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RUSH: At a U.S. District Court right now, there’s a trial underway that could reshape higher education.

Harvard University’s affirmative action program is on trial. A lawsuit was brought on behalf of Asian-American students who didn’t get in, but should have.

According to Harvard’s own internal study, if academic credentials were the basis for getting in there, 43 percent of the entering class would be Asian-Americans. But guess what? Asian students account for only 19 percent of Harvard’s new admissions.

So Asian-American students, who run rings around everybody else academically, finally had enough. With this lawsuit, they are demanding to be treated fairly. Based on merit! That doesn’t happen on the left. Merit is the last thing they take into account.

The left has a lot riding on this case. Harvard is at the top of the heap when it comes to using affirmative action to enforce so-called “diversity.”

This entire liberal house of cards could come tumbling down with this one case, which is expected to end up at the Supreme Court, where guess who sits: Brett Kavanaugh. Who used to do what? Teach at Harvard. Until When? They fired him because of Blasey Ford’s lies!

No wonder they’re worried about him.

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