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RUSH: For example, let me ask a generic question. We had Eric Holder out there, who’s campaigning for somebody to be governor of Georgia. Holder’s supposedly gonna run for president himself in 2020. Eric Holder, the attorney general for Barack Hussein O, was involved in many scandals himself. And I’m seeing a lot of people on our side in the so-called conservative intelligentsia shocked that Eric Holder would say what he said.

You know, Michelle (My Belle) Obama is out there saying, “No, no. My motto is, ‘When they go low, we go high,'” and Holder said screw that! “When they go low,” meaning Republicans… “When they go low, we kick them!” So people said, “My God. He’s out there inciting violence,” and he said, “No, no, no! I didn’t mean it literally. I’m saying that we can’t take it anymore. We have to stop being the nice guys and stop taking it anymore.”

He did mean it. Obama meant it when he said, “They bring a knife; we bring a gun.” Obama meant it. So does Maxine Waters when they’re both encouraging people to get in our faces. They mean it! They are already inciting violence. They’re inciting violence inside Capitol Hill buildings and elevators. They’re engaging in bullying tactics. My question is, “Why? Why are the Democrats doing all this? Why are they inciting violence?”

Let’s look at the things that they think are supposedly on their side, things that are helpful to them. We start with the fact that they are convinced that they’re gonna win control of the House. It’s already done. The blue wave, it’s just a matter of the days on the calendar passing by until we get to Election Day, where we can confirm that the Democrats already won. Remember, we had a poll from CNN and a sound bite John King couple weeks ago.

He cited a poll indicated the House races are over. Their poll said that the Democrats are likely winners of the House of Representatives. So it’s over. In their minds, they’ve won the House. In their minds, they’ve almost won the Senate. They have the Mueller report. And the Mueller report is gonna link Trump to Russia; right? They know that Mueller’s got the goods. Oh, they can taste it. Ho-ho-ho-ho. Folks, they can scratch their backs with it. They just can.

They know that Mueller has secretly collected the goods. They know that Mueller is gonna issue a report, and it’s gonna tie Trump and Russia, and it’s gonna prove that Trump stole the election from Hillary and that Hillary should be president. That should make them happy, right? Why all the desperation? CNN engaging in full-fledged, 1,000% racism directed at Kanye West. (Media impression), “Yeah, Kanye West is what happens to a Negro when he stops reading.”

That’s what they said on CNN, with Don Lemon laughing and yukking it all up. It wasn’t that long ago the cover of TIME magazine… When was this? In 2005, the Drive-By Media proclaimed Kanye West “The Smartest Man in Pop Music — Hip-Hop’s Class Act. Defying the rules of rap, Kanye West goes his own way.” So what would that be? Thirteen years ago? Kanye West was the future. Kanye West was the hero! But now, Kanye West is having lunch at the White House today with Trump as is Jim Brown.

By the way, Trump is funny today. (Media impression) “Why did you do that rally? Why did you do that rally with the hurricane coming and climate change destroying Florida? Why did…?” Trump said, “You know what? You have a point. But there were people that have been lined up for a day and a half to get in to see the rally. I couldn’t disappoint them. I had to go, and it was a great time.” Trump just slam-dunked ’em on a number of things in a short little press availability at the White House.

So now a CNN panel calls Kanye West a “token Negro.”

“Black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft, okay? They’ve had it with him,” they said. “Now all of the sudden because he’s put on a MAGA hat and he’s an attention whore like the president, he’s all of the sudden the model spokesperson. He’s the token negro of the Trump administration.” This is “ridiculous.” says the CNN panel.

Why are they so mad, folks? Why all the separation? They’re gonna win the House, they’re gonna win the Senate, Mueller is gonna prove that Trump colluded with Russia. Between inciting violence and launching racist attacks, we are witnessing an attempt to bully the American population into surrender. That is what’s happening here.

Their soft coup failed. Now it’s time for the second phase. The soft coup, that’s where Rosenstein and the rest of the guys are gonna wiretap Trump and are gonna wire Trump, wear a wire and get Trump indicting himself for certain things he was saying, they’re gonna get rid of Trump, the FBI, the DOJ, the Clinton administration, the soft coup, it didn’t work. Remaining silent about the Scalise shooting should have been a clue of the Democrats’ depravity and intentions.

