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RUSH: OK, folks, there’s a  new study out there. Man-made global warming is going to kill off barley crops in 34 different regions worldwide. That means beer shortages. And skyrocketing beer prices.

And there’s even worse news than that.

Oxford University professor Peter Frankopan predicts global temperatures are going to rise more than 2.7 degrees. Because the international community won’t meet the goals of the Paris agreement. And we all know whose fault that will be.

The result?

Terrible things for mankind. And womankind. And perhaps even trannie-kind. The world’s permafrost will melt. Which will unleash ancient bacteria and other biological agents that have been frozen for thousands of years.

The thawed-out bacteria will re-awaken the “Black Death.” Also known as “the plague.” The recycled Black-Death Plague will kill millions.

And, they’ll die thirsty. Because there will be no beer.

Brett Kavanaugh hardest hit. White male college students too, to go along with Kavanaugh. In that sense it might be sweet justice.  Kavanaugh gets a shortage of beer while the rest of us die. The left thinks that’s fair.

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