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On Wednesday, USA Today published an op-ed by President Trump. He laid out the Democrat Party’s “Medicare-for-All” plan to force single-payer health care down everybody’s throat.

Medicare-for-All would bankrupt the country, folks. It would cause even worse damage than Obamacare did. President Trump explained that seniors would be hardest hit.

He also criticized Democrats for trying to force Medicare-for-All on us, while at the same time demanding we accept their open-borders socialism.

And that’s true. It’s no secret. The Democrats openly brag about it, especially the young progressives taking over the Democrat party.

Now. in response, an angry mob of Democrats and socialists, led by Chuck You Schumer and Bernie Sanders, went ballistic. They’ve accused Republicans of “gutting Medicare” for decades, but when the tables are turned, they can’t stand it.

Democrats accused the president of telling lies and smearing them. They also attacked USA Today for having the gall to let Trump publish an op-ed.

Because to the left, any speech or ideas they don’t like must be silenced. They’re not interested in competing ideas. That’s the Democrats’ mob mentality!

USA Today really got ripped for letting the president write an op-ed. Not kidding.

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