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RUSH: Man, I tell you, folks, the insanity is all over the place. Here is a piece at Politico today, and this by John Harris and Sarah Zimmerman, and John Harris is one of the founders of Politico. He used to be at the Washington Post. I mean, so these are not chump change, obscure, wacko journalists… Well, they may be that. But, I mean, they’re widely known. They are highly respected, right in the mainstream of left-wing activist journalists. The headline of this story:

“Trump May Not Be Crazy, But the Rest of Us Are Getting There Fast.” I don’t know where to start with this. Even the first line here: “CNN before love-making is not his idea of a turn-on. But she can hardly turn it off — engrossed as she is in the latest unnerving gyrations of Washington.” So, obviously, these are psychologist stories. “Psychologists’ couches are filling up as Americans seek relief from Trump Anxiety Disorder.” That’s the subhead. I don’t believe this for a minute.

I think this may be the case in Washington. It certainly would be the case in the Upper West Side and probably in a lot of Hollywood, but nationwide people are not seeing shrinks to deal with “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” But yet this guy, these two people think, well, all of America is. If it’s happening in Washington and New York, then it’s happening everywhere. So, a psychologist’s tale here. “CNN before love-making is not his idea of a turn-on. But she can hardly turn it off — engrossed as she is in the latest unnerving gyrations of Washington.

“Who else to blame but Donald Trump? A president who excites hot feelings in many quarters has cooled them considerably in the bedroom of a Philadelphia couple…” So you got people who are going to psychiatrists now blaming Trump for the fact that they have both gone frigid! Blaming Trump for the fact that they have lost interest in sex, lovemaking, coitus, however you refer to it. So this “Philadelphia couple … sought counseling in part because the agitated state of American politics was causing strain in their marriage.

“The couple’s story was relayed to Politico by their therapist on condition of the couple’s anonymity. But their travails, according to national surveys and interviews with mental health professionals, are not as anomalous as one might suppose. Even when symptoms are not sexual in nature, there is abundant evidence that Trump and his daily uproars are galloping into the inner life of millions of Americans.” (laughing) I’m telling you, these people are bonkers!

Now, we’ve known this on the fringes. You know, John Kerry would lose the election and down here in south Florida, enterprising psychologists would open temporary offices advertising, “If you’re suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, please come see us,” after John Kerry lost in 2004. I mean, this kind of stuff has been… You know, since Florida 2000 it’s been somewhat common here, but it’s reaching new heights, new lows.

“Empirical data bolsters the anecdotal reports from practitioners. The American Psychiatric Association in a May survey found that 39% of people said their anxiety level had risen over the previous year—and 56% percent were either ‘extremely anxious’ or ‘somewhat anxious’ about ‘the impact of politics on daily life.’ A 2017 study found two-thirds of Americans’ see the nation’s future as a ‘very or somewhat significant source of stress.’ …

“A more plausible interpretation, in the view of some psychological experts, is that Trump has been cultivating, adapting and prospering from his distinctive brand of provocation, brinkmanship and self-drama for the past 72 years. What we’re seeing is merely the president’s own definition of normal. It is only the audience that finds the performance disorienting. In other words: [Trump]’s not crazy, but the rest of us are getting there fast.” And people are going to psychiatrists and paying money to be told this, to be told Trump is driving them crazy!

He literally is causing them to lose their sanity! You thought I’ve been joking or exaggerating about this, and I’m not. We’re dealing with people who are genuinely unhinged. They haven’t gotten over the fact that Trump won. They can’t get over the fact that their people can’t get rid of Trump. The intelligence agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, the deep state, powerful people in Washington, the Democrat Party, old reliables like Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, can’t lay a glove on Trump. And they’re beside themselves!

Getting rid of Republicans has never been this hard.

“Trump Signs Legislation to Clean up Millions of Tons of Garbage from the World’s Oceans.” Obama didn’t do this. “President Donald Trump added his signature to the ‘Save Our Seas Act’ on Thursday, green-lighting an initiative to clean up eight million tons of debris from the planet’s oceans. … Sponsored by Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan, the bill aims to promote better domestic…” Millennials are gonna go nuts over this. This is the big deal to them, or it’s a big deal. This is sustainability of their life-providing and supporting planet.

And Obama didn’t do it.

Trump is doing it.

