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RUSH: It’s funny to observe official Washington. You can do that by tuning into any Washington-based media. From day to day, you can see what the narrative, the top narratives are. The soap opera script of the day. It seems today that one of the overriding concerns among the Drive-Bys is the president’s relationship with Rod Rosenstein. The debate today centers on whether or not Rosenstein was kidding or not in a meeting with other FBI officials when he suggested wearing a wire the next time he went and talked to the president.

What’s compounding this or confusing to people is that Trump has not fired Rosenstein. In fact, he had Rosenstein up to the White House and then had him on Air Force One, flew him around and got off the airplane with him. He said they have a good working relationship. The president still will not declassify documents that Devin Nunes and a number of other people want declassified, which would answer a whole bunch of questions about the soft coup and who really started it and when and where and all of that.

And the president said, “I talked to Rosenstein — and I, frankly, told Fox News today in the morning on the phone — I don’t understand why he won’t tell people I had a great conversation with him. Some things he told me didn’t need to be under oath.” So the Drive-Bys are confused (chuckles) ’cause Trump talked to Rosenstein; Rosenstein told Trump everything he wanted to know. Trump says, “I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

But then Rosenstein won’t go up to talk to Congress and Trump’s not making him do it! So people can’t figure out what’s going on. Let me tell you how to observe this or how to deal with it. Trust that Trump knows what he’s doing here. That’s all I can tell you. Don’t fall for the fact that Rosenstein’s playing Trump. Trust the fact that Trump knows what he’s doing and just be patient.


RUSH: It’s Ralph in Las Vegas. Looks intriguing up there. What’s up, Ralph?

CALLER: Well, I have two questions. If you only take one, that’s fine. During the judge’s hearing, all I heard was the FBI only investigates. They do not come up with conclusions or opinions or anything.

RUSH: I heard that, too.

CALLER: But Fox News and the president have both bought in to fact that Connor (sic) did exactly the opposite. He was judge, jury, and not executioner, but probation officer for Hillary. He violated all of it. So why did he get away with it and nobody else can? I don’t understand. I really don’t.

RUSH: Who is? Comey! You mean Comey.

CALLER: Comey yes. I’m sorry.

RUSH: I made the same point. When I heard they don’t draw conclusions. Comey exonerated her before even interviewing her.

CALLER: Judge, jury, and probation officer.

RUSH: Right. And we all know the reason why. She was the Democrat nominee. Their jobs and futures and the shenanigans they had pulled required her to win, for them to stay employed and for the tricks they had pulled on Trump to remain unknown. So she had to be exonerated. She had to be found not guilty and not even charged in relation to the emails and the trafficking in classified data and so forth. See, I had the same reaction you do? What do you mean, you don’t come to any conclusions?

CALLER: I understand that, that she had to get off, but he did not have the right to. He was not a judge. It was never in trial.

RUSH: No, he… No, wait, wait, wait. He claimed that he did because Loretta Lynch ended up having to… She didn’t officially recuse, but because she met with Slick Willie on the plane, on the tarmac out in Phoenix, Comey said she’s compromised. So he basically took over the gig of AG for the purposes of exonerating Hillary, and he went out there on July 5th, did that press conference, under the auspices of making the decisions because Loretta Lynch couldn’t.

CALLER: So why can’t we just reopen it and say he didn’t have the legal right to make the decision; so let’s start over from where he just gave his speech?

RUSH: I agree with you. And this is why… You’re not the only one. Devin Nunes and a bunch of his other House members that are on the House Judiciary Committee are hell-bent on getting to the bottom of this and not letting these people get away with it. They have been uninvestigated. That’s not the right word. They haven’t even been investigated. They haven’t looked at. You’ve got this special counsel which is ignoring the real crimes and criminality that’s taken place, while spending all of this time trying to find a crime that they can lay on Trump.

And they haven’t been able to. It’s frustrating. This is why, by the way, there is increasing frustration at the president for not declassifying these documents that will answer the questions that you’re asking. They don’t understand why the president is protecting Rosenstein, the guy who, in a meeting, suggested wearing a wire in his next meeting with Trump to try to get incriminating evidence that Trump’s unfit.

They were gonna gather the cabinet after Rosenstein had had a conversation with Trump, which supposedly was gonna show that Trump is insane and unfit. And they were gonna play that for the cabinet to try invoke the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein said, “Oh, I’m just kidding.” The people in the meeting said he was not kidding. None of us were. And I believe that. I believe these people back then were hell-bent on getting rid of Trump!

I think they still are!

I think official Washington, the political-media complex of Washington is still inside out and upside down over Trump. And I think with every success and every smile on Trump’s face, with every piece of evidence that Trump is enjoying this, I think they go a little further insane each and every time that Trump succeeds at something, that Trump is not damaged by… And every effort, everything that they’ve done to try to take Trump out, I think theory beyond frustrated that it hasn’t worked.

And I don’t think they are giving up on it. I don’t think they will give up on it. Now, the Rosenstein or Rosenstein, however he pronounces it, heard it both ways, this is really curious. Trump had him on Air Force One. People thought that Rosenstein, “No way. He’s got to be fired after this, after credibly being discovered suggesting wearing a wire to entrap the president? He’sotta go.” But Trump says I got a great relationship with the guy.

I’m not letting him go. I’m not doing anything about that now, and I’m not declassifying those documents yet. People are scratching their heads as to why. Some are saying, “It’s just the election, Rush. Trump’s not gonna do any of this ’til after the midterms. Doesn’t want any of this to become an election issue. Well, declassifying some of these documents that Nunes wants that would prove that there was a cabal, was running a soft coup or silent coup in the FBI, the DOJ.

It would go a long way toward nullifying whatever it is that Mueller is gonna end up saying! And would establish that the deep state actually exists and has had as a project to get rid of Trump. Proof of that before the midterms would seem to be helpful. Then there’s the aspect of this that the allies in Europe, our European allies, a primarily the British, have asked the president not to declassify. (impression) “It’d be terribly, terribly humiliating, don’t you know. Terribly embarrassing.

The Brits are very, very close allies of ours, and there have been some questionable behavior on their part, and then certainly wouldn’t want that knowb.” And the president said, “Okay. Okay. I’m not gonna embarrass you.” By the way, every bit of that’s true. This whole thing has been a circus involving academics from Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, as they intermingle with the CIA, the FBI, and MI6 in the U.K. I mean, academics and spies are pretty much the same people.

The CIA and MI6 recruit students from the Ivy League and from Oxford and Cambridge and the U.K. ’cause they’re looking for smarts and, in many cases, they’re looking for left-wing tilt. Don’t ask me why, other than the obvious reasons. But Trump has chosen to protect the wishes of our British allies, primarily, and not declassifying some of these… It’s got Devin Nunes frustrated like you can’t believe. And some of his buddies that are on the committee as well.

But back to your original question about the FBI not drawing conclusions. Comey did. They certainly concluded that Trump committed all these crimes and Trump this and Trump that. But in truth they’re not supposed to. In truth, they are information gatherers. In the case of Kavanaugh, the task, the job, WAS to go out and re-interview people already been interviewed and turn over the 302s, the interview forms, the results of the interviews to the Senate! To the Judiciary Committee. And they draw the conclusions. That’s how it’s always been.

Look, I’m glad you called out there, Ralph, but I gotta go.

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