What I mean by that, there was actually a shooting of Republicans at baseball practice in preparation of a joint Republican-Democrat baseball game, a traditional, annual thing, and a lunatic, deranged Democrat fundraiser-donor-supporter from Illinois shows up, starts firing, and almost kills Steve Scalise. And the Democrats didn’t say anything about it, and the media didn’t condemn it; there wasn’t any condemnation. There was an overwhelming silence.

That should have been, and it was to me a clue, to the Democrat depravity and their intentions. Now we’ve got Hillary. Now we got Maxine Waters. Eric Holder explicitly directing Democrats to physically attack Republicans, with CNN going full racist on a prominent, black Trump supporter. By the way, they can see the polls. Trump approval number in the African-American community is 35%. One year ago, it was 23%. That’s on the upswing. Democrats are strangely angry at a time when they think everything is going their way.

Let’s look specifically at some Democrat strategies. How the Democrats have decided they want to defeat Republicans. No. 1, and in no particular order here send ricin. Send poison to the offices of Republicans. Shoot them at softball games. Kick them. Blacklist them. Get in their faces at public places. Falsely accuse Republicans of sexual assault over and over and over. Falsely accuse Republicans of tax evasion. Hello, Mitt Romney.

Falsely accuse Republicans of colluding with Russia to win the election. Falsely accuse Republicans of racism. Register illegal immigrants to vote by giving them driver’s licenses. Create and publish phony polls. Indoctrinate students. This is the sum total of the Democrats. Why…? Do you notice what’s not on the Democrat list of things, strategies to win the elections? Ideas. Policies. The only thing the Democrats have? (summarized) “Get rid of Republicans because it’s ours. Get rid of the Republicans because we own it.

“Get rid of Republicans because power is ours. It’s our entitlement. It’s our birthright.” No issues. No ideas. Not anything promoting because they can’t and don’t dare be honest about it. I just find it strange. All of this negativism and panic and hysteria and paranoia from people who are so convinced that they’re right and so convinced that America agrees with them; so convinced that the American people want them back in power. Why, then, all of this rage and paranoia and anger?


RUSH: How about this, folks: “Passenger with Emotional Support Squirrel Escorted off Jet — A female passenger was removed from a Frontier Airlines flight after bringing an emotional support squirrel on board the plane, the company confirmed on Wednesday. Police in Orlando, Fla., had to have all passengers exit the plane to deal with the passenger after she refused to deplane on Tuesday…”

An emotional support squirrel? The first thing I thought of was: I wonder if this woman happened to be flying home from Washington after a weekend clawing on the doors at the Supreme Court or trying to harass Republicans in the halls of the Senate Office Building. “Hudson Valley Man Arrested After Allegedly Planning to Blow Himself Up” because he’s upset about Trump.


RUSH: Yeah. So not only do we have a female passenger traveling with an emotional support squirrel, a rodent… You know, Frontier Airlines had to point out to people that we do not allow rodents on our airplanes, and a squirrel… I know they look cute, but a squirrel is nothing but a tree rat. That’s all it is. It has a little cuter face and has a bushy tail out there, but it’s a tree rat. It’s a rodent, and Frontier Airlines doesn’t allow them on their airplanes.

People say, “That was just so mean. She needs her support squirrel!” Wouldn’t it be great if this is one of these babes that lost their minds in Washington over the Kavanaugh stuff? And then there was this: “A Hudson Valley, New York, man was arrested after allegedly planning to blow himself up on the Washington Mall around Election Day because he’s upset about the country’s direction.” Now, who do you think this guy’s gonna vote for?

This guy’s obviously gonna vote for the nearest Democrat he can find. This is how they’re being inspired? Further evidence that the Democrats are not about ideas and not about inspiring people to vote for them because of the great improvements that will happen in their lives. Nancy Pelosi. Right here. “Nancy Pelosi: Trump’s Tax Returns a Top Priority if Democrats Win the House.” Now, how is that gonna benefit your average Democrat voter? Well, I’ll tell you how.

