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RUSH: Democrat pollster Mark Mellman says if Donald Trump wasn’t Donald Trump he’d be getting a lot higher approval ratings, because of the roaring economy.

He says not only would a non-Trump President be polling better, so would Republicans in Congress.

Now, I’m not trying to pick a fight with Mr. Mellman. But a non-Trump President wouldn’t be getting 94 percent negative coverage, either. The Media Research Center says in the past four months, the booming Trump economy got only 14 minutes of positive network reporting!

Mellman is missing another point. If Trump wasn’t Trump, this economy wouldn’t be blasting the doors down. Other Presidents, like Obama, didn’t create a surging economy because they didn’t know how.

It doesn’t take a magic wand. It takes real-world know-how.

Something else. Republicans’ poll numbers may be hurt because they’re not seen as helping Trump enough. By not providing funds to “build the wall,” for example.

Bottom line. Trump is Trump. That was good enough to “trump” Hillary. And in 2020, Trump will Trump whoever else the Democrats put up.

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