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RUSH: So let’s start here with audio sound bite No. 1.

Normally, I would not waste my time on this sound bite, but it is going to provide an interesting… (interruption) Oh, you made it from the cortisone shot. I didn’t think you’d be here this quickly. I just got the note saying you were leaving 10 minutes ago. Well, I only got the email 20 minutes, 10 minutes ago; so must be our email server up to speed.

Anyway, this was on WBZ-TV in Boston this morning during a segment called Keller@Large. Political analyst Jon Keller talking about people that did not evacuate before Hurricane Michael. Now, who do you think he’s gonna blame for this? Yes, siree, Bob…

KELLER: So 400,000 Gulf Coast residents in Florida were told to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Michael. Most did. But many did not. And, as the search for the dead continues this morning, we’re once again confronted with a sad question: Why won’t people heed a life-and-death warning? In a study done after Hurricane Katrina, Akron University professor Stacy Willett found several factors at play with danger deniers.

RUSH: Yeah.

KELLER: Older people with physical or economic restrictions —

RUSH: Yada yada.

KELLER: — were less likely to leave their homes. Men were more likely to shrug off warnings than women.

RUSH: Get to it!

KELLER: And peer pressure was also a factor from friends and neighbors or from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, who repeatedly scoffs at evacuation requests as a political scam designed to promote global warming theories. This devastation doesn’t the look like a scam to me.

RUSH: That is so incorrect. But, normally, I would not react to this because outside of Boston nobody would have heard of this. They already hate me in Boston; so nothing lost there. But this is… If this were a sane world, this is actionable.

I have never told people not to evacuate because of global warming. I have never told people to not listen to local authorities when they issue any kind of evacuation warnings. Never have I done that, and I didn’t in this hurricane! In this hurricane I spent all kinds of time telling people, based on my consummate expertise as a resident in hurricane alley where the worst damage could be expected to be, and I called it, Mexico Beach! Okay.

But the point is this guy doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. He goes to the Nexis database and he figures, oh, Rush Limbaugh, does he believe in climate change, tells people to ignore things? Just rank amateur unprofessionalism. But the reason I played this is not to mention this guy. But because while this guy is jumping all in my chili, listen to this story. This is from the Federalist Papers: “Liberal Professor Says Hurricane Victims Deserved What They Got For Supporting Republicans!”

Do you think these clowns in Boston would zero in on something genuinely deranged like this? No! They’re gonna make up the fact that a bunch of people like me who know that climate change, man-made climate change is a hoax, are somehow responsible for people having lost everything, including risking their lives. “Does University of Saint Thomas thermal sciences professor John Abraham,” he’s a professor “actually believe Florida Panhandle residents deserved to get hit by a catastrophic hurricane for electing ‘climate deniers?'”

Here’s the headline and an article written by this guy was published in The Guardian, not some obscure little rag or the penny saver. This was published in The Guardian on Thursday: “Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers. Elections have consequences. Denying science has consequences. And we are reaping what we sow.” People just like this are teaching your kids, and they’re being made a lot of money to do it.

This is the logic and the reasoning that he is teaching at an engineering school! The guy is deranged! This is hyper-political partisanship disguised as science? He thinks that voting for Republicans causes hurricanes to hit red states and that people in red states who vote Republicans deserve to get wiped out by hurricanes for voting for Republicans, and his name is Dr. John Abraham, University of St. Thomas engineering school in Minnesota.

“Despite the lack of science to support for his case, Abraham blames Michael’s intensity on man-made global warming…” There isn’t any evidence for it. It’s not the most intense hurricane to ever hit the Panhandle. Yet he blames the “intensity on man-made global warming, leading to his subsequent claim that southern voters brought this upon themselves by voting Republicans into office.”

“‘It is a wonder that a state like Florida, which will get pummeled by Michael, could vote for someone that denies climate change,’ [this doctor] wrote, pointing to … Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio.” Now, his argument is “unless Republican ‘climate deniers’ are voted out of office, more hurricanes will bring more death and destruction to the south…” So this clown who is disguised as an engineering professor literally is staying if you want to stop destructive hurricanes striking where you live, vote Democrat. It’s literally what he’s saying.

In an unrelated story, a bunch of witches somewhere are putting a hex on Brett Kavanaugh this week and I’m not making that up, and they are disguised as Democrat Party activists. A hex on Kavanaugh. I don’t know what the nature of the hex is. I mean, if it weren’t so irresponsible, it would be funny. Meanwhile, you have the entire left now attempting to destroy Kanye West, and what Kanye West did is simply venture off the liberal Democrat plantation. That is a no-no.

