand love when you see it. You do not understand confidence when you see it. You see love; you see hatred. You see excitement; you think you see fear.

RUSH: When you see thousands and thousands and thousands trying to get into Trump rallies, you somehow see division. “[A] vindictive and triumphant Trump … will stand alongside Republican leaders of the new Republican Congress feeling he has achieved an unstoppable dominance over his party, our country and every branch of government with all checks and balances destroyed.”

“This code red alert,” writes Budowsky, “warns about the danger of so much unchecked power concentrated in the hands of a president who tried to criminalize his opponent…” (laughing) What? Who did what? Who tried to criminalize who? Is this guy serious? Trump tried to criminalize…? Hillary did engage in criminal activities. Not only with her email server, but in working with the Russians and creating a phony dossier that…

Oh, and by the way, there is now, thanks to John Solomon… Folks, we’ve been talking for the longest time about how the Clinton campaign paid Steele to write the dossier that was then used by the FBI to go get a FISA warrant. John Solomon has now confirmed that that happened. There is no doubt, and it’s been confirmed in unclassified testimony by a lawyer from the FBI named James Baker.

This is no more a matter of speculation. It actually did happen. Well, we didn’t need it confirmed. We already knew it. But it’s now been smack-dab officially confirmed that the Clinton administration conceived and commissioned the writing of that dossier that everybody knew was fake and phony, and they used the law firm Perkins Coie as a cutout to pay for it to make the money spent on this look like legal campaign expenses.

And then that dossier was taken to the FBI and used by the FBI to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. We now know, it’s incontrovertibly proved — even though Mueller is ignoring it — that the FBI tried to sabotage the Trump campaign and then tried to run a little soft, silent coup to get Trump out of office after he was elected and inaugurated. And this guy Budowsky has the audacity to say Trump “tried to criminalize his opponent in the last election”?

Donald Trump is the victim of criminality and always has been and continues to be. Now, this is a great illustration of the divide. There’s nothing in common with this. This is such a perverted, disjointed, absent-any-kind-of-reality view of things that it is impossible to find any common ground. There isn’t any overlap. We’re dealing with an unhinged group of people who have lost the ability to reason and don’t care to even.

But the point of this is they’re scared. They’re worried. They don’t really believe this blue wave business. Not thoroughly. Not if they’re gonna write pieces like this where they admit there’s a 25 to 30% chance they could lose everything and then Trump would win everything, and of course if that happens then democracy has been flouted. The people voting their preferences is an example of democracy failing, to these people, when they lose.


RUSH: Going back here to the bowling team captain’s piece, Brent Budowsky. Did you notice who he said…? If the Republicans hold on, if the Republicans hold onto the House and hold onto the Senate, did you hear him very frightfully point out how that would happen? It would happen because moderate Republicans would be losing and they would be replaced by conservative Republicans.

In other words, if the Republicans hold, the Republicans who will win in these districts where Republicans are retiring, his theory is, (imitation) “We could get even more conservatism! We could get even more conservative House and a more conservative Senate!” He’s putting the moderate Republicans at greatest risk for losing in his theory, in his code red alert, warning Democrats the Republicans could win it.

So he’s saying that moderate Republicans are at the greater risk of losing their seats in the House. Now, how is that possible, given everything we are told by the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media? They tell us America loves the moderates, America loves the centrists, America doesn’t want any part of extremists! America wants no part whatsoever of radicals. And yet there is the entire Democrat Party which is nothing but radical now.

My point is, again, do not fall for any of this hype that it is over and that the Republicans have no prayer and that there’s gonna be this gigantic blue wave, because not even the Democrats, in their private selves, when they talk to each other in private, not even they really believe it. They want you to think they do. They want you to be dispirited or depressed. They are very alarmed, in fact, that the latest polls that show the Kavanaugh effect on the Republican side is ginning up turnout.

It’s ginning up interest, and they’re really flummoxed and ticked off at a bunch of polling data. There’s an NPR poll out there. There’s a Fox News poll, a couple others that show suburban Republican women are saying in polling data that they have a renewed interest, an increased energy, an intense desire to go vote. This is not what was supposed to happen. That’s why all these attacks lately in leftist media ripping into white conservative suburban women and do we need them or not?

And we don’t, they say. So this is not… As we sit here today, this is not developing as they want you to think it is. Back in 2016, do you remember any pieces before the presidential race anywhere in Democrat media warning people, “Hey, hey, you know what? There’s a nightmare scenario here where Trump could win. You gotta dial it back. We gotta be very careful.” Do you remember any of that?

There was none. They were so solid sure. They were definitely convinced that they were gonna win every. Hillary was gonna win in the biggest landslide. I mean, they had Trump’s chances at 3%, 7%, 10%. But nobody gave Trump a chance. In fact, some of the news even said Trump never thought he was gonna win! Trump never even wanted to win! Trump was the most surprised guy on Election Day in the world when he won.

He didn’t want to win; they were all depressed at Trump headquarters! That’s what they wanted you to believe. Now they’ve started out saying the same thing as though power is a birthright that every American realizes the Democrats have to be put back in power. Every American releases the mistake of voting for Trump. Every Trump voter can’t wait to apologize. Every Trump voter realizes, is embarrassed, wants to fix the mistake; can’t wait to vote for the next Democrat on their ballot.

Now all of a sudden… It’s not just Budowsky, by the way, either. There are others who are raising red flags out there that this might not be developing as they wish.

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