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RUSH: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I clearly stated yesterday that Elizabeth Warren was one of three women, one of four women that mounted what they thought was gonna be a killer October Surprise. Elizabeth Warren was gonna ride this DNA test showing that she’s Indian to blowing Trump up and the Republicans in the midterms. And just like it blew up for Hillary, it’s blown up for Elizabeth Warren.

She made a serious miscalculation. Exactly, exactly what I told you yesterday! These people think… They live in their own little tunnel vision world, and they have no idea that they are unable anymore to dominate and create a news narrative. Anyway, I want to get to that in due course because it’s not what I was gonna lead with today, but I got a NewsBusters story here: “Disaster for Elizabeth Warren as All Three Networks Mock Native American Claim.

This is the last thing that she expected to happen. The news media cannot carry her water! Her excuse is too flimsy. What’s really interesting about this is the news media has known all along that this is a bogus claim, and they were more than willing to carry it. They were more than willing to promote it, propagate it, do whatever they could. They knew full well that this thing is bogus and it was nothing more than an attempted political trick, and they gave it their best shot.

But she’s too stupid the way she handled all this! And they couldn’t maintain their support for her. So it’s all fallen by the wayside and with it probably any presidential “perspirations” that she had, just like presidential perspirations that Avenatti had. Avenatti can’t even get on TV anymore. He’s reduced to going on Twitter.

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