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RUSH: Another headline. You probably have seen this. Associated Press: “Trump Tells the AP he Will Not Accept Blame if the Republicans Lose the House.

The truth of the matter here is there are more stories today, two or three more about the dissipating blue wave, including none other than the doyenne of Democrat National Committee cheating and election rigging, Donna Brazile, who, strangely enough, showed up on Fox today. She showed up with Bill Hemmer. Donna Brazile did not go to CNN. Did they get rid of her because they found out she was sending answers to Hillary?

That’s right. So CNN got rid… So Fox willingly, open-armedly had Donna Brazile on. And Hemmer was asking her all about the blue wave and how the Democrats are planning to do this and this. “Well, you know, 20 days is a long time in politics, Bill, and I don’t scramble my eggs before my chickens hatch.” I said, “Who we listening to here, Dan Rather?” “I don’t scramble my eggs until my chickens hatch” she said.

Meaning: There’s so much left that could happen that we don’t know that could affect the outcome here. Exactly my point. The impact of the election, events that are gonna do may not have happened yet, including Kavanaugh, although, although there is even more survey data now that the Kavanaugh story was a one-way benefit to the Republicans, that it has not benefited the Democrats and that the Democrats are seen as the angry party and that the Kavanaugh scenario, as it played out, benefited and continues to benefit Republicans.

So the media is getting a little worried. The Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas thing blows up to the point they can’t continue to carry the water for her; it’s dead. Barack Obama is refusing to hit the campaign trail. The Drive-Bys and the Democrats are stunned and shocked. Where is Barack? Where is our savior, they’re asking. Barack’s nowhere because, you know what? Barack knows he doesn’t help people on the campaign trail.

You think Obama’s gonna put his reputation on the line here? The only way Obama would put his reputation on the line here, start campaigning, is if this blue wave were a deadlock. If the blue wave were… (interruption) Why are you staring at me? Oh, yeah, got couple stories. Democrats upset; “Where’s Obama?” They’re asking, “Where’s Barack?” At least Bill and Hillary are going on a stadium tour. Nobody wants that.

They can’t find Obama. I’m telling you, Obama’s not gonna go campaign in this situation because the blue wave is not a lock, and that’s the only way he would show up. Barack Obama doesn’t help Democrats. Go take a look. He doesn’t have coattails. It’s during Obama the Democrats lost those 1,200 seats and enra… He campaigned for Hillary 2016. Remember how he did it? (impression) “If you want a third term of my administration, if you want me essentially to continue in office then you vote for Hillary.”

And what happened? Donaldus Trump was immaculated, not Hillary Rodham-Rodham. And so he’s not there. So it’s all falling apart. I’ve got these two, three stories here on this dissipating blue wave and Donna Brazile’s saying, (impression) “I don’t know. I’m not sure, you know, it’s a long time, 20 days.” So the AP pulling out all the stops. “Trump Tells AP He Won’t Accept Blame if GOP Loses the House.” This is not what he said, and this is why Trump is in the media all day. It’s the only way he can counter the fake news and the lies that they tell about him!

Here’s how the AP story begins. “Facing the prospect of bruising electoral defeat in congressional elections, President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he won’t accept the blame if his party loses control of the House… In a wide-ranging interview…” Is there any other kind of interview than wide-ranging? You think that’s not a cut-and-paste job in every media story? How about a narrow-scope interview?

Do we ever have one of those? No, they’re always wide-ranging interview. “[T]hree weeks before Election Day, Trump … dismissed suggestions that he might take responsibility, as his predecessor did, for midterm losses or view the outcome as a referendum on his presidency. ‘No, I think I’m helping people,’ Trump said. ‘I don’t believe anybody’s ever had this kind of an impact.'” That’s what he said. He never said, “Don’t blame me!”

Can I read you the transcript of the interview? This is CNN’s transcript of the AP interview, and their headline: “Trump Tells AP He Won’t Accept Blame if GOP Loses House.” Ready? Three… two… one. AP reporter: “So my question is, if Republicans were to lose control of the House on November 6th or a couple of days later depending on how long it takes to count the votes, do you believe you bear some responsibility for that?”

