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RUSH: There is a story here from CNBC. It’s another story about the economy here, and I’m, frankly, stunned that anybody in the Drive-Bys is reporting this as accurately as they are. “U.S. Is Seeing Relentless Rise in Household Wealth.” This is according to Credit Suisse. You know, we had the news yesterday that we have seven million job openings and six million unemployed. In other words, we have one million more jobs open than there are people to fill them, which means it’s a workers’ market, an employees’ market.

We had a story yesterday that the economy is going so gangbusters that it may blow to smithereens all the polling on the blue wave. “Household wealth in the U.S. is continuing to see an ‘unbroken spell of wealth gains’ … China has replaced Japan in second place in the world wealth hierarchy, according to Credit Suisse’s latest report on global wealth.” Now, this is happening, people are living it, and I guarantee you there’s a party out there that’s not happy about this. The Democrat Party, all of this great economic news is threatening to them. Why would that be? What about this could possibly make any…?

Well, the question answers itself. We’re talking about the Democrats.

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