If you’re African-American and you venture off the Democrat plantation, they are going to destroy you. Meanwhile, idiots like this professor, a professor of engineering, literally tells people that if you want to stop hurricanes from blowing up where you live, vote Democrat. It’s because you’re voting Republican and denying climate change that these hurricanes are coming after you. Do you remember after Hurricane Katrina? You people might have thought that I was joking.

There were people in the leftist media who literally were trying to tell people in New Orleans that George Bush wanted that hurricane to strike Louisiana, he wanted it specifically to strike New Orleans. This is why there weren’t any warnings. He wanted it to strike New Orleans because Bush knew that residents of New Orleans would have to abandon the city and go to Texas, where, as Democrats, they would be absorbed and wouldn’t affect any political outcomes.

But in Louisiana you could turn the state Republican if you get rid of a bunch of New Orleans Democrats. And so there were people out there saying that Bush actually wanted the hurricane to wipe out New Orleans so that residents would have to leave, would have to go to Houston. There were some even saying that Bush was doing what he could to steer the hurricane, that Bush was responsible for it because Bush told the weather service to downplay the warnings.

Well, I didn’t want to mention it, but I’ll go ahead and mention it. There were some… Now, these were not mainstream media people, but they did repeat this. There were people out there, cockamamie lunatics on the internet who were claiming that Bush was steering the hurricane. Remember that? That Bush was steering that hurricane. Bush, himself, the president, was steering the hurricane!

And what this guy, this professor at the University of St. Thomas is no different by claiming that simply the way people vote determines where a hurricane goes, how strong a hurricane’s gonna be, and whether or not the hurricane’s gonna wipe you out. He doesn’t know. Yeah, it’s the redneck Riviera, and, yeah, traditionally the Panhandle of Florida votes Republicans. But he doesn’t know. There might have been some Democrat voters that got wiped out. The odds are there were. Because so many people did get wiped out.

We look at these events, or these people do, as one off political events. Some of these people who have been wiped out, you look at that devastation and you say, “How are they ever gonna come back?” They didn’t have much to begin with. I mean, it’s just… Some of these photos that you see from that area do look like they have been leveled with explosives. It is just heartbreaking to see what happened. The only upside is it was not, you know, a densely populated area, but that doesn’t change the impact on the people who live there.

And, yeah, there were some who didn’t evacuate, and they made up their minds themselves. The media found them, talked to them. They wanted to stay. They wanted to hang in. They wanted to see what it was all like. Every hurricane has those people who are hell-bent; they either want to protect the homestead or they’re curious. They hear how devastating and how big and how raucous these storms are, and they want to see it, and they roll the dice thinking that they’re survive it, what have you.

It takes all kinds of people… But this one… When I saw this today, I thought I had to make sure this is not, you know, some satire site, and it isn’t. Climate deniers are making these storms worse by stopping action on climate change. So, see? If we had just not gotten out of the Paris climate accords, and if Limbaugh and Trump would stop making fun of the U.N.’s “interplantinental” whatever it is on climate change, then the hurricanes would get the message, and the hurricanes would go somewhere else, the hurricanes wouldn’t get so strong.

But the hurricanes know. The hurricanes know that they’re attacking Republican voters who therefore don’t believe in climate change. So hurricanes are targeting people for destruction and wiping them out. And these people need to know that they’re making it happen because of the way they vote. How absurd. How stupid, how utterly politically partisan. By the way, you can make book on it like clockwork. Just today, here come more intense reports on the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

(impression) “We’ve only got 11 years. This is it, folks. We’ve only got 11 years to get that Celsius temperature increase down to 1.5 degree. If we’re not able to keep it below two degrees Celsius in the next 10 years, we are all…” What? Toast? We’re cooked? In my lifetime, this is… I’ve counted. This is the fourth 10-year warning we have been given by the United Nations and other related climate activists. Algore gave us 10 years in 1993. Ted Danson gave us 10 years in 1988.

Ted Danson’s 10 years are cleaning up the oceans, which, by the way, Trump just got around to doing! Millennials are gonna see that, by the way, and they’re gonna love it. Something Obama never did. Millennials are big on their planet being destroyed. They literally have been bombarded their whole lives with the fact that their parents and grandparents are destroying their planet. They have no place to live if their parents are not stopped. They’ve been taught this since they’ve been going to kindergarten.

