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RUSH: Next up, my friends, try this. This is from Breitbart, and this is about the Senate race in Arizona. This is about the woman running against Martha McSally. Martha McSally is running for the Jeff Flake seat. Jeff Flake, by the way, is now claiming that he’s gonna run against Trump maybe in 2020. And Jeff Flake is saying he’s really, really disturbed at all of the gloating and spiking of the football after the Kavanaugh swearing-in.

He’s really, really disturbed by this. He’s really “very, very concerned” like Tom Daschle. (Tom Daschle impression) “I’m very, very concerned, Tim. We’re… We’re really concerned…” And Dingy Harry picked up the mantle. (Reid impression) “We’re very, very concerned.” Now Flake is concerned! But it’s Martha McSally who’s the highest ranking woman in the Air Force. She’s the first female fighter pilot. She’s seeking the Senate seat in Arizona that Flake held. Her opponent is a woman named Kyrsten Sinema, or Sinema.

I don’t know. It’s S-i-n-e-m-a. I’m sorry for not knowing how to pronounce it. It’s my fault. I should have taken the effort to figure it out, but I haven’t. So I’ll just cover my bases, pronounce it every which way I think it could be. Now, the headline of the story here: “Kyrsten Sinema Mocks ‘Crazy’ Arizonans and ‘Leeching Moms.'” Now, remember who her opponent is: Martha McSally, the highest ranking woman in the Air Force, first female fighter pilot.

“Democrat Senate contender Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona mocked Arizonans as ‘crazy,’ as shown in video of a 2011 Texas event. Sinema is seen on video posted to YouTube telling a cackling group that she learned of the five C’s of Arizona as a kid, the things from which Arizona’s economy has historically profited. ‘But I would add a sixth C,’ she told the crowd. ‘It’s called crazy.’… She claimed in the 2011 speech that for several years ‘people would watch what’s happening in Arizona and be like, “Damn, those people are crazy. Is it something about the water?”‘

Anyway, she goes on to attack Arizona “women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s b—s—. I mean, what the f— are we really talking about here?” Now, if you go back to the early days of feminism, it was all about be who you want to be. You don’t have to do anything people tell you to do. But then, women decided they wanted to stay home and raise kids.

And the feminazis just went after them like (paraphrased exchange), “You can’t do that!” “Well, you just said I could choose to…” “No! You can’t choose to stay home. You can’t be defined by marriage or a relationship. You can’t choose to raise the kids. You are letting down the sisterhood. You’re betraying the movement!” That dates back to the late sixties, early seventies. Here comes this woman running for the Senate in 2018 accusing women who stay home and raise kids of being leeches.

They’re leeching off their husbands. They’re leeching from their boyfriends. They’re just cashing the checks. And they’re calling it feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. Well, that’s not feminism. Her opponent, again, the highest ranking woman in the Air Force, first female fighter pilot, Martha McSally. Have you seen the polling data on some of these Senate races? It’s looking bad for the Democrats. The Democrats… The Kavanaugh effect is very real.

I mean, it’s looking bad for Manchin, even.

It’s looking bad for Heidi Heitkamp.

It’s looking bad for a guy in Indiana, Donnelly.

It’s looking bad for this woman, Sinema, out in Arizona.

Beto O’Rourke, who has got… The left is throwing money at Beto O’Rourke in Texas and he is continuing to lose ground to Ted Cruz. I mean, there are some… I’ve read speculation that that Senate race is over. I don’t want any of you believing that. But it wasn’t long ago that Beto was leading Cruz, if you believe the polls. It looks like, if the election were today, and if the polls are right, that there isn’t anything approaching a blue wave in the Senate and in fact it is a red wave. And now there’s more evidence. We’re starting to see it. I have details coming up that this blue wave in the House may be a myth. So we’ll just have to see.


RUSH: John Podhoretz. Never Trumper John Podhoretz. “The Democrats’ ‘Blue Wave’ Is Drying Up.” Oh, that’s gotta be a disappointment. “Don’t count your elections before they’ve hatched. That’s the lesson of the past couple of weeks. Now, the so-called ‘fundamentals’ that supposedly govern the 2018 midterm elections still point … to a good-to-great night for Democrats.

“They are the out-party and the out-party generally does better than the party in power.” But “two ‘generic’ polling questions this week have Democrats up 12 and 13 points respectively. That would suggest a so-called ‘blue wave’ in which most House and Senate seats in play will likely tilt Democratic. And it’s in line with the 2010 Republican numbers around now…” Yet, yet…And we pointed out that all of these national generic polls show this gigantic wave.

But if you go race by race, if you go into the states district by district, you don’t see this wave, you don’t see the evidence in the polling. And people have been asking, “Well, how can this…? How can this disparity be? How can you have a generic ballot that shows the Democrats plus 12 or plus 13 but then you don’t find any single congressional race that shows Democrats plus 12 or 13?”

Well, it must mean the generic ballot doesn’t mean much, mustn’t it? How could it? A generic ballot doesn’t have a name on it. By this time, when you start polling people a month, three weeks away from the election, you start asking questions about how they’re gonna vote (chuckles) without a name in the question, what do you think the result’s gonna be? “[S]tate-level polls over the past two weeks show no such wave, at least not in the Senate.

“Indeed, they suggest Democrats appear to have almost no serious chance of winning a majority in the Senate, which would require them to pick up three GOP seats,” and to hold every other seat that they have being held by an incumbent. “At this moment, it’s far more likely Republicans will pick up one of theirs.” So he goes state by state to show where this is all happening. The evidence against the blue wave is primarily in the Senate. But the conventional wisdom here is not rooted in specifics.

The conventional wisdom is rooted in just that: Conventional wisdom and hope. The left hopes that this is a traditional year. Party out of power wins big. That’s what they’re hoping. They’ve got their generic ballot polls which say that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. Then you go into the states, state by state, race by rate, and you don’t see it. You see a lot of close races, some that could go either way. But they’re still hanging on to hope. They are reporting the hope. They are reporting the hope and hoping that reporting the hope will turn the hope into reality.

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