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RUSH: Now he’s out there calling the porn star — who, by the way, is a back-stabbing, blackmailing, double-crossing porn star.

He’s out there calling her “Horseface,” and there are shudders in the Drive-By Media. (shuddering) “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! The president’s…? Oh, oh, oh! It doesn’t…” You know what I find interesting about this. All of these so-called paragons of virtue on the left where wanton perversion has become normal in their world, and they demand that we accept wanton perversion as normal, they sit there and act like, “You can’t call women Horseface!”

But we’re not talking about a woman… We’re talking about a porn star double-crossing, back-stabbing woman who has tried to destroy the guy with her third-rate lawyer! She’s not just an innocent, ordinary, everyday woman that Trump decided to call a name! She is a woman who attempted to ruin him! But for these liberal Democrats, these people in the media to act like, “People don’t talk this way! Presidents don’t do this!”

Come on! People talk this way. This is what I resent about this. The idea that they are clean and pure as the wind-driven snow and they don’t think this way, they don’t talk this way? What an absolute crock! Simply look at the things they say about us during the course of your average political day. From, “You’re Hitler,” to, “You’re Nazis,” to you’re this or that. They make fun of people’s appearances. They make fun of people and their comedy has become literal hate.

And then they act like one of the greatest social transgressions in the history of humanity has occurred when Donald Trump uses the term “Horseface” or when he did not mock Blasey Ford but simply repeated the truth about her allegations. I just find it just a little bit hollow, as though… Take your pick. Take your pick of any left-winger on media griping about Trump’s using the word “Horseface” and ask yourself if that media reporter never talks that way.

And the answer is, “But Rush, these people aren’t president, and he is, and this is beneath the dignity of the presidency.” Well, I know they look at it and think of it that way. The point is they can try all day long. That’s not gonna separate Trump from his voters. Some of his voters say, “He should shut up about that. There’s so much good going on here, folks. They don’t need to distract everybody with that stuff,” but he did.

They’re not gonna give up trying to link Donald Trump to let murder of the journalist in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Jamal Khashoggi. They’re still working on that. But I think they’re frustrated to no end that nothing they do works, and now I have a story I have to print. I haven’t had a chance to print it yet. It just cleared the transom here. It’s about Trump’s approval numbers are probably better and much higher than the left and the media wants to admit.


RUSH: Let me remind you of something. This is in regards to this whole outrage that Trump called what’s her name, Stormy Daniels, “Horseface,” and her-third-rate, creepy porn star lawyer… I have to tell you again.

This guy, Avenatti? There are Republicans — I should actually say conservatives, Never Trumper conservatives — who really believe that Avenatti could win the Democrat nomination for president because he’s their version of Trump. Populist, hatemonger, horribly tempered and just basically… I marvel at the perceptions of people who think that they are in possession of super intelligence, and their inability to see right in front of them and to be able to compute common sense.

To think that Avenatti and Trump are in any way the same person and because Trump became president, that somebody as uncouth, unaccomplished, unachieved, rank amateurish as Michael Avenatti can win the Democrat nomination simply because Trump did boggles my mind. But let’s establish the context here. Remember when Trump, at a rally, was accused of “mocking” Dr. Blasey Ford? He did not mock Dr. Blasey Ford.

What Donald Trump did was inform the nation — people at the rally and people watching it — of all of the holes in her testimony. Donald Trump told people what they didn’t know because the media not reporting it! Whhen he did this, he was accused of mocking her, making fun of her. “The poor, uh, woman is still suffering from PTSD, and the shock of having been assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh and Trump’s laughing at her?” Nothing of the sort happened.

Donald Trump simply upon himself to inform the American people what the Drive-By Media were hiding, that she didn’t know anything about the event. She couldn’t tell anybody where it happened, when it happened. She couldn’t describe the house, where it was. She wasn’t even sure of the year, much less the month. She identified four people who were there. All four said they were not there.