The Democrats have so poisoned their voters; Democrat voters want revenge. Not a job, not a raise, not a bonus. They want revenge, and they hate Trump. So anything the Democrats can do to harm Trump, why, the Democrats will vote for whoever will promise to make Trump suffer. You think that’s a majority of people? You think that’s the kind of stuff that creates a blue wave? I don’t. I don’t believe that the country is that deranged. But the Democrats are counting on the fact. They think it is.

Okay. To the phones. Ben in Fresno. You’re up first today. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for having me on.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: So I was there. I was in D.C. for the three days of the nonsense last week. I saw them screaming and yelling and attacking us and the folks. So what I felt was, this is all they have. The reason that they continue, the reason that Don Lemon’s saying the nonsense he’s saying on CNN, the reason that they just continue with this game plan is ’cause it’s the only game plan they have. And they’re hoping that the American people are dumb enough told them buy it, but I believe that the American people… Even in California where I’m at, the American people are seeing this crap, and they’re like, “This is an old game. We don’t buy it anymore,” and they have nothing else to play. There’s nothing else for them to do; so they just keep doing the same nonsense. And the look in their eyes? It’s like they know they’re losing, they know we’re not buying it anymore, but they’ve got nothing else to say.

RUSH: Now, hold on here. That’s an interesting point, because if they do have the maturity and presence of mind, they do have to realize they’re losing. Trump won. Trump is getting elements of agenda either passed or implemented. Kavanaugh was confirmed. Everything they’ve done to stop Trump — everything, from the judges to the courts, travel — not much has worked. And so I think you’re right. They do realize they’re losing. And you think they’re in a fit of desperation, that they’ve got nothing else to do; that’s why they’re not proposing any ideas to counter Trump’s.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: That’s why they’re not proposing any new policies to counter Trump’s, ’cause they don’t have any.

CALLER: Absolutely. The left loses when they’re exposed. The right loses when we’re silent. For so long, they’ve expected us to just shut up and go away at some point.

RUSH: That’s true too. I think they have become accustomed to Republicans caving, and Republican voters and certainly conservative media — well, some conservative media — caving as well. I think they’ve gotten accustomed to bullying working, the threats.

CALLER: Lying. Yep. Threats. Lying. All of that. And they’re hoping that it’s gonna work again. And the only way it works is if we don’t show up. That’s why you see the polling data still showing them winning. That’s why it showed Hillary was gonna win in a landslide because they know that if they can dissuade us, if they can discourage us enough to make us not show up, that’s the only way they win. But if Republicans, if conservatives stand up, we’ll win every single time. We just have to show up. We have to convince other people to show up and convince them to convince other people to show up.

RUSH: You say you were in Washington for three days. What did you actually see? What kind of activities were they engaged in that you saw?

CALLER: Oh, I was right in the middle of it. I was live streaming the whole time. I went right up to Linda Sarsour and told her. They’re out there saying stuff… (unintelligible) They’re out there saying, you know, “Believe women and stop the assault on women,” and my question to Linda was, “What does Islam do to women? How does Islam…? You’re out here promoting Islam and Islam oppresses…”

RUSH: And you get no answer because you’re not supposed to ask it. Linda Sarsour is the Palestine Liberation Organization apologist disguised as a feminist advocate. She was at the Supreme Court leading that clawing at the door.


RUSH: Here’s Larry in Pine River, Wisconsin. I’m glad you waited, Lar’. How are you?

CALLER: Good. How are you?

RUSH: I’m good. I’m very good. Thank you.

CALLER: Is a real privilege to be speaking with you.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I just have a thought to give to you. As unhinged as the left has become and now they’re advocating violence, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to us. This has been going on on our college campuses for decades. They’ve been trying to silence conservatives on campuses, and it’s just seems to be a situation now that if it worked so well on campuses, why don’t we take it nationwide?

RUSH: I’ll tell you something, Lar’. I think you’ve nailed it. In fact, I heard noted scholar and farmer, Victor Davis Hanson, who is a senior fellow and thinker at the Hoover Institute (it’s at the Stanford campus in Palo Alto) say the same thing. He basically said what you just said, that the campus has come to American life. He made the same points that you just did, is that this that this violence and intolerance and bullying and so forth has now become mainstream left-wing cultural belief and behavior. So you’re in great company there with your thinking. That’s is exactly right. The question then becomes, you know, how do you get it back and relegated to the campus — and then how do you kick it out of there?

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