Trump: “No, I think I’m helping people. Look, I’m 48 and 1 in the primaries, and actually it’s much higher than that because I endorsed a lot of people that were successful that people don’t even talk about. But many of those 48, as you know, were people that had no chance, in some cases. We look at Florida, you look at Donovan in Staten Island. He was losing by 10 points, I endorsed him and he won. I could give you a long list of names.

“Look at Georgia governor of Georgia. And many, many races. And I will say that we have a very big impact. I don’t believe anybody’s ever had this kind of an impact. They would say that in the old days that if you got the support of a president or if you’ve got the support of somebody it would be nice to have, but it meant nothing, zero. Like literally zero. Some of the people I’ve endorsed have gone up 40 and 50 points just on the endorsement.”

Nowhere in that statement does Donald Trump say… He doesn’t even address the House being lost. He doesn’t even accept that premise! AP offers it as a premise. “So,” they say, “if Republicans were to lose control of the House on November 6th … do you believe you bear some responsibility for that?” “No! I think I’m helping people.” That becomes a headline: “Trump Tells AP He Won’t Accept Blame if GOP Loses House!”

Now, the AP will tell you, “Well, that’s essentially what he was saying.” No, it isn’t essentially. You are misquoting. Donald Trump is not looking at himself as a negative at all. He’s not looking forward and seeing the need for excuses, AP. He thinks he’s helping people. He thinks he is helping secure victory. It’s not even in his mind that they’re gonna lose and that somebody’s gonna blame him.

This is why Trump never misses an opportunity to talk to the media. It’s why he tweets over and over and over again.


RUSH: Here’s Donna Brazile. Now, I didn’t lose my place. She was on with Bill Hemmer today, and they’re talking about the blue wave, where she thinks we’re headed. And remember, now, this is the woman that used to be one of the head honchos of the DNC, the Democrat Party, who, in her normal countenance, would be out there saying, “Oh, yeah, blue wave! Democrats are gonna win big. It’s our time. People are fed up.” But that’s not so you she sounds here.

BRAZILE: Twenty days is a long time in politics. I’m not breaking out the champagne, and I’m not trying to, you know, scramble my eggs before I get my chickens right. We still have to improve turnout. Turnout, turnout, turnout. A Democratic victory depends on turnout among Millennials. One-out-of-five Millennials voted in the last midterm. We also gotta make sure that we get a paint wave before we can get a blue tide. We need these women to win their races. I’m confident but not overconfident. If you asked me today, “What would I do differently in terms of Democrats?” I would target Latinos; I would target Millennials.

RUSH: Okay. So what would she do differently? She’s saying here the Democrats are dropping the ball with Latinos. Why is she saying that? Well, because she has the freedom to say it. She’s not at the moment in the hierarchy of the apparatus. And it turns out Latinos are far more supportive of Trump and Republicans than anybody knew, according to recent polling data! The Democrats are stunned at the number of Latinos that are signing on with Republicans and Trump!

The reason they’re stunned is because they believe that all Latinos should despise anybody who is anti-illegal immigration or wants to build a wall. The Millennial thing? I think what that’s about is voter turnout, and she mentions it here. Everybody talks about the Millennials and young people this and young people that. It just… It never ceases to be the case that on Election Day they don’t show up. They don’t show up in the numbers everybody thinks they’re gonna show up in, and every cycle this plays out.

Every cycle we’re told, “The youth vote is fired up this time, Mr. Limbaugh. The youth vote? They’re energetic, they’re energizing, they’re motivated. This is a new day; they can’t wait,” and then same old thing happens; they don’t show up in the numbers that everybody expects them to. She’s suggesting that that may be the case here. The Democrats have failed to light a fire under them. The Latino thing bothered them, and what the Latino thing actually stands for is immigration.

She is, I’ll guarantee you — like many other Democrats — stunned that immigration remains such a big, positive, winning issue for Trump and the Republicans — and it is! It is the issue! Every Republican running for office, either incumbent or running for the first time, needs to be focusing on this issue. There is no way it can hurt them. Ah, they have to be on the right side about it.


