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RUSH: Alethea Shapiro. She’s part of the angry leftist mob that’s harassing elected Republicans.

On Facebook, she posted her plans to “bird-dog” senators in their place of work. She was bringing her four young children, she said, so they could see the horrible, atrocious men in the Senate who confirmed Justice Kavanaugh.

Things went as planned. Sort of. Ms. Shapiro ambushed Bill Cassidy, Louisiana Republican, in a Senate corridor. She demanded that he apologize to her children for ruining “their futures.”

But Senator Cassidy wasn’t having it. He immediately leaned down and told the kids their parents were using them, and then he reassured them that “in the future,” if somebody raised false allegations against them with no proof, they shouldn’t worry, that they would be okay. He thanked the Shapiros and went about his business.

The infuriated mother continued to yell, screaming that Cassidy should be ashamed for not believing women, and for ruining her daughters’ lives.

Miss Shapiro, looks like there’s only one person ruining their lives. I’ll give you three guesses. The answer is you! What a shame. What an atrocity this is that you’re doing to your kids!

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