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RUSH: So, we wrapped up the interview with Sean Hannity just an hour ago, and then they had to tear down everything in here. So I have had to really, really compress four or five hours of show prep into 45 minutes, and we’ll see how that goes. I wish I could tell you how the interview went, but I don’t think it went very well, because there’s nobody here that claims to have seen it. “You know, we couldn’t see it, Rush. The monitors were in the way. We could only see the back of your head.”

That doesn’t augur well, folks.

Normally, the sycophants are out. “It was great! It was the best ever.” But now none of them saw it. So I guess we’ll just have to wait… And none of them are disagreeing with me even here. So it must have not been… (interruption) You couldn’t hear…? (interruption) See? (interruption) It’s not looking good in here, folks, for the Hannity show interview tonight. There’s nobody in there that wants to say a single thing positive about it.

“We couldn’t see it ’cause their crew had their equipment in the way. We couldn’t hear it very much.” Well, that’s the first time. Normally you can hear everything in there. Anyway, seriously it was fun, and it raced by, and it’s gonna air… It’s most of the Hannity show tonight. He’s got his monologue open and couple things like that. I wish I could tell you about it. I can tell you one thing. They edited out something I said that was not profane and it was not offensive.

Well, depending on who, maybe. And this came up. You know, Sean’s doing his usual, “You gotta do TV! You gotta come back to TV. If you just did it once a month… Come on, man, just once a month.” And I said, “Look, why should I? They’ve already bleeped out one thing I said here.” “You’re not supposed to say that.” “Well, it’s too late now. So they’ll bleep out that I said that, probably.” As I say, it wasn’t risqué or anything of the sort. But it covered all the bases. It covered all the subject matter. And we shall see.We’ll get your feedback on it tomorrow after you take your time to watch it tonight. So, it’s live at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on the Fox News Channel.


RUSH: I am getting emails, “Rush, you haven’t talked about your Hannity interview.” Yes, I did. I talked about it at the very beginning of the program. And, folks, I honestly do not know how it went. There were 30 people… If you can believe this, there were 30 people here. I mean, they were all… Not just the crew, not just Hannity. There were 30 people here, and not a one of them claims they saw it. Not a one of them claims they were able to see it. Now, normally after one of these interviews the sycophants on the staff are all over me telling me how great it was.

“Best ever! You gotta get back on TV!” I haven’t heard one such thing today. Everybody’s saying they didn’t see it. So it must not have been all that hot, folks, is all I can tell you. ‘Cause, I mean, the suck-ups aren’t even stepping forward. I asked Snerdley. “I didn’t see it. I wasn’t even in the room.” “What!” “Yeah, I — I — had other things to do.” “You had other things to do? You didn’t see it?” I asked the broadcast engineers. “We couldn’t see anything. Their crew, their equipment was in the way. The back of our heads, back of your heads all we could see.”

“What about hear?” “No, they didn’t run any audio.” “What do you mean they didn’t run audio? That would be the first time they didn’t run audio.” So the point is, nobody saw it. Thirty witnesses, and nobody saw a thing. I could have punched Hannity in the face, given him a black eye, and nobody here apparently would have known it. (interruption) No, I did not do that. I had no cause to do that. I’m just giving you an example here. So I can’t tell you how it went. Now, I never… (interruption)

What? (interruption) In a break after it happened, they bleeped one thing I said. They bleeped it. They told me. Hannity got very… “There’s something you said here they gotta bleep out.” He told me what it was. I’m not gonna tell you. Why should I tell you? Because it’s not gonna air anyway. It wasn’t profane. It wasn’t insulting or anything. They just took it out. “It’s a different Fox, Rush.” Okay, fine.

But I’m just saying, folks, you have to watch it yourself. “What about you, Rush?” I never… Folks, I never like myself on TV. It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to do it. Every time I watch myself on TV all I say is, “Damn it, I should have said X or should have added this or shoulda..” I never have that reaction after a radio show. Every time I’m on TV it’s, “Damn, I should have said that. Aw, darn it, why didn’t I keep that train of thought going, or what have you.”


RUSH: Okay. Final reminder. My interview with Sean Hannity tonight, 9 p.m. Eastern Time on the Fox News channel. Still no feedback here, folks, from the staff. Nobody’s seen it. There are a lot of quotes from the interview being tweeted out there by Fox and others.

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