They’re gonna be so conflicted. They want to applaud this. They want to support this. They want to thank Trump for doing this. But they just can’t thank Trump. Oh, my God. I’m telling you it’s funny to watch this. It is funny. Parts of it are dangerous, too, because we’re not talking about people in the fringe. We’re talking about a whole lot of mainstream Democrats who are losing their minds here. And the number is growing exponentially. Back to the phones. Paul in Wappingers Falls, New York. It’s great that you waited. Thank you, and welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you very much, Rush. I’ve listened to you day one on WABC, and I’ve been listening ever since. I really appreciate what you do. If my memory is correct when you first moved to New York, did you not losing your luggage or your furniture never arrived —

RUSH: Yeah, that did… The moving truck that had all of my worldly goods…. It got parked at a truck stop in Indiana, and the driver quit and didn’t tell me. The driver got mad at the company, and I didn’t have luggage for the first month after I got there. No furniture, nothing. I had no worldly possessions other than my briefcase and the clothes I was wearing for a month. Yeah. That was one of the first elements of the debuting of the program. Your memory is really good to remember that.

CALLER: Well, thank you. I’m calling… I wanted to talk about what the left is doing with their intolerance and how that relates to the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

RUSH: Oh yes.

CALLER: But I first want to mention just ironically, given what you last spoke about, I happen to be a clinical psychologist in private practice. And I am not seeing, you know, people coming in to the office falling apart because of Trump. It’s just not really happening. Sometimes it gets mentioned in passing, but it’s not really happening. And when people mention anything that triggers a stress response, it really isn’t the stressor that’s the problem. It’s helping people to manage their own ability to deal with stress because they could have problems on any issue, money or relationships or something else. It’s really helping people get stronger, to build some calluses and not take things so personally and be a little more open-minded. So I’m not seeing what some of those people are seeing.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute, now. Are you suggesting that… This story is in The Politico. That’s the equivalent of something as big and widespread as the Washington Post. Are you suggesting that the story is exaggerated and not that many people are suffering from this Trump Derangement Syndrome or whatever?

CALLER: I can tell you that I have an extremely busy practice, and it’s not happening. Does Trump get mentioned in passing? Yes. So did George Bush. So did Barack Obama. But usually they were not… They’re never —

RUSH: Yeah, but what if your office was on the Upper West Side or what if your office was in Georgetown or in Hollywood or Wilshire Boulevard? Wappingers Falls is not… I mean, you’ve got basically a bunch of Jimmy Stewarts up there, right?

CALLER: (laughing) Well, I’m 60 miles from New York City; so it’s not too bad.

RUSH: Well, that’s far enough away. I mean, people are in Wappingers Falls, not Manhattan, for a reason.

CALLER: Well, if someone came to me and they were really, really upset about Trump, my goal would be to try to help them manage that so they don’t fall apart, because Trump is not the issue. The issue is rarely the trigger, unless it’s huge.

RUSH: But, see, you’re being responsible. I think the psychiatrists these people are going to see are suffering from the same thing. So I don’t think the shrinks know how to help them. I think the shrinks are probably encouraging them that they’re justified to feel this way, that Trump is enough of a reprobate to make anybody feel this way, and that’s normal.

CALLER: I can tell you one thing that I’m right of center, and I’m in a minority in the psychological and psychiatric field.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

CALLER: So that bias does bring in. If someone’s very much a progressive or liberal, they will certainly be affected by what’s going on —

RUSH: Okay. Let me ask you this. You may not be able to tell me this because of patient-client confidentiality. I’m not asking any names. But what percentage of the people who are coming to see you for help are in fact out of kilter because of politics, not maybe Trump per se or any other personality, but just politics in general, how many of them are in a state of confusion or stress just because of politics?

CALLER: I’d say zero percent.

RUSH: Zero percent!


RUSH: Zero percent! That’s interesting.

CALLER: Yeah. They’re not coming in for that. It’s that they have other things to do. They’re worried about, you know, their families or they’re going through a divorce or they have anxiety or depression about other things, or they were traumatized.

RUSH: But, see, to liberals, all of that is Trump’s fault. ‘Cause he got elected and he’s president. It’s all his fault.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah. You know, it’s interesting. One of the things that helped me veer to the right was psychology when I was learning it, because when people come in to my office and they say they have terrible childhoods and maybe it’s legit, they were mistreated, they were abused, I can sympathize, I can empathize, and I can say that was horrible. Now we have to do the work of getting you past it and continuing to blame people doesn’t help. And having the attitude that somebody else must change in order to for me to feel better is backwards. We have to be willing to —

RUSH: Thank you. You have just defined liberalism. That is perfect! “Everybody else must change in order for these people to feel normal and good.” That’s exactly it! They force everybody to become what they demand and to love it at the same time! I’m glad you called. I really appreciate it, Paul. Thank you. I’m up against it on time. I have to go. But I’m really also flattered you’re a lifer. August 1st, ’88, is the first day of this program. Yeah, I think it was… I forget the name of the moving company.

I want to say Nationwide, but I don’t think that was it.

Anyway, the furniture was due to arrive on a date, and it didn’t show up, and it didn’t show up, and we called the company. “Oh, it’s on its way! Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s on its way. Will be there probably the day after tomorrow.” Well, a month goes by, and they finally had to call the FBI to go find the van because nobody knew where the van was. And the driver had parked it at a truck strop somewhere in Indiana and had just walked away from it. He was mad at the company. And then that delayed it even further because the FBI had to go inspect the contents and make sure everything in there was okay. It was… What a pain!