She did not have any answer for how she got home, what she said to the person she first met after this happened, none of it. All Trump did was remind everything of this — or, actually, inform them, because the Drive-Bys had not. And that, then, caused the media to run the story of Donald Trump saying this, because they had been hiding it. They hid it because it was not helpful to their cause, which was getting rid of Kavanaugh.

I mean it’s a central part of the story that the person making the charge doesn’t have any evidence — places people there who deny they were there — and can’t remember anything about the event other than she had one beer. The media not reporting that. Trump does. The media falls for the trap and reports over and over Trump saying it while accusing him of mocking her. Mocking is not what he did.

To mock her, he would have had to attempt to impersonate her, and he did not try to impersonate her. He simply reminded everybody in real-world language that she had no evidence, and it was the turning point in the outcome of those hearings. Make no mistake. Once Trump did that and caused the media to end up reporting what they had been ignoring, then a lot of support that was there instinctively for Blasey Ford vanished.

She had no evidence! There was nothing to support! People with common sense said there was nothing to believe. “You believe her?” “Yeah!” “On the basis of what?” “Well, she said it happened.” “Well, she doesn’t know when; she doesn’t know where. The four people she said that were there say they weren’t.” She became impossible to support and defend other than by partisans, and that was the turning point. And then Kavanaugh came in, and of course his testimony, his reappearance was a seminal factor.

Now, the whole thing is happening again! The story was that the porn star’s defamation lawsuit of Trump got thrown out! It was a nothing burger! For months, the Drive-By Media reported that Stormy Daniels and the creepy lawyer that she hired, Avenatti, were going to destroy Donald Trump. They were gonna prove that Trump had violated campaign finance laws. Remember all this? And there was Michael Cohen in the mix, and he paid her off.

Michael Cohen flipped and has now become a Democrat, and he’s offering to testify against Trump. That’s how lost he is. But the media invested a lot in Stormy Daniels. Wherever she went to perform, whatever poles she was slithering around, the Drive-Bys were there making a hero out of her. Stormy Daniels became a cause celebre even before Blasey Ford did, and then that fell apart.

A judge in Los Angeles threw out the porn star’s defamation lawsuit of Trump claiming it was bogus; it had no merit! So in one decision the porn star’s entire political reason for existing vanished, and so did the lifespan of her creepy porn lawyer who had already shot himself in a couple of feet by bringing forth charges that Kavanaugh had arranged gang rapes in high school and college!

So all Trump did by calling her Horseface was call attention to a news story that the Drive-Bys were trying to ignore. The news story was her lawsuit was thrown out. Trump was not guilty of whatever she was alleging he had done for her. In fact, she had been found guilty. The judge that threw the lawsuit out demanded that she pay his legal fees! I said, “This makes Trump a big winner again. The prostitute porn star is paying Trump?

Who among us could arrange it that way, folks? But Donald Trump can! They are also ignoring that part of it, ignoring that the stripper porn star had been ordered to pay Trump’s legal fees. But when Trump called her Horseface in a tweet, all of a sudden media were forced to run the story of his victory. So you can sit there and say that Trump is embarrassing, “The guy won’t stop talking about people that way!

“It’s so unnecessary! It makes it so hard to defend him.” Remember what I told you about the way Trump operates and pacing, how his original take or opinion on any issue might make you think he’s selling out. But he gets that first take on the record. The media says, “Wow. He seems very reasonable. He said that Dr. Blasey Ford was very credible, very compelling. Ah, it’s kind of surprising.”

Then, after the passage of time when Dr. Blasey Ford clearly has no evidence, Trump says he has he seen got no evidence, and here’s the evidence that she has no evidence, blah, blah, blah. And Trump gets his news covered. The media was not reporting this lawsuit had been thrown out. The media was not reporting that she had to pay his legal fees. The media was not reporting a big Trump win! And remember what was at.

This woman and her lawyer was trying to ruin Trump! Campaign finance violations and all of that. So you may not like the methodology, but it ends up working. As an email friend of mine said, “This is genius at work. Trust Trump.” You mean somebody thinks that calling her Horseface was genius? Yes. In an email that I have here.

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