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RUSH: Now, before we get too much into the hour, I need to tell you a little bit about a movie that is opening tonight. It probably has opened in some cities already in certain theaters. It’s Gosnell, the trial of America’s biggest serial killer. Now, Kermit Gosnell is an abortionist. He’s an abortion doctor who got away with the wanton murder… He was in Philadelphia. He got away with the wanton murder of thousands. Nobody could get the media interested in the story, even after he was charged and put on trial and convicted.

The reason is that Kermit Gosnell was the worst thing that ever happened to people who want to keep abortion thought of and categorized as something other than what it is. The media wouldn’t cover it, and nor the trial very much. There have been a lot of people who did cover it. Michelle Malkin was one of the leaders, also people like Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. He was hot on the trail of Gosnell. I think they wrote over 160 different articles. So the trick has been, “How do you do a movie about this? How do you get it made?” I mean, movie equals Hollywood.

“How do you get stars? How do you get people to star in it? How do you get money to finance it, and how do you get it made, and how do you get it distributed, and how do you find theaters that will exhibit the thing? How do you do all?” They ran into every predictable problem that you can imagine. But they persisted, and they got it done. And the way they got this done… This is a movie about the trial of Kermit Gosnell. It’s a procedural movie like a procedural cop show, crime and cop show on television, meaning it follows a formula.

It doesn’t get overtly political. It doesn’t want to limit the audience by getting political even with a trial. This movie has a rating of PG-13 and it’s about wanton abortion murder. There is not a lot of, hardly any abhorrent gore and violence in the movie. It’s depicted in other ways. It’s not meant to shock. It’s meant to entertain and educate. It’s an attempt to use a movie in a responsible way to do things that movies are supposed to do: entertain, entertain, entertain, enlighten, maybe inform. It’s not the political movie that the left would make about a story like this. It can’t avoid the politics.

But it is exceptionally well done for the subject matter. You’re not gonna be… If you go see it, you’re not gonna be watching people advocating for a cause. You’re not gonna see a movie designed to separate you from your money in terms of political fundraising. You’re gonna see Hollywood professionals who happen to be pro-life producing a movie about something that really happened. A mass murderer. He was a mass murderer of people in the womb that nobody on the left wanted anybody to know about.

What he did, Kermit Gosnell, was despicable. But he was a charming guy. He had an engaging smile and laugh — and even at his trial, it was said that he was charming people. Now, our old buddy Nick Searcy directed this. I don’t know anything about directing movies. But I can imagine some of the challenges in a movie like this. You don’t want to preach, and you don’t want to make your movie a target, but you want to be truthful about it. And you want the message to be delivered. But you don’t want to turn people off.

You don’t want people to think they’re being preached to or any of that, and so the way I looked at it, I didn’t see Nick Searcy use a bunch of special effects or other things to distract you. Just let the story tell itself, and it’s basically the trial. There’s some setup. The story itself is all anybody needs to know. The No. 1 mass murderer in America. He was never referred to as this because, of course, to the left, abortion is not even human. It’s an unviable tissue mass or what have you. It’s got stars, people that you know, people that put their careers on the line to star in this movie.

The odds are that they’re gonna have trouble getting cast in other movies, having been identified with this. Dean Cain is one. The actor who plays Gosnell himself is an actor in, I think, AFLAC commercials. His name is Earl Billings, and for somebody that’s only widely known as an actor in TV commercials, this guy does one heck of a job. It’s probably the finest role that he’s played or the best performance that he’s had, I would guess, as an actor. I just want to let you know that if you’re thinking about going to see it, it’s PG 13. We’re not talking X.

We’re not even talking R here. So you’re not gonna be immersed in a bunch of repulsive gore. And again, it’s thought that they don’t need to do that to tell this story. The story itself tells itself. It’s the trial of America’s biggest serial killer. There are a lot of people who have put everything in their careers on the line to get the movie made. They got it made. A lot of people put their careers on the line agreeing to appear and star, even Searcy directing the film. It’s powerfully done, and it opens tonight.

And if you don’t know about Kermit Gosnell, if you’ve not heard the name, if it doesn’t ring a bell, you by all means should see this. If you do know who Gosnell is and if you think you know the story, you should see this. It’s also a good movie. As I say, it follows a procedural format. So you’re not watching a political documentary here. You’re watching a movie portrayal of a real life event, and it’s treated as a real life event, as any other would be, without a lot of political preaching because it’s felt it’s not necessary, and it isn’t.

The story itself is heart-stopping enough as it is.

Gosnell: Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.

Opening today.

They’ve had the red carpet premieres and so forth, and the people who have seen it are raving about it, just so you know.


RUSH: There’s an NBC opinion piece that has appeared in opposition to the Gosnell movie, and here’s the headline of this piece: “Legal Abortion Is Vilified by the Pro-Life Gosnell Movie, Which Inadvertently Shows the Dystopia of a Post-Roe America.” So whereas we have a bunch of journalists trying to blame Donald Trump for inspiring Mohammed bin Salman to murder a Saudi journalist, now we have this NBC piece which is basically saying that what this movie is inadvertently showing is what will happen if abortion ever becomes illegal.

Guys like Gosnell will spring up everywhere, that Gosnell could not have become the mass murderer he became if abortion would have been legal — which is a crock. He did his murdering after abortion had become legal. But they’re trying to say to everybody, “You know, you better not get what you wish for here because if you ever get abortion, you ever get Roe v. Wade overturned, you’re gonna have people like Gosnell popping up left and right.”

Which misses the entire point of this movie.

But that’s not a surprise, that opponents would try to miscast what’s going on.

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