RUSH: NBC News: “Uncertainty Over a Blue Wave — NBC News finds Democrat and GOP voter registrations at same level as past election cycles.” (stammering) Uhhh, but — but — but — but — but — but — but — but — but the Democrats had Michelle (My Belle) are out there doing a whole, big voter registration drive out there. The Democrats have been registering voters in prison. They’ve been registering voters at the DMV. They’ve been registering voters at the medical marijuana places. They’ve been registering voters everywhere.

How in the world is it possible that Democrat voter registration levels are the same as past cycles? The Democrats have been telling us that there’s so much energy, there is so much excitement, there’s so much motivation, there’s so much inspiration that nothing can hold ’em back. And yet? And yet? The generic ballot once again is showing that this massive Democrat blue wave is not as big as once thought.

And now NBC is very, very worried.

They’re worried that something that’s not a blue wave may be shaping up here. That’s what this headline is: “Uncertainty Over a Blue Wave — NBC News finds Democratic and GOP voter registrations at same level as past election cycles. … Comparing registration activity from 2014 to 2016 with activity from 2016 to now helps put these numbers into context, but it should be noted that 2014 and 2016 include a complete picture of registration from those years, whereas 2018 only includes registration activity up until this point in time.”

Well, that’s all you need. I mean, if you’re not registered yet, the odds are you’re not gonna be registered in time to vote. So that seems like a little hope. (impression) “Well, we don’t have a full database of numbers for 2018.” Well, you’ve got enough to know. So how can this be? How can voter registration…? Democrats are supposed to be smoking us in voter registration, ’cause there’s so much more interest. There’s so much hatred for Trump!

There’s so many people that want to fix that mistake!

And then a column from the Washington Post by Megan McArdle, trying to help the Democrats who she believes are morally superior and smarter than Republicans. Headline: “Will the Blue Wave Collapse Before It Reaches the Shore?” What Megan McArdle in this op-ed in the Washington Post is doing to try to help Democrats is saying that the Kavanaugh hearings backfired on the Democrats because it alienated men.

Now she’s warning the Democrats to stop, to hide their agenda of identity politics until they get into power! She’s telling them: You guys gotta put the masks back on. You Democrats have got to re-camouflage yourselves! She’s warning the Democrats to hide the identity politics agenda. “Of course, we should fight misogyny and racism whether or not it’s politically expedient. These are important moral issues. But the country faces lots of important moral questions. Democrats can’t answer any of them without first getting into power.”

She’s saying to these Democrats: Shut up! Stop! You’re… Everything’s backfiring until you Democrats shut up!


RUSH: “CNBC Poll: Do Not Expect a Big Democrat Wave This Fall.” I got three stories in a row here plus Donna Brazile about this. Now, I don’t want to make too much of it, but the best thing that we can say about it is that they are losing confidence.

Or maybe they are just purposefully dialing it back for strategic reasons and still think there is going to be one. I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I don’t think they’re able to discipline themselves universally, unilaterally across the Drive-By leftist board. There’s always gonna be some renegade that will bust out of any attempt in something like this.


RUSH: Mika Brzezinski at MSNBC has now gone back to the 25th Amendment. “We need to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump. He’s not fit! He’s not fit! This Horseface business? He’s not fit!” Uh, if you want to go back to the 25th Amendment, it must be that you don’t have anything else. It seems like the 25th Amendment is always the fallback when nothing else works. Now, the CNBC story about the blue wave is next.

“Don’t expect a big Democratic wave this fall, a new CNBC poll says. … With economic optimism soaring in the country, will Democrats be able to sweep to power in either house of Congress or will buoyant sentiment help Republicans keep hold of their Congressional majorities? The latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey offers mixed signals, but leans against a wave Democratic election like that those that swept Republicans to power in 2010 and 2014.”

Now, those were red wave elections.

Thank you, Barack Hussein O.

The CNBC survey is not seeing it here, and you see this more and more as we get closer and closer to the actual elections.