They believe it. They don’t think earth is sustainable. That’s why when people start colonizing or talking about colonizing Mars or an asteroid, Millennials fall for it. Not hard to understand if that’s all you’ve been taught. And it’s all caca. But, anyway, I just had to share this with you because it’s another example, and they are countless of what is becoming genuinely illustrative insanity and unhinged behavior. And these people are in positions of real responsibility and power such as professors of engineering at major institutions of higher learning.


RUSH: Yeah. I was just asked, “Wait a minute, Rush. Ten years? Weren’t we told not long ago that we were beyond the point of no return?” Yes. It’s a great observation. In the last 15 years — and I’d have to go back to the archives, but I have kept every one of these stories, and they will be in our show archives — in our encyclopedic show archives at RushLimbaugh.com. We have every climate change story I’ve discussed, including those which say it’s too late; there’s nothing we can do now.

And there were two or three of those stories within the last 10 to 15 years. So why now are we again getting, “We’ve only got 10 years to fix it”? This is the minimum fourth time in 30 years that I know of, and this is the U.N.’s… They alone may have given us 10-year warnings three times! Then you add in Algore and Ted Danson and all the other dissipate, kooky environmentalist groups, and the numbers of people and times warning us we only had 10 years could be more than we can count.

The reason they’re doing it is because they realize there’s always gonna be a group of news consumers that have never heard it! The left recycles all of their greatest hits. It’s like the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. HBO made sure to do a movie about it that ran just last year or the year before. I forget which. That all happened back in 1990. About 28 years. So that’s a whole generation that’s grown up and had no idea about it.

So the left has to do a movie to let the current generation know how outrageous, and isn’t it interesting the timing? Short years after, just a few short months after the HBO movie on Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill here comes Dr. Blasey Ford with Brett Kavanaugh. They leave nothing to chance. They control the media, and they plant things, and then they revive them to make sure that new groups of people — audiences — based on generations and maturity, always get the leftist propaganda on every particular issue.

That’s why they recycle the 10-year warning.


RUSH: Let’s get to the phones. I always tried to do that in the first hour on Friday. Lake City, Minnesota, this is Phil. I’m glad you called, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. August 1st, ’88, dittos, and I wanted to say that indelibly etched in my hippocampus is your laughter. Your laughter. Your updates… I mean, the first time I heard Klaus Nomi I just about drove off the road. It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for 30 years.

RUSH: You’re more than welcome, sir. I appreciate that. Klaus Nomi is our official Gay Community Update Theme. We haven’t had occasion to play it recently, but might revive it from the archives today just since you’ve brought it up.

CALLER: It’s still hilarious beyond description. I hold a bachelor of science degree in geography, and we used to talking about what is the optimal temp. When you hear these people at the U.N. and wherever talking about, well, the climate change and everything burning up, they never tell us what the optimal temperature is. But every time the temperature goes up a few degrees, you have large swaths of Canada, Russia, China that are, you know, untillable turn into better agricultural areas; and we end up feeding more people. A case in point, a mere 10,000 years ago here in the upper Midwest, we had this giant glacier sitting over most of the country and then this wonderful thing where the planet warmed up, and we have this area that’s suddenly feeding the world. So every time the temperatures goes up a little bit, we feed more people. So I don’t know what the problem is. I mean —

RUSH: Oh, yes you do. The problem is they’re trying to scare everybody into signing on to this because… It’s classic! If you sign on to agreeing to the whole premise of climate change, you are agreeing to a lot. You’re agreeing you’re to blame — and that’s a big one, because when you agree that you’re to blame, then they hit you with, “But you can fix it! You can make amends.” And how do you do that? Well, you agree to pay higher taxes, you agree to become an activist, you agree to start criticizing everybody else.

So they get you to accept blame, then you also admit that gigantic organizations are the only way to structure our lives and to protect everybody. So it’s simply a way to guilt people into accepting (when they don’t even know this is being done to them) the premises of socialism and communism, under the guise of saving the planet. But your point about the optimal temperature? I’ve expressed that in a different way over the years.

How do we know, folks, that climate conditions right now in the entire history of this planet — how many hundreds of thousands of years, whatever it is. How do we know that the temperature and the climate right now is optimal, is perfect, is what it should always be? How do we know that? We don’t. It’s the vanity of these people assuming that this is the baseline, this is perfection, anything that veers off from here is a problem. They’re so full of it, I can’t begin to describe the ways.

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