RUSH: By the way, folks, I’ve got two more stories that focus on the insanity of the left. I mean — and I’m not using the term loosely. Here’s another one: Susan Glasser, staff writer at The New Yorker. She “writes a weekly column on life in Trump’s Washington.” She writes a weekly column on life in Trump’s Washington. What life in Washington has become because of Trump, once a week. This piece, the headline: “I Listened to All Six Trump Rallies in October. You Should, Too.” Subhead: “It’s not a reality show. It’s real.”

It’s a long piece, but do not misunderstand. This lady, Susan B. Glasser, listened and watched six Trump rallies, and she is upset that they’re only on C-SPAN. She’s mad that Fox has stopped covering them, that CNN has stopped covering them, that PMSNBC has stopped covering them because she thinks they are damaging to Trump. She thinks if the people of this country saw these rallies, that it would be the end of Trump. She points out how Trump lies all the time, how Trump exaggerates all the time. She totally misunderstands the purpose of the rallies.

She does not get it. Exactly as I predicted! She does not get the connection or the bond between Trump attendees at the rallies, Trump supporters, and Trump. She totally does not get this. She does not know how to listen to Trump. She does not know how to empathize with Trump rally attendees. She has no ability to relate to Trump as his supporters do. She watches these things, and she is appalled at Trump personally, politically.

(impression) “He lies all the time! He exaggerates! He mocks people! He makes fun of people! He’s mean!” Meanwhile, people at these rallies are having the best time of their lives! It’s the highlight of their week to go to a Trump rally — and this woman is studying them (she has watched six of them so far this month) and totally does not get it. She is missing the purpose of the rallies. She does not see that this is Trump’s mechanism for getting past the media.

She does not see that this is how Trump negates and goes over the Drive-By Media, something Reagan also mastered. They’re masterful. They are formulaic, even though everybody thinks they’re improv and off script, they are formulaic. There are segments in every Trump rally, and he follows them to a T. What he says differs, in some cases. But the point is, here’s a Drive-By Media specialist studying it and totally doesn’t get it! It’s the exact opposite. If these rallies were televised nationally, as they used to be, there wouldn’t be any talk of a blue wave, anywhere, except New York and California.


RUSH: Now, we didn’t talk about this. I didn’t mention it on this show this week. I had the story. But I said this is so crazy! I’m not even gonna waste time on it. Did any of you hear the story that a third grade teacher of Stephen Miller… Stephen Miller is a very ranking adviser to Trump in the White House, brilliant guy, came out of Jeff Sessions’ shop, and he’s Trump’s primary adviser on immigration. Did you hear the story, see it this week, that a third grade teacher claimed that he ate glue in the third grade? Did you hear that?

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Over and over, many times a week, we see stories of idiots, lunatic, leftist people who say these outrageous, unconscionable, lying things about Trump and people that work for him. And when it’s discovered that they have been making it all up, some of these people are suspended, some of them get fired, not many, some of them are put on leave, and it doesn’t stop them. Trump has so discombobulated these people that they are literally making things up out of frustration, frustration that their people, elected Democrats in the media have not been able to get rid of Donald Trump.

Remember what our clinical psychologist said.

He said the people who come in with political problems, leftists, what they’re looking for from a psychiatrist is advice on how to get everybody to change, that whatever problem they come in with, it’s not their problem, it’s everybody else’s, and they want to know from the clinical psychologist how can they make everybody change. Liberalism, bull’s-eye. I mean, that hits is right on the top of the nail head. So we have now these people in these average walk of life positions, teachers, you name it, professors so frustrated that their side can’t make Trump go away. (impression) “Make him go away, make Trump stop, make him stop!”

Nobody can. They’re losing it. Stephen Miller’s third grade teacher claimed earlier this week that Stephen Miller ate glue when he was in the third grade. “The Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District placed Nikki Fiske on ‘home assignment’ following her disclosures to The Hollywood Reporter. A spokeswoman for the school district told the Times that they are concerned about Fiske’s ‘release of student information, including allegations that the release may not have complied with applicable laws and district policies.'”

This teacher is 72, is also a registered Democrat who supports causes associated with liberals, her Facebook account has made her an open book here. We have another enraged, angry 70-year-old and a teacher so frustrated at what… She doesn’t even know Stephen Miller. She has seen just been told a bunch of stuff about him, what he’s doing now. So I don’t know what the big deal is in saying he ate glue (sigh), but she put it out there.

Of course the media ran with it, and they’ve had to withdraw it because she had to withdraw it because it wasn’t true. It’s fairly common that these people on the left engage in this kind of storytelling, insult-mongering.

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