RUSH: This is from TheHill.com. “Democrats Damp [sic] Down Hopes for Climate Change Agenda.” What? What does this say? “Democrats are unlikely to pursue major climate change legislation if they win the House majority, despite a growing body of evidence suggesting time is running out to address the issue. This represents a shift in strategy from when House Democrats last controlled the chamber. In 2009…”

They’re not gonna pursue it. Even if they win the House and Senate majority, they are not going to pursue it. I wonder why? Could it be that in the span of 40 years we’ve now had the fourth 10-year warning? It’s at least the fourth warning that we learn have 10 years, and in the midst of these 40 years we’ve also had reports that we’re beyond the point of no return, that there really is nothing we can do. They’ve tried everything.

Now they’re even saying that climate change is going to destroy beer and there’s nothing we can do. You know why? ‘Cause climate change gonna ruin barley. It’s gonna ruin the ability to harvest and grow barley, and barley is one of the primary ingredients in beer. Bad news for Judge Kavanaugh, right? Investor’s Business Daily: “Trump’s Approval Rating Is Better Than You Think.” Some pull quotes. “As a matter of fact, Trump’s approval rating is now higher than, or tied with, three of the past six presidents at this point in their first terms.

“He’s currently tied with Obama (at 44%), and above both Clinton (41%) and Reagan (42%)” at this time in his presidency. “But there’s a broader point here. Democrats and the press keep describing Trump as a hugely divisive figure. But the polls show that his approval is starting to line up with previous presidents. What’s more, Trump’s low numbers are almost entirely because Democrats are universally opposed to him.”

Another pull quote: “At this point in Obama’s presidency, 10% of Republicans approved of the job Obama was doing. And that was after his massive failed [Pork]ulus, his signing of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, and other policies highly antagonistic to Republicans. Trump, on the other hand, gets approval from a mere 5% of Democrats. That’s where it’s been throughout Trump’s presidency. Republicans, in other words, were more forgiving of Obama than Democrats have been of Trump. So, who’s being divisive here? Trump and the GOP? Or the Democrats who will hate Trump no matter what he does?”

I have to think that the Drive-Bys are fully aware of this (they may not want to admit it) that Trump’s approval number is really much stronger than it’s being reported and is much higher. Here’s that story. Snerdley, you didn’t believe it. Daily Beast: “Democrats Fear Obama Going Soft for the Midterms.” He’s not out there. He’s not “going soft,” he’s not there! You know, don’t doubt me on this. During his presidency, he did not like campaigning for House races.

It was so beneath the office of the presidency, in his mind. He didn’t want any part of it. I think there’s a bigger reason now. I don’t think Obama’s confident that he can pull anybody across the finish line, coattails and all that. The evidence is exactly the other way. It is during the Obama presidency that the Democrats lost 1,200 seats nationwide over the course of six years. From Salon.com — which is a repository for some of the really inane liberalism that’s out there.

How Long Will Democrats Keep Letting Hillary Clinton Dominate the Party? — Monday marked the one-year anniversary of actress Alyssa Milano asking sexual assault and harassment survivors to share their stories online under the hashtag #MeToo, a movement first started by activist Tarana Burke a decade before.” What this is about is Hillary exonerating Bill.

She said (summarized), “No, no, no, no. Bill didn’t abuse Lewinsky. She was an adult. No, no, no. Besides, Bill’s been far in more investigated than Kavanaugh or Trump. No, no, no.” A bunch of Democrat women are saying, “When can we get rid of this babe? She’s holding us back.” You’re gonna have a lot more of her before you don’t, because she and Bill are starting this nationwide stadium tour. How long do you think it’s gonna be before that gets canceled for lack of ticket sales?

They’re gonna have trouble filling arenas even if they give them away. I’m serious. How long do you think it’ll be before that tour is either shortened or just forgotten about, due to lack of…? (interruption) What? (interruption) You think it’s gonna…? (interruption) Oh, they’ll pay some people to show up, but, I mean, whatever energy’s in there is not gonna be organic. I think they’ve got, what, 12 or 30 dates on this tour over a four or five month period? What do you bet that this thing…? Remember Hillary’s bus tour for health care.

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