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RUSH: Frank in Sequim, Washington. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. It’s a very big, big pleasure to speak you. I am an enrolled Native American, and I’d like to speak for my people, I hope, that I’m sick and tired of white people trying to cash in on being Native American, especially when they’re living a big lie.

RUSH: I can imagine that’d be frustrating.

CALLER: And my tribe is enjoying the lowest standard of living in the Western Hemisphere other than in Haiti in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. So I know what I’m talking about when I speak for my people, I hope.

RUSH: Well, I wonder about this aspect of it. I mean, here’s Elizabeth Warren claiming that she is a member of this mistreated minority, but what’s she doing it for? All of this is trying to make her look better, trying to make her better, trying to improve things for her. She’s not trying to parlay this into her, quote-unquote, Indian relatives and people.

CALLER: And she hasn’t mentioned a tribal connection at all.

RUSH: Well, because there isn’t one. She has mentioned that she’s Cherokee because of “the high cheekbones.” Melania Trump has high cheekbones, and nobody’s gonna say that she’s Cherokee. I think all of this is offending a lot of people. She doesn’t want to tie herself to a tribe because that would be the fastest way to have this blown out as a nonstory!

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